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21st feb

home post

i actually read the rest of the ouran volume, they were both quite long chapters (plus some very text-heavy bonus content) but they linked together and i couldn’t not keep reading! basically didn’t read anything else tho, aside from some stuff on pixiv

today’s nhk article was this one, plus the granblue valentines thing, and the entries on そうになる and その(うえ) in aDoIJG

seconding this site and looking up the word plus 関西弁(かんさいべん) or 方言(ほうげん) method, i find it very effective. same for this video from game gengo (tho if you lived there for a year idk how useful this’ll be). his video on ni no kuni also goes into kansai-ben a bit cos one of the characters uses it.

some other ones entirely in japanese
  • general dialect site, not a lot of words per area compared to other sites but they are split up into more specific locations which can be helpful
  • basically the same idea as above but more in depth and (unfortunately) harder to navigate. still useful imo, the search function is pretty good
  • this wikipedia chart. this has saved my bacon more than once. not kansai-ben specific and it’s not what i’d call friendly (especially on mobile, hoo boy) but it’s comprehensive and very, very helpful for cross-referencing and includes both words and grammar (unlike the above two). has a standard japanese column too if you have a vague idea of what you’re looking for means but aren’t sure of the 弁. i use this (with ctrl f) a lot
  • this site by a native kansai-ben speaker. not updated since mid-2023 but has a good number of archive articles on specific words. there’s also this overview page

these are probably more useful for looking stuff up than actually learning from, looking at them again. oops :sweat_smile: hopefully they can be useful in some way!

edit: nihongo no mori also have a few videos on kansai-ben

not me coming in with a second edit: this is the most straightforward site and approaches it from a base grammar level so this might be the closest thing you’re looking for (even if it’s not much for nuance). just a table and this means this and that’s it, plus some words (similar to the wikipedia page but smaller and way more approachable). it even has space for practice! they have separate pages for 大阪弁(おおさかべん) (the one i linked)
and 京都弁(きょうとべん) (plus others. i used it for 博多弁(はかたべん) and it was invaluable)