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January 24th :snowflake:
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Been pretty much offline for a few days, but hey I graduated uni so now I have time for more reading :slight_smile: Only had time for a few pages of 僕だけがいない街 and daily 1 nhk webs easy article in the past few days. Even though I didn’t read that much I still tried to have 5-10 mins daily so I’ll just count those :smiley:



Long time no post. But I read on every day. I just finished chapter 10 of 17 of Harry Potter 1.
In the meantime I finished the mini version of the first half of the book. (Why do they split such a small book? It is less than a cm thick, it could also hold twice the pages…)
So I switched to the bigger, hard cover version. I had hoped for a bigger font, but…nope:

At least the wider column spacing helps with finding the right column.

Phrases of the days:
抜き足差し足: tiptoeing
終わりよければすべてよし: all is well that ends well / Ende gut, alles gut :slight_smile:

Happy reading!


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January 24th

:yellow_square: ラストで君は「まさか!」と言う 冬の物語 (76% → 79%)

Today’s story was a short one, and honestly, thank goodness. I wasn’t really into it from the start, so I’m glad that it ended rather soon. Summary:boy gets a text from his friend with a picture of a beautiful girl in a kimono. Friend says today’s their only chance to get girlfriends. Kei (the protag) is confused, so he goes to the friend’s house and it told that, if he cuts open a kagamimochi (鏡もち), a mochi princess will pop out and become his bride. He goes to his grandparents’ house and cuts into theirs, only for an old woman to appear. I get that it’s a funny twist on the surface, but the execution didn’t even make me smile. The whole premise just isn’t my kind of humor, to be frank. Still, it made me look up kagamimochi, so at least I learned something.


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・ 封印再度 (58% → 59%)

I spent 11 hours on campus today… Things are getting too busy :smiling_face_with_tear:


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NHK article :newspaper_roll:

This was a regular one, but very short, so anyone thinking about trying the normal NHK news would probably find this one fairly easy to try. It does have an easy version too.

Also, today is kinda another tiny read day, and if I wanna catch up with Bustafellows, I can’t really afford those, soon I’m a whole 2 chapters behind again. Also, I had planned to catch up with 9-nine- but at this time I’ll catch up with Bustafellows about the time both clubs reach the end (although for bustafellows it would only be the end of the first route, but anyways…) :sweat_smile:

How old are you? xD Kidding, kinda, because I might have been able to pull off all nighters when I was a teen and in my twenties, but if I did it now in my thirties. I’d basically have a zombie day where I’d have no focus, and be so tired I wouldn’t get anything done. With 4-5 hours of sleep, I’d at least get maybe 2-3 hours of maybe-decent focus (not all at once or even in a row with breaks, but scattered in short periods through out the day, easily missed, but it is something…).

Also, for the Kiro fans out there. I tried to get some good pictures of him playing. I’ll post them here in the next few days. Quality is very so-so in several pictures. Phone cameras just don’t have the ability to take good pictures of things that move. :joy:


What I am Reading for Winter 2023

Manga: 消えた初恋 (vol 6-9) :pencil2:
Manga: きのう何食べた (vol 9) :bento:

Bookmeter Page

月 火 水 木 金 土 日
02 03 04 05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 :bento: 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31
月 火 水 木 金 土 日
01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09 10 11 12
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20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28
月 火 水 木 金 土 日
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06 07 08 09 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28

Day 23
Started the second volume of Tsugumomo but only had time for some pages. I’m done with my japanese test soon and will have more time for reading.

1954 pages read 18046 to go


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January 24th


start - 97

Yesterday felt like the perfect day for a bath with how cold and snowy (all? of) Japan was. So I sat in my tub and read for an hour. Princess Jellyfish is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I watched the anime and enjoyed it enough in college. It’s not as fun for me to read though. Skill and difficulty-wise it’s quite on my level, which is nice. The descriptions and dialogue aren’t too complicated for me to understand and the lack of furigana makes me happy with my progress on WK so far. I find all the characters off-putting though. I get that they are intentionally meant to be off-putting but it bugs me with how they’re simultaneously blunt but refuse to explain things to each other. I’ll probably finish it just so I can get it off my shelves… I accidently(?) ordered a bunch of manga rip. I figured if I was ordering all of Lala (5 vol) that I might as well order other stuff too, but I forgot to consider that while Lala will fit on my shelves… It and 10 other books will not…


January 24th!

Today I read chapter 55 of Mitsuboshi Colours, and then Chapter 3 of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun.
I’m a little behind in the Nozaki-kun bookclub, since I’m meant to be reading Chapter 4-5 this week and I only just finished Chapter 3… I’ve just had a busy few weeks and I’m flagging a bit!
I can catch up though, I’m hoping to be back on track in time for the start of the next bookclub week :slight_smile:

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I set up my yomichan to make anki cards automatically last night, so i’m being a little more liberal with my word look-ups for a bit (and also making cards for words i’ve seen before but couldn’t quite remember).


  • ホリミヤ ch 92
  • 夜カフェ pg 23 → 29 This poor girl jesus christ
Good Words

保護者「ほごしゃ」ー guardian, protector
怒鳴る「どなる」ー to shout (in anger)
換える「かえる」ー to replace
優先「ゆうせん」ー preference, priority
玄関 「げんかん」ー front entrance

塞ぐ「ふさぐ」ー to close, to cover up (eyes, ears, etc)
逸らす「そらす」ー to turn away (ones eyes, face), to divert
小さい頃「ちいさいころ」ー when one was a child
ポツリ ー isolated, being alone
涙「なみだ」ー tears
改装「かいそう」ー remodeling, renovation
迎える「むかえる」ー to go out to meet
蛇口「じゃぐち」ー faucet, tap
盛る「もる」ー to serve (in a bowl, plate)
塊「かたまり」ー lump, mass, bundle

Welcome to the challenge @cheezyrules016 and @iciely !!



That’s how I was the last time I did an all-nighter a few months ago which is why I make sure to go to bed on time nowadays or at least never past midnight. I didn’t realise that it was due to being in my 30’s. :laughing:I’m turning 32 this year. However, sometimes the book I’m reading is just so engrossing, I don’t want to put it down. So now I either don’t start a new book late in the afternoon or re-read an old favourite. Since I already know the plot, I can tell myself that it’s OK to pick it up in the morning. This is my ideal, though. Sometime I just don’t realise the time and end up reading anytime, anyhow. Fortunately, I just came off vacation leave and managed to get through quite a lot of books so I can slow down now and wake up/sleep properly.


Summary post

Day 24: January 24th
What did I read?: マグメル深海水族館 Vol 1
How much did I read?: 32 pages
How long did it take me?: 32 min

Finished this volume today! The chapter ends with Koutarou getting promoted from janitor to keeper’s assistant! As he should be. Even though he kind of effed up in this chapter :joy: But his heart was in the right place. Also this chapter ending seems to imply that the director knew/worked with Koutarou’s dad? I am intrigued.

Undecided on whether I will start the next volume of this right away or something else. I will review my bookshelf and decide…later :sparkles:


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1 月 25 日
コナの大冒険 第31話 :black_cat:

Such thrilling events for Kona from this week’s episodes! I also noticed the episodes are getting harder and harder. Wondering if I should switch to a different series or just power through with this one… :thinking:

Phrases of note:
  • 離れたら負け(だ)よ 「はなれたらまけだよ」 if we separate, it’s game over!
  • その時だった 「そのときだった」 or その瞬間だった 「そのしゅんかんだった」 in that moment, it was right then that it happened
  • 絶対に勝ち目はない 「ぜったいにかちめはない」i have absolutely no chance
  • 生まれて初めて「うまれてはじめて」 for the first time in one’s life

January 24 :snowflake: Home Post

Actually did quite a bit today! I started out with some 花子くん and read about a volume’s worth; I’m getting close to where I’ve read up to in English, and oh boy have there been events. ミツバ… :cry: Then I failed to resist the desire to start the next 山猫 book despite being in the middle of so many things already rip so I read some of 虚像のウロボロス which is very intriguing so far :eyes: plus it’s just nice to see all the characters again, 山猫’s nonsense is a great time as always lmao. I also played some more Genshin Impact because of course I did; it’s still a lot of fun! Very conducive to my love of exploring shiny things and ignoring actual missions :joy:

Meant to reply to this earlier whoops; unless there’s something else specific I’m unaware of, I’d imagine that’s just slurred 行きません, yeah. ちゃ is a pretty common contraction of ては, so that’s essentially ここにいてはまずい, which is similar but I’d say is more along the lines of like “it’s bad to be here” rather than “must not be here” if that makes sense!

Oooh congrats, that’s awesome!! :tada:


Slowly plodding along last 2 days.

24/1 9 pages Orange, 3 pages おばちゃんたちのいるところ

25/1 5 pages Orange, 5 pages おばちゃんたちのいるところ (finished story 14)


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I keep not being able to dedicate as much time as I’d like. Read ユージニア (73 → 75%).


:spiral_calendar: Day 24: January 24th :snowman_with_snow:

spacer:older_woman:t2: ××でも魔法少女になれますか? Volume 1 (43% ➨ 44%) (Backstory exposition can be exhausting to read.)
spacer:sun_with_face: 夢みる太陽 Volume 4 (79% ➨ 91%)


Jan 25, Wed of Week 5 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

  • うたわれるもの

  • はたらく細胞 Black Vol.4 Ch.23-24 + extra (end volume)

Reason for being a Chibi-chan.

Words of the day
  • こそばゆい = ticklish. Perhaps like 痒(かゆ)い.
  • うらぶれる(.) = to become shabby
  • こじれる = to get complicated. Like making into a knot, perhaps. Kanji form is 拗(こじ)れる.
  • ちょっかい(.) = making a pass at someone / meddling
  • ヤワ = shabby; weak. ヤワイ is also valid. A Kanji form is 柔(やわ) / 柔(やわ)い.
  • アフタ(.) = aphtha; aphthous ulcer; aphthous stomatitis
  • 滞(とどこお)る = to stagnate. Kanji for stagnant. Reading of 留(とど)まる + 凍(こお)る.
  • 齧(かじ)る = to nibble. Has Furigana.
  • 貪(むさぼ)る = to crave for. No Furigana in context. I also saw this one in Kanken quiz a while ago.
  • 病変(びょうへん) = lesion; pathological change
  • 破局(はきょく) = sad ending
  • 使役(しえき) = setting someone to work
  • 伝票(でんぴょう) = order slip
  • 出張版(しゅっちょうばん) = branch-off edition (of a series). 出張(しゅっちょう) itself only means = a business trip.
  • 既存(きそん) = existing. Second Kanji doesn’t Dakuon this time.
  • 優位(ゆうい) = advantageous position. Opposite is 劣位(れつい).
  • 鞭撻(べんたつ) = whipping; urging person to do something. First Kanji from 飴(あめ)と鞭(むち).
    • Used in ご指導(しどう)、ご鞭撻(べんたつ)のほどよろしくお願(ねが)いします.
  • 使(つか)い道(みち) = utility
  • 直伝(じきでん) = direct handing-down of skills/secrets
  • 挙動(きょどう) = behavior. Similar to 行動(こうどう), perhaps.
  • 格言(かくげん) = maxim; proverb
  • 穏便(おんびん) = peaceful; amicable
  • 改札口(かいさつぐち) = ticket inspection gate. It seems to be special case here, that the Kanji 改 means, to examine; to inspect.
  • 野(の)ざらし = weather-beaten = 野晒(のざら)し. Being bleached (by weather) in the field
  • 目移(めうつ)り = being drawn to many things; distraction
  • 不用心(ぶようじん) = unsafe; careless
  • 失明(しつめい) = loss of eyesight
  • 明暗(めいあん) = light and darkness / shade. Same reading as 名案(めいあん).
  • å¼·å¼±(きょうじゃく) = strength and weakness / intensity
  • 錐体(すいたい) = cone-shaped. In context as 錐体細胞(すいたいさいぼう).
  • æ°´(みず)ぼうそう = chickenpox = 水疱瘡(みずぼうそう) = 水痘(すいとう).
    • Causing 疱疹(ほうしん) = herpetic lesion.
    • 帯状疱疹(たいじょうほうしん) = herpes zoster.
  • 三叉神経(さんさしんけい) = trigeminal nerve
  • 斑点(はんてん) = speckles
  • 相容(あいい)れない = inconsistent; incompatible
  • 老(お)い先短(さきみじか)い = not having long to live. Too old, and having too short in front.
  • 不甲斐(ふがい)ない = good-for-nothing; weak-minded; cowardly. Also, 腑甲斐(ふがい)ない.
  • ハメを外(はず)す = to act without restraint. Full Kanji is 羽目(はめ)を外(はず)す.


  • へニョへニョ
  • ずんずん = moving rapidly (walking; making progress)
Many Kanji's today
  • 鞭(むち)

    • whip; lash
    • ベン
      • 鞭毛(べんもう),     鞭虫症(べんちゅうしょう)
      • 鞭撻(べんたつ),     教鞭(きょうべん),     先鞭(せんべん)
    • 鞭(むち)
      • 乗馬鞭(じょうばむち),     鞭打(むちう)ち症(しょう)
  • 錐(きり)

    • a drill; conical shape
    • スイ
      • 角錐(かくすい),     円錐(えんすい),     錐体(すいたい)
      • 立錐(りっすい)
    • 錐(きり)
      • 錐揉(きりも)み,     嚢中(のうちゅう)の錐(きり)
  • すい疱(ホウ)

    • blister
    • ホウ
      • 水疱(すいほう),     膿疱(のうほう),     疱瘡(ほうそう),     水疱瘡(みずぼうそう)
  • 瘡(かさ)

    • pustular scab
    • ソウ
      • 疱瘡(ほうそう)
    • 瘡(かさ)
      • 瘡蓋(かさぶた)   (痂(かさぶた))
  • はっ疹(シン)

    • rash
    • シン
      • 発疹(はっしん),     湿疹(しっしん),     薬疹(やくしん),     蕁麻疹(じんましん)
      • 疱疹(ほうしん),     風疹(ふうしん)
    • 汗疹(あせも)
    • 麻疹(はしか)
  • 痘(トウ)そう

    • pox; smallpox
    • トウ
      • 痘瘡(とうそう),     天然痘(てんねんとう)
      • 水痘(すいとう),     種痘(しゅとう)
    • 痘痕(あばた)
  • 斑(ハン)てん

    • dots; speckles
    • ハン
      • 斑点(はんてん),     斑紋(はんもん)
      • 紅斑(こうはん),     紫斑(しはん),     黒斑(こくはん),     白斑(はくはん),     蒙古斑(もうこはん)
    • 斑(ふ)
      • 虎斑(とらふ)
    • 斑(むら)
      • 斑気(むらき)
    • 斑(まだら)
    • 斑鳩(いかる)
    • 雀斑(そばかす)   (蕎麦滓(そばかす))

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・ 封印再度 (59% → 63%)

Finished week/chapter 6, started a bit on chapter 7.


home post

25th jan

chapter 4 down! this one was thankfully much easier than the last two, both in theme and writing style. much more fantastical too, with an inkstone that’s actually the dormant body of a 蟲 that usually lives in the clouds and eats precipitation. also (tw: body horror? ig?) some children end up vomiting smoke out of their ears and mouth at one point.

words that stuck out: 硯 (すずり, inkstone. ever want to learn this word, read this chapter), 化石 (かせき, fossil), 工房 (こうぼう, workshop, studio)

yeah! that was the vibe i got, but i was also sleepy and my brain wasn’t working :joy: thanks for taking the time to reply!

congrats!! :sparkles: