Reading and meaning mnemonic for 虚

I just couldn’t think of a good mnemonic.
Please feel free to share your ideas.
Thank you :smile:

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Can’t help you but a “mnemonic request/share” thread like this would be a good idea

This tiger with spikes is the new Godzilla and it’s attacking きょうと (Kyoto).

Now, you can either (a)void him or send him to the void. Which will you choose: to be the one who ran away or the hero?


The tiger part 虍 is recurring several times, I imagine the thing on the lower right to be in its stomach (or soon to be).

Now this time the tiger ate a board with nails. Sadly this is completely void of any nutrition value.

Why did the tiger ate the board? Because it lives in little Kyoto (きょと), which is so poor that everyone has to eat nail boards to survive.

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