📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2023 ☃❄

おめでとうございます! :partying_face:


Your first book!?! Wow, I’m seriously impressed! :tada:

Yay! Lots of first-time finishers here :tada:

Haha yes this week’s was a bit more entertaining to read than last week’s, luckily :sweat_smile:
(Ok I still got 8 or so pages left but will tackle them asap)

Nobody is going to blame you for that :blush: I guess I’ll do the same tomorrow; I’m back to thinking that it doesn’t work too well for me to read a lot of books in parallel where I really need to focus on the details. Therefore I will clean up ユージニア this weekend, and after that I’m planning to read 半落ち and チュベローズで待ってる in alternating chunks or something like that. (Sorry bookclubs :cry:)


Congratulations! A huge milestone :tada:

This was your first Japanese book? And you read it at this speed? Truly impressive! Congratulations! :partying_face:

I have big trouble stopping at the end of each week’s 半落ち, and we’re only at the first chapter :sweat_smile: so I suspect I might do the same, but discussing in the weekly threads (well, one thread, but still) is fun and I don’t want to lose that. I guess I’ll have to fill my schedule with lots of other books instead, so that I simply won’t have the time to read ahead…:books:


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・ 本好きの下克上 16 (61% → 63%)

Just a short read :3 Maybe if I wake up early tomorrow I can get more stuff done. Assignments are piling up faster than I can process.


January 14 :heavy_check_mark: :rose:

ユージニア , 89%-end

Well, I finished Eugenia. I didn’t want to. I wanted it to go on and on. I took breaks during the final pages so it would last longer. I really loved that book. The atmosphere, the storytelling, the language, it was all perfect.

Riku Onda has written an unbelievable number of books, and from what I can see the style of her books seems to vary a lot. If the writing is to the same standard as Eugenia, I’d probably be happy with anything though.

Amusingly, the atogaki was about the book design process (cover and binding), which ties in well with my recent investigations into the world of Japanese book covers. :smile:


Random question - from memory you’re in Thailand, where are you based? I’m flying from Tokyo to Bangkok in a few days but only there for 2 nights. There are plenty of copies of yotsubato in Book Off here - I’ve already bought myself volumes 1-6.


I am working and living in outskirts of Bangkok, but sometimes I go to Kinokuniya bookstores in shopping malls alongside BTS. There are 3 branches of the store, Siam Paragon and Central World branches are walkable from Siam BTS station. Emquartier branch is a separate branch that has to take BTS to go to. Central World and Emquartier are more focused on Japanese books. There are Japanese villages near Emquartier as well, I think (like Thonglor).

Yesterday I went to Siam Paragon.


Would you like me to pick up some volumes of Yotsubato for you? There are loads in the ¥100 section of Book Off. I could leave them at my hotel or meet you somewhere - I’m in Bangkok on 20th/21st. Planning to stay somewhere on Sukhumvit Rd.


Friday and Saturday of that week is a little busy for me that I might not be able to go anywhere. Thank you, though.


I read 3 sub chapters yesterday because the 2 I had were super short (9 pages in total). Finished the remaining two today but the first couple in Chapter 4 are so short I think I could do this today to.

I’m trying not to burn myself out but these smaller subchapters are too manageable. Gahh!


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January 14th

35 - 89

I fought off the sleepies last night :ok_hand: but starting on page 90 there’s a nazi history lesson and then fictional nazis being awful. I didn’t feel like letting nazis be my last thought before sleep. so f that, I stopped before it. kinda feeling like I should’ve continued reading odd parts. I know Part 7 is nazi free


Summary post

Day 14: January 14th
What did I read?: マグメル深海水族館 Vol 1
How much did I read?: 49 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 3 min

Finally, some real reading :joy: As much as I adore tiny shark, he’s not exactly challenging reading practice lol Today’s chapter focused on ラブカ (I love the Japanese name for these, it just sounds so appropriate to what the creature looks like if that even makes sense). Koutarou gets to go beyond his janitorial duties in this chapter when the aquarium director sends him to pick up a frilled shark that accidentally got caught in some fishing nets. The mama shark has died, but with the help of the fisherman, Koutarou’s able to take one of the eggs she was carrying back to the aquarium to hopefully be saved and raised there. In the end, the lil baby shark inside the egg lives, so we can imagine it has a nice future ahead of it :face_holding_back_tears:

Some gushy thoughts

I love how this manga looks at these less popular/less “conventionally attractive” sea creatures with such a fond lens. Like they’re not the sea creatures you’d think of as the ones people typically “care about,” but the characters do very much care about them, and by extension you care about them too. You always hear about people saving whales and dolphins and such but the characters care about trying to save these lesser known creatures with the exact same passion and warmth, and there’s something about that that’s just very lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Some less gushy and more random thoughts:

  • Why do I feel like I’ve heard of all these random sea creatures that come up, like are these less obscure than I’m thinking they are or am I really just that much of a sea creature nerd leaning toward the nerd thing, child me used to read a lot of animal fact books and illustrated encyclopedias
  • I love how one of the fishermen just casually has a pelican friend named Momo, that’s very cute xD
  • Koutarou is absolutely adorable when he’s excited about sea creatures I get you Koutarou, I love the sea creatures too

Also while I was googling ラブカ I accidentally found this book called ラブカは静かに弓を持つ and I kind of want to read it now :upside_down_face: The cover is super pretty :pleading_face:


January 14th
What did I read?: にわにはににん
How much did I read?: 8 sentences
(Continued あとがき)
How long did it take me?: 1 h 3 min

Reading this あとがき is giving me the pretty clear impression that it’s definitely manga, not books, that are the right thing for me to be starting off with… :sweat_smile: I’m still interested in reading it, but this speed (or should I say, slowness XD) is a wee bit demoralizing, eheheh. Being able to turn pages more often feels like I’m making more progress, even if it might amount to the same wordcount. And it seems the あとがき is written in a more literary style as well, so that’s probably another factor.


:spiral_calendar: Day 14: January 14th :snowman:

spacer:ocean: ARIA The MASTERPIECE Volume 6 (0% ➨ 11%)

👵🏻 ××でも魔法少女になれますか? Volume 1 (0% ➨ 21%)

I picked this series kind of at random.

The premise is that there’s a strong baddie who has his sights on a certain town, so a fairy goes out in search of a candidate to become a magical girl able to stop the baddie.

However, no one in the town can see him, meaning there are no candidates to become a magical girl and save the town.



Okay, so maybe he had a little too much to drink and didn’t notice this candidate might be a little old for the part.

But she readily signed a contract with him.

On top of that, the baddie has already reached town.

And is already destroying buildings.

And is turning people into display figures.

Insert magical girl transformation scene.


The fairy lucks out on the result of transformation:


As it turns out, the villain has a very believable backstory, and an elderly magical girl has the vast life experience needed to be able to handle such an opponent.

I’m looking forward to reading more.

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 10 (59% ➨ 66%)


January 14 :snowflake: Home Post

It’s BU$TAFELLOWS time! :tada: I think I made some solid progress on chapter 3 today, though it’s always hard to tell haha. Some wild times as always! I’m also back in town with my full book collection now, so we’ll see what chaos I get up to :eyes:


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Day 14 Progress:
お隣の天使様 5.5 SS冊子 - 4.44% → 6.95%
スロー ループ - 13話 二巻完成!!!

Today was just one of those shitty days where you think you got an adequate amount of sleep but every fifteen minutes you just start randomly nodding off and closing your eyes. Accordingly the reading was pretty awful too.

小春こはる is still cute though, god bless her soul.

Word of the Day: 添加物てんかぶつ - additive, as in like the additives food food preservation. Somehow my brain was not able to click that it meant exactly what its components indicated…


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January 15th.

What: ピーチガール volume 2
Pages: 20
Time: 15 minutes.

Sunday is my laziest day. But I did some more reading.

ピーチガール thoughts (with some spoilers)

The characters in this series are so annoying! I like that the main character has attitude, but she’s unable to control her emotions and actions. When the villain (her ““friend”” who’s always copying her and trying to steal whatever the main character wants) riles her up, she falls into the trap immediately. So what happens? She loses her temper in front of her boyfriend, making herself look like the villain instead. Tbh the guy is stupid too because he’s not listening to his girlfriend and believes the lies of the scheming friend instead. The drama of it all!


home post

15th jan

more カノカメ to round out the weekend and oh man what was this chapter :joy:started off normal and then there was an extended haircutting scene??? for some reason??? was so out of left field. i also think i like rintarou more than yuki, which for a yuri manga is a slight problem :joy:

also congrats to people for finishing their first books/manga!! big milestone :sparkles:


January 15th

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Card Captor Sakura volume 6 – progress report
Yesterday: Began reading Card Captor Sakura volume 6, finished chapter 23, read up to page 82
Today: Continued up to page 145, finished chapter 24 and chapter 25.

Part of me wanted to finish today’s reading session a bit sooner. However, I decided to power through two chapters after all because there was plenty of dialogue (Yue’s introduction, about Yukito’s situation, Sakura forgetting everyone associated with the Clow Cards and guardians should she fail the trial etc.) and I wanted to spare my future self with less time during the week a bit of a headache.

Congrats to both of you! :tada: :smiley:
That’s a big step towards being able to read more Japanese content – and I hope that these will be the first of many more manga volumes/books to come.

Word or expression of the day:
偶然 - (ぐうぜん) - coincidence, chance, accident

Honourable mention(s)
始終 - (しじゅう) - continuously, from beginning to end
天変地異 - (てんぺんちい) - natural disaster, cataclysm


Day 12
I started doing my japanese test, that means I have less time for reading. Only read a little bit of Bakemonogatari vol.2.

1203 pages read 18797 to go