Any good advanced textbook recommedations?

Picked up WaniKani again after dropping it for about a year, hurray! I’m planning on taking it all the way through this time. With the summer break I’m thinking of picking up my Japanese studies again and could appreciate a few pointers on where I should pick back up.

I have finished the Genki series and Tobira and recently passed the N2 last winter, so I’m more specifically looking at some recommendations on advanced grammar textbooks.

Currently, I’ve been watching Japanese youtube and reading some articles here and there but I think it’d also be good to have some kind of structured textbook to follow along with again.


Well, I was gonna say Tobira. If you’ve finished that, you’ve pretty much finished grammar.

Not really a textbook, but maybe give the Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar a shot?


If Tobira truly is the end of grammar, maybe grab some N1 study books for review? Like 総まとめ or 新完全マスター?


Are you looking to study N1 grammar specifically to pass the N1? Or because you think it would be otherwise valuable? It seems to me like you’d be better off getting a lot of reading under your belt using the knowledge you’ve already accumulated.


If your looking to specifically reinforce the grammar points for the test I really feel like 新完全マスター as saida said is a good series to get the nuances between the diffrent grammar points. To just get an overview I like the Try! series. Haven’t testet both N1 levels yet but for N2 I really like them.
But since N1 is rarely used grammar you really ought to read a lot to keep it sticking with you.


HI - I have been studying Japanese on and off for years and I use it for my work. The JLPT text books are super dull and dated. But, if you want everyday not academic but natural Japanese you could try the last couple of Marugoto books by the Japan Foundation. They incorporate more recent references in Japanese culture – such as adverts etc. They also come with audio files and PDFs of vocab via the website…I use them to supplement my tutorials. I bought some serious grammar text books from Oxford University press a while back which sucked all the joy from a subject I love. I have used the Try series and I find those rather dull to…I spend a lot of time in Japan so the conversations in these are just dull. As someone here said – just read a lot.

There is 1 more textbook after Tobira


I know the name makes it sound not difficult but it is much harder than Tobira. Everything is in Japanese including explanations. Once you finish that, you are pretty much done. I have yet to find a more challenging textbook after that so these days I just watch Japanese TV

Try “Japanese in Mangaland” series by Marc Bernabe.

In addition to the one @BootLoxes mentions, there is also Aozora. Those are the two textbooks that come up the most when I look for textbooks to use after Tobira.

I second this opinion. I have not reached an N2 level yet
but this set of Grammar dictionaries have been a god send.


I’m a big fan of the Try! series, and they also have a N1 version:


Maybe that would be something for you?


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