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9th jan

home post

another (difficult :sob: ) chapter of ouran which finished off vol 6. vols 5 and 6 were a noticeable improvement on the ones before, at least for me, cos there were a lot more fourth wall/meta jokes which were always the part i enjoyed most in the anime. also made a start on ドラゴン、家(いえ)を買(か)う vol 2 and ehhh i’ll finish it. could have read two chapters but wasn’t feeling it.

today’s nhk article was this one, plus another granblue chapter, and the entries on に限(かぎ)って (i meant に限(かぎ)らず yesterday, i mistyped…) and に関(かん)して in aDoIJG

words that stood out, foods edition:

オマール - lobster
コンソメ - consommé, clear soup
マリネ - marinade
ラー油(ゆ) - (chinese) chilli oil