Reading and meaning mnemonic for 説

I can’t think of anything catchy. Please help :persevere:

“You need to setsu yourself to study your theory.”
You’re welcome.

No seriously, fail it multiple times and you’ll memorise it.

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I’m one level behind you, so I haven’t seen it yet, but how about this.

You try to get to something that a guard is guarding. So your tell him your theory about how he isnt a guard at all. Listening to your theory the guard gets an identity crisis, stops guarding whatever you imagine he guards and “setsu” (sets) right into your ploy.

I’m not sure if sets right into your trap makes sense but as I think you can say that??

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hey, it’s just theory, it’s not せつ (set) in stone :smile:


Story time

You’re walking home and about to enter your apartment building. It’s been a really long day and you just want to crawl into your bed and disappear for a while. There’s a guard at the door as usual (you live at a high-end apartment complex), but instead of letting you in, he starts talking to you. He starts telling you all these crazy far-fetched alien theories he’s been coming up with while standing there bored all day, and you just can’t seem to get rid of this guy and make your escape. Theories about chocolate being planted here by aliens, about Japanese being an archaic alien language that was adapted to create media that brainwashes everyone, about cats being the direct evolutionary descendants of aliens. As he drones on, you think to yourself, “If this guard says even ONE MORE GOSH DARN THEORY, I’M GOING TO SET (せつ) HIM AND THIS ENTIRE BUILDING ON FIRE.”

And then he says another one and you spontaneously combust and everyone dies

The end :smile:


I’ll be stealing that one :smile:


Hahaha you won a prize for that mnemonic. I think I’ll never forget this kanji :+1:t5::smile:

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