📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2023 ☃❄

Day 25
I passed my japanese test which was the lower intermediate one from japanesepod101. They still have two more tests a upper intermediate one and an advance one. It is a first step towards the JLPT.

I continued reading Tsugumomo vol.2 the girls are so silly. That was funny Kukuri lost the fight against the protagonist and ended up naked. Your own fault for wanting to fight.

Also read some Kindaichi Shounen vol.1 but only a little bit. Nothing really happened just character introductions.

2058 pages read 17942 to go


:snowflake: :red_gift_envelope: 1月26日 :red_gift_envelope: :snowflake: (Home Post Link)


  • ホリミヤ ch 94
  • 夜カフェ pg 29 → 35, finished ch 2
  • 月の光 4800 → 9800 done! - finished up the story. Cute little vn, kinda sappy and cheesy (in an endearing way) music was solid, I liked the art a lot. nothing really… happens? at least at a surface level. Which I think is probably why it’s rated pretty low on vndb. There’s a lot that’s left unsaid but is clearly implied, but it’s two kids who recently graduated high school and have no experience with love/romance beating around the bush trying to find a way to communicate their feelings for each other. Kinda expect that it’s gonna be clumsy, indirect, and full of missed opportunities. It ends with a 希望の光 though, which was nice :blush:
Good Words

塩のみ「しおのみ」ー nothing but salt (ingredients, lit. equivalent of だけ)
具「ぐ」ー ingredients (new meaning for me)

I used to make these by opening jisho tabs for all the words i looked up in a text but now all my words go straight to anki instead, so maybe I switch to just picking a few ones that are really good words lmao


Don’t wanna ruin @Myrias fun, so spoilering but it’s not really spoiling technically:

After the first section with the high school, the second section deals with a woman in her 30s navigating both having a career and being a mother. After that section, the section I stopped on is about workplace harassment.

So I definitely don’t think it’s aimed at a young age bracket.


Finished Subchapter 2. I tried to speed read a little bit because my thoughts were racing faster than my reading so I thought if I tried reading faster I wouldn’t lose focus as easily. It worked out better than I thought, but I would try to jump to conclusions but luckily they cleared things up about certain interactions later so I wasn’t as lost in the end. Still got everything that happened.

Also read a chapter of 推しの子 and that manga is really fun. I can’t wait for the adaptation!


I remember you posting a snippet from the book somewhere sometime and I thought it was a work setting, which is more appealing to me. So the beginning surprised me quite a bit when I started it. Looking forward to all the twists and turns! I still have a lot of book left :smiley:

Guess I have to speed up 闇祓 :slight_smile:

I actually thought of you as I was reading because I’m definitely getting those vibes from the book! It’s kind of uncanny, in a „something like this could happen to me in real life“ way.
I was about to ask whether you’ve read 告白 because the vibe feels kind of similar (?) or maybe it’s just the school setting but I remembered I could simply stalk your Natively :smiley: turns out you’ve read it already.


January 26th!

Today I read chapters 49 and 50 of Shadows House, finishing Volume 4 :slight_smile:

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:cup_with_straw: Home :it:

January 26th

90 - 107

111 - end (188)

I can free up 1 volume’s worth of space from my shelves now lol

Gonna see if I can finish up vol 7 of JoJo too tonight. Yesterday was weird. Hopefully today won’t be and I can read lots while being stress-free.


Summary post

Day 25: January 25th
What did I read?: おでかけ子ザメ2
How much did I read?: 13 pages
How long did it take me?: didn’t time, not that long

Day 26: January 26th
What did I read?: I meandered through the first bits of a few random things
How much did I read?: A couple pages’ worth
How long did it take me?: like 15 min

Well, it is Later :tm: but I still haven’t decided :joy: I have so many options but nothing sounded good to me today :upside_down_face: I was weirdly not in the mood for a manga, like I wanted to read a book, but I also didn’t have the stamina to actually read a book, so :upside_down_face: Idk, hopefully I’ll feel more something tomorrow, either more interested in manga or more motivated to tackle a wall of text.

Yesterday, I got home from work kind of late so I did a tiny read of tiny shark that I was too lazy to post about xD But I will post about it today, because Maneki Sharko

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, they introduce an even tinier shark :sob: Tiny shark’s tiny shark buddy :pleading_face:


January 26 :snowflake: Home Post

Somewhat busy today so not the most, but I played some Genshin Impact as is predictable, nothing too crazy to report really :joy: It’s funny to think that Genshin is functioning in my language practice basically as Animal Crossing did like two years ago, just at very different points in my language journey haha. Far more comprehension is happening now, that’s for sure!


January 26th
What did I read?: 魔女と猫の話
How much did I read?: 6 pages
(Continued 2nd Story )
How long did it take me?: 45 min

It turns out that this story only partly comes before the 1st one, since now Suzu has gotten her cat. Kei gets her cat as well, and as she expected, it’s the same one she accidentally summoned last time! But when he sees her, the poor kitty thinks he’s messed up yet again…


:spiral_calendar: Day 26: January 26th :gloves:

spacer:mag: 名探偵コナン Volume 13 (57% ➨ 68%)

spacer:sun_with_face: 夢みる太陽 Volume 4 (91% ➨ 100%)

Plan for this past week: Finish three more volumes.

Progress for this past week: Finished one volume, with 160 pages left for me to finish two more volumes. I may not quite reach that mini-goal.


Okay, I’m convinced! :grin: The book is on the pricier side, but I put it on my check list and will grab it as soon as it’s on offer.

Yes I have and I really liked it. I knew the school setting wouldn’t be a problem because I had already watched the movie many years ago, so I vaguely knew what kind of atmosphere to expect.

By the way, the ユートロニカのこちら側 thread is up, for anyone interested!


Summary post

It has… been a minute since I posted an update here :sweat_smile:. I ended up getting pretty much immediately swamped by my Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling translation workload. I finished FOUR shows!! The January 7 and January 8 VOD shows, and then the first show in the tag team tournament on January 15 (which had to be split into another part because the workload was too much…), and then the second tag tournament show on January 19 (it turns out if you don’t give Maki Itoh and Miyu Yamashita the mic, the amount of stuff to translate becomes a lot shorter…).

They have two more shows this month, so it’ll be back to the grind for me this weekend, haha :sweat_smile:. My translations are already up to 8,000 words (in English), which is I think by far the most that I’ve done in any month so far.

Something that made me laugh on one of these shows was this comment from Kamiyu wherein she berated her tag partner Mahiro Kiryu for losing to a woman with a hairstyle that looks like the Mother of Ultra. I had to look up the Mother of Ultra after this, and, well…

Here's Juria Nagano and Moka Miyamoto, the rookies who got the shock win:

The Mother of Ultra:

Kamiyu isn’t exactly wrong, haha.

I’ve been keeping busy since finishing the January 19 show translation. I considered using the time to dive into some manga, but I’m trying to get a bunch of stuff translated for these Shakespeare deathmatch shows that Big Japan Pro Wrestling did from 2008-2011, which I just recently managed to find (I had to buy them secondhand on limited edition DVDs because they’re not available anywhere else).

I’m a little bit obsessed with the entire concept of these shows (they bill themselves as the first Shakespeare productions to contain real blood, basically), so I’m trying to translate what I can about them. I actually have a hard time watching deathmatches myself, because I struggle with the sight of blood, but my love for Shakespeare has won out :sweat_smile:. I’m planning on watching them with some friends (hence why I’m translating all this stuff, plus my strong desire to get more info out about these shows so that Shakespeare enthusiasts and such can know that they exist), so I haven’t seen any of them yet.

So far, it has been a pretty research-intense process. I’ve been transcribing stuff from the back of the DVDs and the program for Romeo vs Juliet, and some of the people in the shows have been hard to find! I have a friend who is fluent in Japanese helping do some research on the people I can’t find names for. It’s an interesting look into some experimental artists and musicians who were performing in Japan at the time.

The matches themselves all have interesting names, often with some sort of pun, which really puts my Japanese ability to the test, haha. I’m a little bit obsessed with the title of act 2 of Romeo vs Juliet: “第2幕 パリステイオーの舞闘会”. As soon as I read 舞闘会, I had to take a moment because I was so filled with awe at how Japanese could make such a thing possible.

For folks who haven’t learned the word yet, 舞闘会(ぶとうかい) is a creative spelling of 舞踏会(ぶとうかい), which means dance or ball, and which I learned thanks to WaniKani! (struggle/fight) has the same reading as (step).

Japanese is so beautiful. Pro wrestling is so beautiful. Shakespeare is so beautiful.

I had to think for a while about how to even translate that act/match name. The nuance there is entirely lost in English… I ended up going with “Paris Teioh’s Ball/Brawl”, which feels so lacking in comparison, but, well, I don’t know if there’s really a way to do it better, haha.

As of right now, I’ve managed to translate the card/cast list for all of the shows, and have started working on some of the supplemental material, like the one program I have, which talks about some of what led to these shows happening, and describes the ~lore~ leading up to Romeo vs Juliet, haha. A friend found the guidebook for Macbeth for me while she was in Japan, so I’m currently waiting on that to arrive in the mail.

Sadly, the program for King Lear (which was the first of the plays to be performed) remains elusive, so we’re going to have to go into that one relatively cold, but there is this neat review of it. A deathmatch on a bed of roses… now that is a concept.


27/1 12 pages 夜カフェ(finished chapter 7)

So I’m behind on Orange and おばちゃんたち. But both should be doable to catch up soon.

I don’t have a great excuse, but think I’m less behind than this time a week ago. And I’ve been reading more in English.


:open_book: :desktop_computer: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: January 26

Read ユージニア (78% → 82%). There’s like 2 chapters left and I have no idea what to expect… I only wish I could read faster/longer. It’s the weekend soo it shouldn’t be that hard but something always seems to happen on weekends to keep me busy. And I also want to finish the BU$TAFELLOWS chapter :pleading_face: time is hard.


Home post

1 月 27 日
NHK News Web Easy :newspaper:

東京都とうきょうとと7つのけんこった強盗ごうとう事件じけん 30にん以上いじょう逮捕

Busy day today so I couldn’t plow down to read an episode on Satorireader. Instead a scary news article! Good thing there weren’t any incidents in my area. From what they know or what’s reported at least.

New vocab:
  • 強盗ごうとう事件じけん robbery
  • 警察庁けいさつちょう National Police Agency
  • 事件じけん incident
  • 逮捕たいほ arrest
  • 犯人はんにん culprit

Finished 推しの子 volume one. Absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to read more. Starting Blue Period.


home post

27th jan

oh boy today was rough. combination of the 付録 and 後書 and what’s probably some lingering burnout made for very difficult reading. it’s handwritten, so deciphering some of the kanji was difficult (and in some cases impossible) for me. i pushed through, but it got to the point where continuing would have been more unhelpful than stopping, so i took a break. it’s amazing how two pages can take as long as 40 :sweat_smile: i’ll read some ace attorney scripts or play granblue later as some other practice.

no words that stuck out this time, though shoutout to the author once again including little notes about each chapter.

troublesome kanji

these are the ones i struggled with:
something 材?

本 something?

異 something?

no idea, something き so i assume it’s a noun/verb-noun convert

i think partway through i just got exhausted too, which didn’t help. i bet i actually know at least one of these and just can’t recognise it


@nyxqueenofshadows reply:


教材 I guess?


異質 maybe?

Couldn’t figure that one out either.

Pro tip: If you can read half a word, you can search in Jisho with wildcards! E.g. *材 - Jisho.org or 異 - Jisho.org* (oh this URL won’t work probably, you need to add the star at the end manually).


Looks like it is ()(). And I agree with you on the other words, Nicole ^^