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Hi everyone, I’m hoping some of you may help me with this page. I’m reading しろくまカフェ、bis 1. I’ve combed through the reading club material and while I understand the words, I am not understanding what Panda-san is trying to say here? For context: He just told Shirokuma-san that he is on a diet and not eating sugar.

無党派 (むとうは) - political independent / independent voter
武闘 (ぶとう) - armed struggle
未踏 (みとう) - unexplored
踏破 (とうは) - traveling on foot

破 (は) - not sure what this means behind all the above words.

Is he saying these are the struggles of going sugar-free? Please help :laughing: I’m kind of thinking this is a play on words about something :smiley: Thank you!