📚📚 Read Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 🎍☃🌲

15th feb

home post

had a bunch of other stuff to do today so just read ouran, which was lucky cos it took me ages. it was a bit longer than the other sections i’ve done, i found the side story really difficult for some reason, and then there were ten pages of fan messages, some of which were kinda lengthy. shoutout to the person who tried to write ouran high school host club (in english) and ended up with a very neatly written ‘ouran high-sohool kostclub’

lengthy fan letter

today’s nhk article was this one, the granblue valentine’s event story has started so i’m back on that, and the entries on <次第>[しだい] and しかも in aDoIJG

word that stood out

ネーム - specifically the ‘storyboard, rough draft’ meaning