Recalling a vocab/kanji from a meaning

Hi all,

I’ve been studying kanji in WK for a while now and while I think I progressed my reading/recognizing ability significantly; however when it comes to speaking or writing, I’m barely able to recall the words. Outside of WK, my main immersion methods are reading books or watching movies, but not speaking/writing - so my recall ability is still poor despite my media consumption outside of WK.

I’ve read that the main challenge of supporting this in WK would be the multi interpretations (e.g. there are a lot of ways to say ‘to call’). But even a standard English → JP for me in WK order would be helpful, since I’d be able to recognize that the expected word for that particular English word would most probably be the kanji/vocab I’ve learnt recently.

Trying to look for threads in the forum with similar issues like mine, but most of them are 8-10 years old topic - hence wondering whether there are new tools /user scripts that people are using to help with this?

Thank you in advance!
This is the latest app that does that


I’ve noticed that after spending long periods of time listening and reading Japanese, eventually sentences and expressions remain in my memory and are available to me when I want to produce Japanese.

This was probably the basis behind that idea that you must spend a long time on input (listening and reading) before trying output (writing and speaking). I disagree with that, though. I think starting output early is good. You just need to take the time to look up the grammar structures and vocabulary that you need while doing it. The more often you do it, the easier it should become without having to look things up.


Thank you @Gorbit99 - Kamesame looks very promising! I’ll be trying this ASAP.

Agreed @TheCodingFox - I think using this method actually did help to really burn some kanji permanently in my memory (reading/translating manga was the one that helped me immensely because of the interest + context factor) but I found that it’s only effective for words/phrases I encountered really often, hence the progress has been quite slow for me.

Would be great tho if one day there’s a way to triple quiz a word in WK (reading, meaning, recalling) as a set!

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