Recommended reads

I have a tendency to ramble so I’ll keep this short.

I’m about to have more free time than I know what to do with, and won’t have access to much except my phone and Kindle. What’s at the top of your must read list that I can buy on Kindle Japan, and why? Book club nominations are more than welcome as reasoning. (I’ve already got every volume of 獣の奏者 and am addicted, so no need to try to sell me on it. It’s already taken hold)

Thanks I’m advance for any and all recommendations!


I’m currently reading the オーバーロード LN and really enjoying it so far.


What kind of reading are you interested in? Like, which genre, or what qualities are you looking for?

If you look near the bottom of the first post in the tadoku thread, there are (a) a bunch of reviews from community members, and (b) a handful of collected ideas of how to find books that might be interesting.

Having said that, my current recommendations are Hakase, Night Market, and Konbini Ningen from the Intermediate Book Club, plus any other works of those authors. Oh, and I also like Murakami Haruki (dunno if you like his writings though), who recently had a bunch of his books turned into ebooks for the first time, so there is hope that they are also available for Kindle…