📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2023 ☃❄

Feb 28, Tue of Week 10 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

  • ふしぎの国のバード Vol.7 Ch.31-35 (end volume)

Not much time to read today, but some chapters are quite sparse and easy.

Words of the day
  • ちやほや = making a fuss over
  • 余暇(よか) = leisure time. Second Kanji is 暇(ひま)
  • 追伸(ついしん) = post scriptum
  • 回診(かいしん) = doctor’s round
  • 根回(ねまわ)し = laying the groundwork
  • 負荷(ふか) = burden; load
  • èµ´ä»»(ふにん) = moving to a new post. First Kanji is èµ´(おもむ)く.
  • 叙情(じょじょう) = lyricism; expression of feelings
  • 出自(しゅつじ) = origin. Perhaps like 出身(しゅっしん).
  • 長雨(ながあめ) = long spell of rain
  • 飼育(しいく) = breeding. On reading of 飼(か)う.

February 28th

:snowman: Home post :snowflake:

Card Captor Sakura volume 12 – progress report
Yesterday: Continued up to page 142, finished chapters 46, 47 and 48.
Today: Read up to page 187, finished chapter 49 and volume 12. Thus, I have finished the (original) Card Captor Sakura series. (Clear Card Arc excluded) :melting_face: :tada:

Word or expression of the day:
裁縫 - (さいほう) - sewing, needlework


Phew, I have made it to the end of the challenge and the end of the series I was reading in time.

Volume 12 was on almost all accounts wholesome which extended to the ending. (The latter was a bit too fast-paced for my liking, however: Shaolan being gone, returning literally 3? pages later – speaking from a physical book structure and manga panel sense – and saying ‘well, my business in Hong Kong is done, now I’ll just stay here in Japan’ :+1: was almost comical).

I’ve just remembered that I had a rant on Card Captor Sakura cooking up but I don’t have the mental energy to exhaust myself by ranting right now, so this one will have to wait for another day. Or rather I’ll let it slide because I’ll probably run into equally annoying things that I might rant about instead once I get to reading some other of my reading material in future reading challenges. :sweat_smile:

So much for that.

This marks the end of my second read-every-day-challenge. This time, I read through 10 manga volumes and managed to finish one of the series I had started reading in November 2022 (Card Captor Sakura). I think that my reading speed got a little bit faster again but I still struggle with understanding things properly.

I won’t join the next challenge, meaning this will be my last read-every-day-post for a while. I plan on joining this challenge during summer/early autumn again, though. I don’t think I’ll have it in me to read every single day from now on without relying on this challenge, but I’ll try reading regularly (a few times a week) to keep some of my immersion up.

I hope that everyone who joined this winter challenge had a good time with some satisfactory results – again, regardless if you’ve never done this challenge before or if you’re a regular and regardless if you read every single day or every few days. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you again when I get back to this challenge. Until then, happy reading! :smile:

Btw, I may or may not be lurking in the next reading challenge thread(s) nodding in satisfaction over all the progress the participants will make.



:snowflake: Day 59, 28th of February :snowflake:

:open_book: Back to my Home Post

Did a lot of Genki exercises, not much time for leisure reading.

And that’s it for the reading challenge for me this time. I only managed 44 out of 59 days, a bit less than last time. Most of that is because of other commitments that took up my time. I’ve also been in a bit of a plateau for a while, so without visible improvement it’s hard to keep motivated.

Hopfefully this monthlong break from the challenges will help me recharge my drive for improving my Japanese reading skills.


:bookmark: Home post // Feb 28 :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:

・この本を盗む者は (4% → 7%)

Got to read a bit in the morning. Not long until I’m done with chapter 1 :eyes:

Winter challenge is officially done :smiley: :snowflake: How did I do? I’ve read 2,5 books [1] in these two months which totals about 1100 pages. Not record-breaking, but also not bad for it being busy times. I’ll continue reading and posting here until the Spring challenge starts.

Feel free to continue/join during break until the next challenge~ Either way, I hope I’ll see you wonderful people around in another challenge! :durtle_the_explorer:

  1. See home post for more information ↩︎


Day 57
Continued reading the Tsugumomo manga. It was one of my favorite arcs in the manga, for once I wasn’t bored reading it.

4026 pages read


February 27th & 28th (Days 58 & 59) :snowflake: :cat2:

Home post :books:

この本を盗む者は (16 - 17%)

Very tiny reads these past two days because I needed a little break from reading. Spent that time playing Octopath instead (it’s such a damn vibe). But anyways…

I made it to the end of the challenge! :partying_face: :cat2:

Challenge achievements: I’ve completed my very first Japanese book, and then another (if I can count 1Q84 Book 1 前編 as a book). Although I feel like I could’ve definitely done more (too many lazy days with small bits of reading), I am incredibly happy with my progress :3 I mean, this is two Japanese books more than I’ve ever read. Finding it a little hard to believe. Third time really was the charm :smile:

Wall of Shame: I planned to read Russian every day, too. But I just… Forgot :person_facepalming: I wonder if I can still read Cyrillic after all these weeks… Oh boi…

I am planning to continue in March, as I fear I may just forget to read altogether if I don’t continue every day :sweat_smile: I’m excited to continue this journey with those who are sticking around, and looking forward to seeing everyone else in another challenge :3


February 28th!

Today I read Chapter 10 of God Bless the Mistaken, and finished Volume 2.
It was nice to finish off the challenge with another finished volume. :slight_smile:

(Home Post)

End of Challenge Summary: 100% :tada:

月 火 水 木 金 土 日
02 03 04 05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31
月 火 水 木 金 土 日
01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28

Books Completed

  • Happiness - Volume 8-9
  • Shadows House - Volume 4
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun - Volume 1
  • Cells at Work - Volume 1
  • Orange - Volume 6
  • Teasing Master Takagi-san - Volume 10
  • God Bless the Mistaken - Volume 2

How is it the last day of the challenge already!? It’s gone by so quickly!
I’ve finished 8 volumes of manga so far this year, which feels like a good number.
So far this year I’ve learned that there IS a limit to how many bookclubs I can juggle at once… :sweat_smile: But also that I can stubbornly push forward when faced with a mountain of reading to do, even when some of it feels very difficult!

Its been a great start to the year, and I hope everyone else has had as much fun as I have. Thanks, as always, to @windupbird for hosting, and to everyone for sharing your updates, it’s really motivating, and my to-read list is forever expanding from your recommendations!

I’ll be continuing to post throughout March, but for those who aren’t, I look forward to seeing you again for the Spring Challenge. :slight_smile:



I only read one complete volume of manga [会長はメイド様!1] in this reading challenge. I ended up selecting a manga [ヤンキー君とメガネちゃん 1] that turned out to be too hard for me to read so I haven’t yet finished the replacement option [FAIRY TAIL 1]. This year, I seemed to have picked mostly wordy manga so far. It’s been quite a challenge but I’ve managed to push through most of it. I’ve been reading much more slowly as a result which is why I’m only on the brink of finishing my second volume for the year. I skipped three days as well, one to attend my sister’s birthday party and two separate days because I didn’t want to stop reading the English book I was reading at the time.


:spiral_calendar: Day 58: February 27th :ice_cube:

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 11 (45% ➨ 52%)

Busy week so far. Looks like I’ll be just barely getting my reading in later tonight as well.


Summary post

Day 57: February 26th
What did I read?: ペンギン・ハイウェイ :penguin:
How much did I read?: 7 pages
How long did it take me?: 35 minutes

Day 58: February 27th
What did I read?: ペンギン・ハイウェイ :penguin:
How much did I read?: 4 pages
How long did it take me?: 14 minutes

Day 59: February 28th
What did I read?: ペンギン・ハイウェイ :penguin:
How much did I read?: 5 pages
How long did it take me?: 22 minutes

Limping across the finish line here HAHA QUITE LITERALLY BECAUSE I STUBBED MY TOE ON A CART TODAY AND TOTALLY BROKE MY TOE NAIL/MADE MYSELF BLEED SOMEHOW, but I did manage to slightly pull it together and read something for the last few days of the challenge :joy: I feel bad I kind of went MIA for this second half :upside_down_face: Overall, I read 44/59 days, which isn’t terrible for this time of year but also not the best lol. I finished 3 manga volumes and read ~140 pages of Penguin Highway (which is a little less than half the book - honestly not bad considering I only started it about a month ago and my reading days have been less than consistent in this second half of the challenge). Looking back at what all I read made me miss my sweet magic man Rei :sob: I want another volume of that to come out :upside_down_face:

Anyway, that’s a wrap on the Winter Challenge! :tada: Congratulations to everyone who’s made it this far - whether you read a little or a lot, I hope you got something out of the challenge and enjoyed your time in the thread :3 As usual, I’ll be taking a break in March (I think I might try to focus on English reading, actually :eyes:), but I’ll still be around lurking and liking posts from those of you who are continuing on! As usual, everyone can feel free to post in this thread until the next challenge starts on April 1st - hope to see you guys again in the spring :grin:


I did the week one reading for レベル7 and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Very mysterious set up - looking forward to how it plays out! It’s a faster read than I was expecting, partially because it’s paperback (so any words to look up takes a smidge more time) and partially because my last 宮部みゆき book had a decent number of lookups, but it’s been smooth!

There’s something so satisfying about a physical book, and an older copy especially :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Aged paper just smells good.

Edit: Oh and happy end of challenge! I’ll probably stick around with any stragglers who just like posting about their reading every day :sweat_smile:



  • through the end of vol 3 of アタック!! This series began in 2007, and volleyball terminology must have changed between then and 2012 when HQ and 2.43 began, because there are some terms they use in addition to or instead of the ones I’m used to. They’ll still say “receive,” but they’ll also call them “cuts.” I have yet to see ワンタッチ abbreviated as ワンチ. Middle blockers are called centers, and (wing) spikers are called (side) attackers. In this, they say that the opposite hitter (right wing spiker) is the pillar of the team and is known as the super ace, whereas usually it’s one of the two left wing spikers who’s the ace and the pillar of the team—and a super ace is just, well, an ace who’s a cut above the rest. A genius ace, if you will. I have two more volleyball series; I wonder where they’ll fall, terminology-wise.
  • 22 pages of この本を盗む者は, leaving off on pg 88. Finished ch 1 and started ch 2!
  • played a bit of ねこ島物語 and きみのまち ポルティア
Some vocab of note:

方針 (ほうしん) [n.] policy; course; plan (of action); principle. From the original meaning of “magnetic needle” (I’m assuming from the kanji a compass needle).


:chocolate_bar: :love_letter: 2月28日 :love_letter: :chocolate_bar: (Home Post Link)

Welp! We did it! Another challenge in the books! Congrats, everyone! Whether you managed to read every day or not, I hope you feel like you got some good practice in! I’ve loved reading everyone’s updates, and it really really is true that having a group of people working on the same sorts of goals can be motivating; It definitely was for me this challenge. More than a few days where I dragged myself out of bed to go read my chapter of 三ツ星カラーズ, do some anki, and post a quick update. :sweat_smile:

Missed no days, and ended up reading 12 volumes of manga (and change), 3 children’s books, 1 short story, and 1 short visual novel.


  • 夜カフェ pg 145 → 169 DONE! - oh man it feels good to finish this finally, it feels like I’ve been nibbling on it forever. Wanted to end off the challenge proper with a bang though
  • 三ツ星カラーズ ch 25

Word of the Day:
呼び捨てにする 「よびすてにする」ー to address (someone) without using a suffix such as “-san” or “-chan”; to refer to (someone) without a title suffix

February Goals

:white_check_mark: Finish 夜カフェ vol 1
:white_check_mark: Finish ホリミヤ and pick a new easy manga before the ABBC and BBC
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Pass the 9級 full mock test in the kanken game
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Finish parts 1 and 2 of 新完全マスター N3 reading book

I did, finally, at long last, finish ホリミヤ. Originally a stretch goal to try to finish in December, I managed to stretch it out until February :laughing: It took a little bit of extra work on the last day, but I also managed to finish 夜カフェ volume 1! For manga this month I read about 5 volumes in total, as well as joined the ABBC and BBC book clubs and start with those readings.

I didn’t end up deciding to work too much on the 9級 test, because I was still struggling with some stuff on 10級, but I did manage to do some writing practice every day, and passed the full 40 minute 10級 test last week! Definitely getting easier to work with. Current in game time is about 8 hours + a few extra hours of writing practice outside the game. Level 10 might “only” be 80 kanji, but at the end of the day that’s still going from not knowing how to write any kana to being able to comfortably do hiragana, katakana (less comfortably), and those 80 kanji, so I’m still pretty happy with my progress here.

Then for the 新完全マスター series… I basically dropped the ball on this one. I did about 5 days worth of lessons, which isn’t nothing! But it’s definitely not as much as I’d hoped to get done.

Overall Challenge Goals

Now, when I wrote my goals in my original post, I was envisioning the end of March as a time frame, since I was planning to not take that month off (like I did with december in the winter challenge), so here’s progress towards those:

  • Finish every volume of manga I currently physically own in 2023 - I have read 12 volumes of manga this year, which still puts me ahead of pace for completing this by the end of the year!
  • I want to transition into reading more stuff which is pure text. - This one is an unqualified success already. Read 2 magic treehouse books, 1 japanese original childrens book, a short visual novel, and also a short story!
  • finish working through the 新完全マスター読解N3 - again, I have sort of dropped the ball on this one, but there’s still time for march! I don’t know about finishing the whole book by then, but I could certainly make a sizeable dent in it.

March Goals:
I think both trying to read 夜カフェ and work on 新完全マスター ended up being a little too much for me this month, so I think I’m going to take march off from trying to read a book book and just focus on those.

  • Do some 新完全マスター N3 reading every day - Not going to set a hard goal on this because some sections are wildly different difficulty depending on how familiar I am with the concepts already
  • Pass 9級 kanken test
  • Keep up the manga streak - I was hoping to do 3月のリオン in 3月, but I think that might be a bit much to bite off for me right now, so I’ll keep going with the book clubs and with 三ツ星カラーズ. I think I’d like to finish that series in March, though, so I can actually do 四月は君の嘘 in 四月 :laughing:

I’ll still be hanging around through march again, but for everyone who’s taking a break I hope to see you all again in April! :tada:


:performing_arts: Home :switzerland:

February 28th


不可解(ふかかい)なぼくのすべてを 1
23 - 47

My deadlines are approaching at work and I think I’m on time. Hopefully that means I’ll have more time for reading soon.

不可解(ふかかい) did get a bit better, so I’m even more hopefully now with encouragement from the folks who have already read it. I also like that it doesn’t have furigana. It feels like a more real test of my reading skills.


February 28 :snowflake: Home Post

A pretty neutral day for the technical end of the challenge; I played some more Steins;Gate and made it through the wall of science terminology I was in the middle of :joy: some things are very consistent across spike chunsoft games haha. Back to the Future appeared yet again today, though not by name this time :laughing:

Anyway I’ll be sticking around for the next month like usual, so no big wrap-up post for now. I might do some reflection in the next couple of days if the mood strikes, but otherwise I’ll see you guys in March and/or the next challenge! :grin:


February 28 :heavy_check_mark: :cityscape:

ユートロニカのこちら側 , 51-59%

I really wanted to finish the chapter yesterday, and have the day free for 半落ち today, but sleep is important too.

February Recap

This month didn’t go as well as I hoped, but it did have its highlights. I finished 3 books, and made good progress in two others. I missed two days of reading, but I had a day when I read 72 pages, and another when I read 124, both a record for me. I read a total of 805 pages this month, which seems little next to January’s 1110, but still not bad at all.


:open_book: :desktop_computer: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: February 28

Read 2 chapters of オレンジ for the club.

The challenge is over!! This time I happily didn’t miss any days, irl stuff not being crazy really helps in that department.
During this challenge I read ユージニア, which was a decently big book for me, I finished the 青のフラッグ manga series and followed the オレンジ club, started but dropped この本を盗む者は and I’ve been following along the BU$TAFELLOWS club which has been lots of fun. Mi goals for the near future are to keep up with the clubs I’m in (B$, Orange, IBC) and go back to reading わたしの幸せな結婚 which I stopped reading because of life getting a bit crazy.

Right now I have the energy to keep reading every day but I know from experience it’s better for me to take this month a bit less strictly even if in practice I read basically every day, so I can come back stronger in the next challenge. I’ll still be reading everyone’s updates in March since I love the motivation!

Good challenge everyone!


Wow the Winter challenge is over, what a ride!

I’m glad to report that I read a total of 16 manga volumes. 2 per week. Didn’t miss a single day and created a nice reading habit.

Looking forward to a Spring version if anyone else is up to. In any case I’ll just keep tracking my reading habit on Learn Natively and my personal Study log here in the forums, in form of Read Everyday Challenge - Spring Edition.



Home Post

Pages read:


This month I read 617 pages in slightly over 60 hours, at a pace of 10.1 pages per hour.
Total: 1514 pages read, 8486 pages to go.
Unfortunately I did not read as much as I planned to in order to reach my goal of 10,000 pages, so the daily average increased to 28 pages going forward.

Finished books:

  • :pirate_flag: Flesh&Blood Vol. 11 (with the F&B club; finished Feb 3rd)
  • :pirate_flag: Flesh&Blood Bonus Material for Vol. 6 (with the F&B club; finished Feb 10th)
  • :pirate_flag: Flesh&Blood Bonus Material for Vol. 8 (with the F&B club; finished Feb 23rd)

Abandoned books:

  • :books:   この本を盗む者は (with the ABC)

Ongoing books:

  • :sleeping_bed:   夢十夜 by 夏目蒼石 (for the literature circle)
  • :waning_gibbous_moon:   1Q84 Book 1.2 (with the 1Q84 book club)
  • :cityscape:   ユートロニカのこちら側 (with the Compulsive Readers club)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Bonus Material for Vol. 9 (with the F&B club)
  • :cat2:   世界から猫が消えたなら (my new sauna book)

Mar 1, Wed of Week 10 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

  • うたわれるもの

Extra-content pages increase. Expecting to know secrets of MC now.

  • ふしぎの国のバード Vol.8 Ch.36-40 + extra (whole volume)
Words of the day
  • かいつまんで = summing up. From the verb 掻(か)い摘(つま)む.
  • がらんと(.) = (on-mim) empty; deserted
  • ズラかる(.) = to run away; to flee
  • こじ開(あ)ける = to wrench open = 抉(こ)じ開(あ)ける
  • ぼた餅(もち) = adzuki bean covered mochi = 牡丹餅(ぼたもち). Seems to be similar to お萩(はぎ).
  • 晴々(はればれ) = cheerful. As expected, れ can be collapsed to Kanji.
  • 爪研(つめと)ぎ = claw sharping; scratching nails on a post
  • 折(お)り入(い)って = earnestly (beg for)
  • 心(こころ)ゆくまで = to one’s heart’s content
  • 徒労(とろう) = fruitless efforts
  • 変(か)わり者(もの) = an oddball. Not yet in the past as 変(か)わった?
  • 儲(もう)け物(もの) = a godsend; an unexpected benefit
  • 晴(は)れ着(ぎ) = one’s best clothes
  • 馭者(ぎょしゃ) = postilion; coachman; horse cart driver = 御者(ぎょしゃ). The Kanji 馭(ぎょ) seems to be replaceable with 御(ぎょ).
  • 浪漫(ろうまん) = romance; romantism; great undertaking = ロマン
  • 印籠(いんろう) = pill box. Second Kanji is ç± (かご) (= basket).
  • 金箔(きんぱく) = gold foil; gold leaf. 箔(はく) itself is foil, e.g. アルミ箔(はく).
  • 習(なら)わし = customary practice = しきたり
  • 親孝行(おやこうこう) = filial piety
  • 柔和(にゅうわ) = gentle; tender. I thought of ジュウ first, as in 柔道(じゅうどう).
  • 滅相(めっそう)もない = that’s out of question; absurd / don’t mention it = とんでもない.
  • 不道徳(ふどうとく) = impropriety; immorality
  • 勘当(かんどう) = disowning. Yeah, it sounds like 感動(かんどう) (= being moved emotionally).
  • 永久(とこしえ) = eternity. Has Furigana, indicating the reading (besides えいきゅう and とわ). Also, dedicated JJ dictionary entry. I might have seen both readings somewhere before, とことん and いにしえ perhaps.
  • 目星(めぼし) = objective; goal. Also on a map in context. In contrast, 図星(ずぼし) would also be right on the mark.
  • 遡行(そこう) = going upstream; sailing against the current. Has Furigana. First Kanji is 遡(さかのぼ)る.
  • 土石流(どせきりゅう) = landslide; avalanche. Last two Kanji switched is 流石(さすが).
  • 落石(らくせき) = rockslide
  • 篠突(しのつ)く雨(あめ) = a torrential rain. Rain that can pass through a sheet of 篠(しの) (= bamboo grass). Other readings of the first Kanji include ささ, both seen in names.
  • 千鳥足(ちどりあし) = drunken staggering gait. First two Kanji is 千鳥(ちどり) = plover, a kind of bird.
  • 万博(ばんぱく) = international exposition; world fair = 万国博覧会(ばんこくはくらんかい)
  • 大道芸(だいどうげい) = street performance
  • 衝撃(しょうげき) = impact, can be emotionally too (being moved emotionally)
  • 胸(むね)を打(う)つ = to be touching; to be moved emotionally

Winter Challenge Wrap-up

  • 1.7 manga series completed [1]
  • 1 book with audiobook, read thoroughly [2]
  • VN almost ended of 1 series, perhaps. [3]

To me, I made it to the Challenge everyday to make sure I make a progress in collecting vocabularies and reading sentences carefully (where I can’t yet do well with listening). Also, I need a place to write down vocabularies. Keeping vocabularies as original as much as appropriate, but meanings and interpretations are of my own.

Habit making first, I may say. I don’t really dump difficulty to this one, because not really my focus, so not a place to put too excessive energy. But I learnt a lot of vocabularies, remembering many of them too.

I thank you @windupbird for hosting this Every Day challenge as always. (1 ½ years already?) Also, @Redglare for starting the first.

    • はたらく細胞 Black [8/8]
    • ふしぎの国のバード [7/10]
    • ガラスのうさぎ
  1. うたわれるもの (around 60 hours) ↩︎