📚📚 Read Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 🎍☃🌲

:red_gift_envelope::cityscape: 2月 1日、2日 :cityscape::full_moon:

Book Natively Progress Type Notes
:dolphin: マグメル新海(しんかい)水族館(すいぞくかん) Lv 24 14% → 15% Manga
:shaved_ice: 星のカービィ カービィカフェ Lv 21 0% → 4% Novel

Combo post for yesterday and today (´・ᴗ・ ` )

I started my first actual novel (a Kirby book!) and despite how little I know about the Kirby-verse the reading is going quite well. The blocks of text are still daunting but not impossible at this level. Since novels take far longer to complete than manga volumes, I made a mini-bingo to track novels separately from the manga I read, just so it’ll take fewer items to reach an accomplishment :sweat_smile:

See you next time!

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