Reading of 一山 (ひとやま)

Hey… I am struggling with the reading of 一山 . I dont understand why kun yomi is used instead of the on yomi. ひとやま and not いちさん or some kind of that. And yeah I am aware that this vocab not teached in WaniKani but perhaps someone can enlighten me with the reason.

I thought there were this rule that you have to use on yomi when there are two kanjis next to each other.

Thank you

Presumably you’ve already encountered “words made with two kanji that you read with the kunyomi” already, like 出口 and 月見, no?

They exist.

There are exceptions to all the guidelines you hear.

Oh yeah oO thanks for the hint. But still I dont got the rule. Is it just plain memorizing then?

The “rule” is just a way to help you guess when you see new words, but you will encounter exceptions.

Other “rules” you often here are:

-Read a single kanji with the kunyomi (there are tons of exceptions to this in the early levels)
-Read a word that has hiragana attached with the kunyomi (these exceptions are less common, but they do exist)

And of course, there are just mixed readings, where one kanji is kunyomi and the other is onyomi.

Remember, words are the thing that exist, and then kanji is how you write them. So, sometimes it’s just that way “because”.


I made a topic a while ago about exceptions to the “normal” kanji rules, there’s some weird stuff in there :stuck_out_tongue:

The golden rule in Japanese: all rules have exceptions, including this one.

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