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26th jan

home post

another ouran chapter, every time i think it can’t get more formal it somehow does :sob: slow going but could’ve been harder, i guess. also finished the last chapter of sketchy vol 1 which was fine? it’s slow-paced but i’m open to reading more, plus it’s only six volumes so it’s nice and short. that didn’t take too long so i did some more pages of the bakumatsu book

today’s nhk article was this one, another granblue chapter (exposition, so much exposition), and the entries on の関係(かんけい)でand のこと in aDoIJG

words that stood out

(いた)れり()くせり - perfect, thorough, leaving nothing to be desired
藍色(あいいろ) - indigo blue
訪日(ほうにち) - visit to japan

市販(しはん) - putting on the market, commercially available