📚📚 Read Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 🎍☃🌲

1st jan day one!

starting off with kind of mid momentum, was exhausted when i got up this morning (not new year’s related) and managed less than i normally would but that’s okay!

i’m partway through vol 5 of ouran, so i read another chapter of that (19? 20? whatever the second to last one before the extras is, the second half of the hikaru/haruhi date arc), and used a randomiser to get my next digital manga (ドラゴン、家を買う) but didn’t really start it. looks to be little bit more difficult than some of the other ones i’ve read, but can’t really judge on five pages.

didn’t read a full nhk article (as i usually do), but did keep up with the news of the earthquake and tsunami warnings as it came out over the day. did a full granblue chapter (yep, still going, just the 200 chapters to go or whatever). no dictionary entry cos honestly i clean forgot.

oh and what i read over the break

いのち (five volumes) - eh. if you’re in for a short melodrama (and can cope with darker themes) then this is for you, but i think there’s probably other works which have attempted the same idea and done it much better. it shows its age
金の靴 銀の魚 - really, really weird short story collection. heavy (surreal) self-harm warning for the first chapter, but there’s also some comedy chapters and some that are more like dramas. there’s even an 穴 story for the person reading those! on the harder end, especially that last story phew
禍々しき獣の逝く果ては1巻 - dark fantasy, everyone looks like they walked straight out of castlevania and that’s basically the kind of tone you’re in for, but fairly accessible and light on the jargon. looks like it should be BL but isn’t (tho there are vibes). i’d read the rest :woman_shrugging:
ouran vol 4 and half of 5 - continues to be difficult, especially the first chapter of vol 5 oh my goooood, hated it. but, aside from that, it feels like it’s finding its stride now, so i’ll keep going
恋したので配信してみた - ecchi comedy manga. not my usual fare but it was fun enough, if with some stuff that rubbed me the wrong way. if vol 2 is free/on sale i might get it :woman_shrugging:
oh i forgot about エンバンメイズ, didn’t finish that. weirdly it was more ecchi than the ecchi manga, and in a very uncomfy kind of way. shame cos violent underground darts kinda-battle manga is a fun concept