Recommended reading for WK lv20/BP N4?

What are resource you’d recommend me reading if we assumed I have 20 levels of WaniKani down and all the N5+4 grammar on BunPro? (I’m not quite there yet, but soon)

Edit: I’m 70% of N4 on BunPro, but I didn’t add any lessons for 2 weeks to get rid of ghosts and such. So while I miss 30%, I’m at least confident I’ve got those 70% down fairly well. And I plan to 100% it in the next ~3 weeks. So, I’ll be ~23rd level on WK by then.


Check out one of the book clubs!


NHK easy news should be totally doable, and a great way to reinforce kanji knowledge across a variety of subjects. There are options to show/hide furigana, and also listen to the articles.


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