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29th jan

home post

another ouran chapter down (38? round there), first 10 pages or so were pretty difficult and then after that it was almost what i’d describe as easy! it’s a miracle! manga randomiser time again, it initially gave me a light novel (which i’m avoiding for now cos those feel like big projects) but second time was 着(き)たい服(ふく)がある, which is about a woman gaining the confidence to go out in the clothes/style she actually enjoys (in this case lolita fashion). it’s…unsubtle, to put it lightly, but an easy enough read so i’ll keep going. some more pages of the bakumatsu book too

two nhk articles today (this one and this one), another granblue chapter, plus the entries on のことだから and のみ in aDoIJG

words that stood out:

蕾(つぼみ) - bud (flower etc.).

ぱっつん - straight-cut bangs (hairstyle)
誹謗(ひぼう) - slander, abuse. was part of 誹謗中傷(ひぼうちゅうしょう) which is similar but is specifically baseless slander (it seems)