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Hello folks,

Is it normal that on the individual Kanji pages, the Reading section is completely empty? I have no scripts turned on.


I have no problems with that kanji page. :man_shrugging:

I thought as much. I’ve been reworking my workflow today and messing about with loads of scripts. Then I saw the Readings disappeared so I turned off Tampermonkey altogether and did CTRL+F5 reloads. No dice.
Any input @rfindley @Kumirei, @seanblue, @neicul, @anyoneElse?


Perhaps you have a custom style (not a userscript) active?

Try another browser to see whether it’s a problem there as well.

Good point, only have the problem in Chrome. No styles applied.

Two ideas: Is the reading section located somewhere else on the page? I know there are scripts which move the section, and that might somehow have been an issue. Do you know how to inspect element? If so you can also check whether the info is there and just not visible.

Should have specified, information not there when I inspect. Same location, all scripts off :P.

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What browser are you using?

It is mysterious that something is happening even with scripts are turned off. Someone had a similar problem some time ago, it turned out that the naming scheme for the Tampermonkey userscripts and browser extensions are the same (.user.js), and an userscript ended up as an extension. The results was that the system was getting very slow, however.

On Chrome you can check if something suspicious shows up in chrome://extensions/, or you can create an empty profile, log into WK, and see if the problem persists.

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You got me thinking. I saw a script today that allowed users to hide sections of the dashboard that they don’t want. On there, a user suggested using ABP to block sections. I made a stupid mistake: When using ABP I made the really dumb move of blocking all elements of class=“span4”… Now I referenced the specific elements more precisely and the problem is solved. Good thing inspect element exists.

Thanks folks!


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