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I am almost finished with my first read-through of Cherry Magic after reading for about 50 minutes yesterday. I love this book and am excited to go through it intensively. I may start Super Lovers book 1 as well.


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Today the two soldiers are fighting the wolf! Real cheeky of the narrator to label the enemy as “weak” ( 弱(よわ)い) but I suppose it’s the first enemy. It’s even acknowledged by the characters themselves.

狼(おおかみ): “I’m just the beginning…” (both as an introductory enemy and that there are more foes yet to come)
モルキ: “Yeah duh.”


February 21st

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Card Captor Sakura volume 11 – progress report
Yesterday: Began reading volume 11, read up to page 16.
Today: Continued up to page 36.

A little bit of progress today but I’m still 20-ish pages away from finishing this volume’s first chapter. Maybe I’ll manage to do that tomorrow. :face_exhaling:


Word or expression of the day:
散らばる - (ちらばる) - to be scattered about


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・薬屋のひとりごと3 (68% → 70%)

Archaic word: 妃嬪(ひひん) - emperor’s wife and concubines

Just drawing for fun! :3

Last time I drew something, I got so excited I forgot to look properly at the piece I was using for reference. Second try turned out not too terrible tho, hehe


Day 51
I’m nearly finished reading Kindaichi Shounen Vol. 3. This time the solution of the case was more down to earth. I tried to search if building an artificial ice bridge is actually possible but couldn’t find anything useful. The police officer lost against Kindaichi but he is not giving up and wants to beat Kindaichi next time.

3619 pages read


February 21st!

I read the first 2 chapters of Komi Can’t Communicate today.
I found it a bit tough, but I’m reading quite late at night and also I always find the start of a new series difficult!
It looks like its going to be a fun read once I get into the swing of it :slight_smile:

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Reaching Chapter 3 yesterday, while I am happy to see I could read that far, I still have a little ways to go level wise.

I while listening to the audio book wasn’t necessarily a problem in Chapters 1 and 2, its becoming a bit of a hindrance with Chapter 3. There are a lot more words I don’t know per page, so I think rather than finishing this week, I gotta go back to slow-mode and read manga on the side again. This will set me back in that I won’t be able to finish by the end of the challenge but for my own language growth I think its for the best.


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  • 三ツ星カラーズ ch 19, volume 2 down! - I appreciate how subtly things weave together in this series. There isn’t really a “story” per se, but the social fibers of the town are slowly building up in the background. I do also think this series is pretty significantly harder than its listed level on natively (L19), at least a few levels harder than stuff like ルリドラゴン, 高木さん, and ハピネス. There’s so much wordplay that would’ve been indecipherable to me if I had picked this up as a first manga

Word of the Day:
勘違い「かんちがい」ー misunderstanding, mistaken idea, wrong guess


Nothing wrong with that! It looks cool :slight_smile: I always forget the name of those things


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February 21st

148 - 185 (end)

ルリドラゴン 1

I was determined to finish this volume lol. More questionable stuff on the n front, but I guess I really need to set aside time to see if the anime scrubbed the references from the manga or if people just willingly forget which government certain characters work for or what.

Also, it seems around this time, Araki suddenly got a circle tool. There’s about 5 or so little circles showing other characters’ reactions suddenly.


I’m trying to read the 半落ち assignments I missed (not even this week’s) and I think it should be doable. I only got ~10/60 pages done yesterday but I’ve read another 30 so I have ~20 left and while it will be cutting it close to bedtime, it’s possible. Oddly hard to focus on reading today, though. Since when was February such a busy month? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



I read 12 pages of この本を盗む者は, leaving off on pg 34.

…And of course played several more hours of きみのまち ポルティア. I’ve entered the second year of my stay and completed South Block, and I dunno which did it, but now suddenly everyone’s reading books lmao. Alice is even writing her own!

Considering how the other expressions Ack has used were translated (literally, regardless of whether it made sense or not), I’m surprised his “Holy corn on the cob!” was translated as “本当にビックリだ!” When I heard him say that, I expected to see “ホリーとうもろこし!” or something lmao


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Ended up being pretty busy today, but I got some more BU$TAFELLOWS in! And oh boy what a session it was :eyes: things are definitely getting wild out here, very excited to see how things go!


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My trip back home got the best of me! I read on the 15th and 16th which I’m documenting here, but did not get to read for five days after. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

2 月 15 日
コナの大冒険 第 44 話 :black_cat:

I read this on the evening of the 15th, but I got too busy packing for my trip to document it.

2 月 16 日
First Japanese Reader on Kindle “かさじぞう” :1234:

Read the first story on the plane. No furigana whatsoever but was fun to try to decipher. Also my first time reading any Japanese on a Kindle. I could easily check the meaning of certain words although it’s not 100% correct all the time. Oh and the book has the English translation and notes after each chapter, which was super useful. The story was titled “Kasajizou” about a couple who lived in poverty, but their kindness reaped them rewards. That reward being mochi!

2 月 22 日
コナの大冒険 第 45 話 :black_cat:

My first ever series on satorireader finished! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: YAYYYY! Kona made it back home safely! Thank god! What a lucky cat!

Vocabulary from today:

ふらつく to wander aimlessly
不思議 wonder, miracle, strange, mystery, curiosity this i know from Fushigi Yugi actually but first time to see the kanji for it!
何だか little, somewhat, somehow
悔しい vexing, annoying, frustrating, regrettable, mortifying
ふるさと home town, birthplace, native place, one’s old home what a coincidence since i just got back from home


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Read 2 chapters of オレンジ Vol.7 for the club. I wanted to finish last week’s この本 but I got a terrible stomachache and could only lie in bed like a dying fish :smiling_face_with_tear:


:spiral_calendar: Day 52: February 21st :snowboarder:

spacer:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: からかい上手の高木さん Volume 10 (85% ➨ 100%)

Gotta try and pick up the pace a bit later this week.


Well it looks like I just lost a week of reading! Had to skim the thread, but looks like others have felt the sense of busyness too!

16/2 missed - and 17-18/2!
19/2 2 pages Orange
Doubt I read, not even logged
22/2 missed

Hmm. Been busy at work, and then over the weekend I looked after a friend’s dog, so was getting up early before work to walk dog. I think I just got out of a rhythm. And then initially the only thing on the list was おばちゃんたち which I’d hit a wall with.

Now I’m behind on everything!

The day I read orange I did actually do more than that - skimmed the week’s reading for 古見さん, and also looked at the start of spy family for this week, but just didn’t progress.

I’ve got a few more days off coming up so should hopefully get back into a routine.


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22 feb

read today’s 蟲師 chapter in two chunks which was kind of a shame cos i think it would have worked well in one. another story within a story type like the last one (and sort of the first one? to a lesser extent?). another sadder one, but not as much as some of them have been (more just unfortunate tbh).

words that stood out: 羽織 (はおり, haori (a formal overcoat). i’ve seen this word in english a lot, it’s pleasing to finally come across it!), 裾野 (すその, foot of a mountain), 絵師 (painter, artist)


Feb 22, Wed of Week 9 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

  • ガラスのうさぎ Ch.9-10

  • ふしぎの国のバード Vol.5 Ch.24 (end volume)

Looking at the next volume. One more volume of cliffhanger, lol.

  • うたわれるもの
Words of the day
  • かめ = earthenware pot = 瓶(かめ). In context as 味噌(みそ)かめ.
  • ä¼¼(に)つかわしい = fitting; appropriate
  • 漫然(まんぜん)と = aimlessly; at random
  • 当分(とうぶん)の間(あいだ) = for the time being
  • 程遠(ほどとお)い = nowhere near
  • 朝夕(あさゆう) = morning and evening; from morning to evening
  • 夕日(ゆうひ) = evening sun. Opposite of 朝日(あさひ).
  • 生前(せいぜん) = during one’s lifetime
  • 重視(じゅうし) = regarding as important
  • 食養生(しょくようじょう) = taking a balanced diet. 養生(ようじょう) is taking care of one’s health. Has Furigana.
  • 生薬(しょうやく) = natural drugs; herbal medicine
  • 滋養強壮(じようきょうそう) = nutritional enhancement
  • 往診(おうしん) = house visit of a doctor
  • 心境(しんきょう) = state of mind
  • 漆喰(しっくい) = plaster mortar. Has Furigana.
  • 黄連(おうれん) = goldthread, a root plant herb. Has Furigana.
  • 柴胡(さいこ) = bupleurum, a root plant herb. Has Furigana.
  • 牛蒡(ごぼう) = great burdock, a root plant herb. Has Furigana.
  • 茗荷(みょうが) = Japanese ginger, a root plant herb. Has Furigana.
  • 無花果(いちじく) = common fig, a plant. Has Furigana.
  • 僧侶(そうりょ) = a priest
  • 住職(じゅうしょく) = chief priest (of a temple)
  • 檀家(だんか) = a supporter family of a temple
  • 教頭(きょうとう) = head teacher; vice-principal. Compare with 校長(こうちょう).
  • 梱包(こんぽう) = wrapping up; packing up
  • 脇息(きょうそく) = armrest (of a chair)
  • 粋人(すいじん) = person of refined tastes. Has Furigana.
  • 訳知(わけし)り = person experienced in matters of the heart
  • 四方山話(よもやまばなし) = talk about various topics. No Furigana.
  • 雌伏(しふく) = remaining in obscurity; lying low (waiting for a chance). Has Furigana.
  • 諸行無常(しょぎょうむじょう) = all worldly things are impermanent; all things must pass
  • 忌憚(きたん)のない = outspoken; unreserved. Second Kanji from 憚(はばか)る.

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Okay so I already did a lot of textbook work today, but I think I have some time for this next page. We see the princess finally! And she’s being guarded by a wolf that isn’t walking on two legs, but can still talk. Also it has the name of the evil wizard from the other stories if I remember right?