Selfmade Mnemonics

I wanted to know what kind of mnemonics you guys come up with.

I really like to read/watch one piece. Since there are so many characters and places in the story I just thought about using them my mnemonics.

I would be glad to see what you think of when creating new mnemonics.
Please share them if you feel like it.

Expression: 関
Reading: かん
Meaning: relation, connection


Magellans gate of impel down connects the outside world with his prison. it has horns on top like himself. because he put much energy into it to make it how it is today, impel down is now Magellans heaven.

One of his accomplishments is that he captured Kanjuro.
Kanjuro is related to wano kuni and has connections to a lot of strong Samurai.
Magellan wants to make use of the connections Kanjuro has.

傾- lean
Reading- けい

My geoduck leader has been drinking too much lean with a spoon, so the KKK killed him.

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I had a lot of trouble remembering 妨げる / To Obstruct since they introduced a whole new person with a random name (Samantha) who I don’t think they’ve used again (which is how I usually remember the peoples’ names they use like Mrs. Chou, Kouichi, and Charlie Sheen). I replaced it with the mnemonic “When something is obstructing you, you can always go find some other (さまた) way” and I’ve remembered it a lot better since then.


glad you could find さまた way to remember it

nah but seriously that’s a good mnemonic, even though I also like the weird Samantha one


I didn’t come up with these, but I do like some of these:

This one I couldn’t figure out how to quote, so I just copied and pasted it. It’s for remembering if 人 is pronounced nin or jin (although it can also be hito, bito, etc. I’m very sure I read this in other posts as well, so maybe there’s a more thorough out there:
Aikibujin’13 12月
I just make up different mnemonics for them myself (as Koichi fails us in that regard. ><)

For nin I make the mnemonics about Ninja.

For jin I make the mnemonics about Jinn.

Also, this post by @vargsvans I think had some good comments that I really recommend:

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Expression: 橋
Reading: はし
Meaning: Bridge

Mnemoric: I have become homelss and am now tripping balls after taking drugs (hash-browns), imagining a holy tree with a mouth and a mustache.

Basicly whenever I see hashi I think hash-browns or drugs. The mnemoric for this one was really weak so I thought up this little thing

I replace all the きゅう mneumonics with cue, like a pool cue, rather than cute.

So on holiday 休 I go to a pool hall to relax but instead get hit with a pool きゅう

If you drop water everywhere I request 求 that you clean it up or I’m going to hit you with a pool きゅう

Sphere? 球 well at this point it practically writes itself

Pool cues hitting things are more concrete and visceral than random cuteness so it always sticks better


that’s pretty helpful thanks alot.
I like that Tipp with 人 and Jinn/Ninja

The rendaku tip is really useful! Thanks for sharing, and to CDieterle originally - it sounds obvious but I hadn’t thought about doing that either.

I came across 近 (near) the other day, and when I saw the onyomi were きん, こん I had to change the mnemonic to include King Kong. I like to think he’s friends with りき りょく


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