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I have been studying Japanese in university and tomorrow is the final exam of the last course (eek!). My university only offers 6 courses in total, so after this course is done, I need to continue studying on my own but I’d prefer to study with a text book. On the courses, we used the 文化 series, and now have gone through the 文化初級日本語 book entirely. I don’t want to continue with this series though, because I feel like it requires a teacher (there are only a bunch of examples for each grammar point but almost no explanations).

So, would anyone be able to recommend me an intermediate (?) Japanese text book suitable for self-study? I’ve heard about Tobira, but not sure if it is above my skill level.

Thanks so much in advance!


I like the Tsunagu books! The second volume is probably around an intermediate level? I’m not 100% sure of what level it actually is, so apologies if it’s not what you’re looking for!

It’s useful for me because the Japanese feels very practical and there’s a lot of emphasis on speaking.


Thank you, sounds very good! I will take a look! :slight_smile:

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Not sure what the 文化 series is like, but if it’s anything like Genki, Tobira is intended to follow on from Genki. (And Nakama, which is what I studied.)

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Ahh okay, I see! I’m not too familiar with Genki, but I would assume it’s quite similar. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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