Reading the small text in manga (not furigana)

Kinda curious about how you guys who started reading manga in japanese manage to read really small text in manga (ones on the sides of bubbles)

Did you get used to the strange writing they use with time ? Or are you still struggling ?


Yes you get used to it.
The first one here is 家も近いし
The second one is じゃあ黒沼で (that’s the girl’s name, I guess, based on context).

I guess it really helps to get used to handwritten Japanese, though, so people living in Japan have an advantage.


By “strange writing” you mean handwriting?


Yeah kinda :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that’s what i thought, but still it’s a pain lol

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I still struggle with these sometimes. Well, especially if there’s a whole page of it (like the mangakas notes at the end of a manga). I guess it does take some getting used to for sure. >_> (I really wanna read what the mangakas say to the reader!)

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I often struggle with this :sob: Often when in manga I just ignore them when I cannot, really, for the life of me, can’t read it, since I think it’s not a vital part of story. I still try and it’s getting better I think.

This helps.

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Yeah, it’s always fun trying to decipher some of the handwritten stuff in manga. Really makes you appreciate the clarity of the typeset text. :sweat_smile: Here’s a fun example from some old Lupin manga where the handwritten stuff is supposed to represent what is being played from a tape:

That’s not too bad compared to some of the other handwriting I’ve seen.

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