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24th jan

home post

finished vol 8 of ouran! some parts of that arc haven’t aged super well, but overall was a good time. then again i have a soft spot for ヤンキー so maybe i’m biased the <ruby lan design for haruhi was too good to only appear once :((( in between some of the chapters the author has been showing off the other translations of ouran, and the english one turned up at the end of the volume! fun to see. also read another chapter of sketchy, much shorter than the first, and a had a profile of a real life woman skateboarder at the end! queer element seems to have been wishful thinking :sweat_smile: oh and some more pages of the 幕末(ばくまつ) book

today’s nhk article was this one, another granblue chapter, plus the entry on には in aDoIJG

words that stood out

忍(しの)びない - unable to bear, cannot bring oneself to
宇宙遊泳(うちゅうゆうえい) - space walk. this manga istg

トイザらス - toys r us. as in the toy shop chain.

i wish i did :sweat_smile: i have a list of all the digital volumes i have that i made by hand, so i just copy it into this site and let it do it for me. someone more tech savvy could probably do some sort of script or something to do it without the time-consuming making of the list first, but that person is not me, sorry :sweat_smile: