📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Well, let me add my success too. :durtle_officer:
Yesterday, on January 25th I’ve finally decently translated a news article! (Well, I needed to look for some words translation, but my interpretation was pretty close to original)


I read 大聖堂 over the past few days (had a bit of a slow start, but I’m hoping I can finish this week’s assignment today). Also (in order to clean up my Bookmeter “Reading” list) I resurrected a manga I once started but then abandoned for a long time, it’s called 青の島と猫一匹 (volume 3).

Also, this morning I read a bit of an article in Nihon Keizai Shinbun. It was about Tesla’s business results. The best was that after I finished reading, my local news outlet also reported on the numbers. Sooo satisfying that I knew things already before they were reported in the national news :wink:
Funniest word in the article was 半導体 - semiconductor :joy_cat:

I also exported my Demon Slayer 3 vocabulary for @chrisosaurus and anybody else who wants to use it.



Day 27 — Read pages 203-205 of Kiki. I had a lot of things to do today, so I’m glad I managed to read at least a little.


Tonight I read nine pages of Death Note, finishing off the first chapter. I’m starting to remember a bunch of new vocabulary, just from repetition. I write everything I look up down (actual pencil to paper), because that’s how I remember it best. I am, however, learning more words for death, criminals, and malicious behaviour than I ever wanted to know.

魘される------うなされる------to have a nightmare​

指名手配------しめいてはい------(the police) wanting (someone) for questioning; having (someone) on
the wanted list​.


Summary Post

January 27
君の名は , 9 pages.

Approaching the end of the novel already :o that’s crazy. I’m most likely going to start 星の王子さま on February. After that I need to look for another one, I will ask for novel recommendations at some point ^^ .


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Tanuki Scroll XXVII: 中華まんレシピ :dumpling:

Today I succumbed to the urge and looked up a dumpling recipe. It’s a few days later from super dumpling day but that’s okay because dumplings are meant to be enjoyed all day, every day. :dumpling:

It seems this too, as with the mochi, leads to disappointment as I do not have the necessary equipment, I have neither a bamboo steamer, or a regular steamer… but this could be resolved if I were to buy one. Perhaps it is worth the investment, since bamboo steamer = unlimited dumplings, and unlimited dumplings = unlimited happiness :thinking:

Regardless there’s a lot of good words here, there’s a video too for listening practice and for making you hungry.

☆ Learnings ☆

Food Words

日清「にっしん」ー This is the company name: Nisshin. But it is also a historical term, meaning Japan and Qing (Dynasty) China.
薄力粉「はくりきこ」ー Pastry Flour / Cake Flour
餡「あん」ー Red Bean Paste; can also mean filling (for a dumpling eg) (I feel I really should have seen this before now)
白菜「はくさい」ー Napa Cabbage / Chinese Cabbage
しょうが「生姜」ー Ginger (the food) (Another word I’m sure I should have come across by now)
長ねぎ「ながねぎ」ー Spring Onion / Green Onion (uses 本 as counter)
ひき肉「ひきにく」ー Minced Meat
ごま油「ごまあぶら」ー Sesame Oil
大さじ「おおさじ」ー Tablespoon
小さじ「こさじ」ー Teaspoon
せいろ「蒸籠」ー Bamboo Steamer
蒸し器「むしき」ー Regular Steamer
まな板「まないた」ー Chopping Board
耳たぶ「みみたぶ」ー Earlobe
The recipe states: 耳たぶくらいの固さになるよう水分を調整してください, to make something as “hard as an earlobe” sounds a bit weird, but I guess it makes sense
こねる「捏ねる」ー To knead
下準備「したじゅんび」ー Preliminary arrangements; Preparation

Japanglish Words
ベーキングパウダー ー Baking Powder
ドライイースト ー Dry Yeast
ラード ー Lard
スケッパー ー Dough scraper
グルテン ー Gluten
ベンチタイム ー Bench time; Rest time; Take a break
クッキングシート ー Parchment Paper; Baking Paper

New Meanings
生地「きじ」ー Dough; batter (Only knew as cloth before)
下ろす「おろす」ー To grate, as in cheese (looking at the list, this word has a lot of meanings)
塗す「まぶす」ー To sprinkle with

So sorry to hear about this :crying_cat_face:

These are really pretty!! I love the white & gold one!


Wow, now you have me wanting to attempt a recipe from my 食戟のソーマ recipe book (from the manga/anime). It would be fun to see what a fail the result might be, both from my translation and cooking abilities.
Your dumplings sound delicious.


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:red_square: 地球星人

I dedicated all of my reading time to catching up with the Intermediate Book Club. After reading through Week 4, I am PERTURBED. First of all, I take back any sympathies I may have had for her sister and her mother. The next time we see Natsuki’s sister, she literally kicks her in the back while the girl’s talking with her friend on the phone. Meanwhile, the mother continues to insult her in both private and public. Natsuki says that she uses her as a “garbage can,” and I just…it’s beyond depressing and infuriating. Speaking of which, her freaking cram school teacher. The scene that ended the week’s reading made me anxious throughout. I am NOT okay. I know Natsuki wants to be obedient but…it’s one of those moments where you want so desperately to transport yourself into the book and help out the main character. Despite this, I’m having a good time reading it. Murata always knows how to hook me in.


口ばっかり[くちばっかり]:all talk (and no action)​


二けた[にけた]:double-digit number


露わにする[あらわにする]:to expose, to reveal


急かす[せかす]:to hurry


For those interested, I saw on Twitter a Japanese version of Wordle: Kotoba Asobou 言葉遊ボウ.
I shamefully lost yesterday on a word I most certainly should have known. I can only hope to redeem myself going forward. :face_exhaling:

Those are so nice! I only have one that someone gave me from Hokkaido. It’s a generic one, but still quite pretty imo. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m so sorry for your loss. This happened to me a couple of years ago with my own 猫姫 (who I called my “elder kitty” in her final years). Props to you for finding a way to stay productive, but don’t hesitate to take a break if you have to. Heck, I still tear up if I think about my previous cat for too long. Would love to see a picture of the sweet girl, if you don’t mind sharing.


Thank you, that’s super fun! Happy to say I got my first attempt in 4 guesses.

I think everyone gets the same word each day if I'm understanding it? Big spoilers if so

Quite a common word this time, luckily.


Ooh neat! I was wondering whether there was a Japanese version.
I got super lucky this time

spoiler warning!


which was nice, haha.
This will probably be pretty hard for me most of the time but also fun!
Thanks for sharing :smile:


Summary post

January 27 update:
Read 4 pages of 時をかける少女 (finished chapter 19). This chapter finally fills in a few blank spaces that had been bothering me, and although the explanation is a bit cliché (maybe not by the standards of 1960s when the book was written?), everything makes sense now.

Also, just a couple chapters left, so it’s time to start thinking what to read next. This book was a bit of a stretch for me, so I’ll probably pick something easier this time to give myself some rest :weary:
Although I got my 君の名は and 天気の子, which I want to read so much! :sob: But the time hasn’t come, not yet.


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January 27

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (24% → 33%)


Thank you both! The white and gold is the health one. If you ever have the chance I’d love to see yours too, softlyraining, but no pressure!

Summary post

Another hour or more done? I’ll never think to actually time this properly haha. Had a nice time reading, too, it’s better landing in that zone where, yeah this is goofy and frivolous right now, but it’s not goofy and frivolous in a way I’m going to pretend to be too cool for. There’s a fine line for me sometimes with this stuff, but today, it was as charming as I was hoping for.

No history lessons or anything big today, but what I did learn is that おむすび is a more polite word for おにぎり🍙. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that such a word exists.

This game has a super wide vocabulary right now and isn’t nicely repeating words too often for me, but I suppose I’m still in a prolonged introduction to the cast phase (and I guess I’m about halfway on total number of main characters, who I assume have routes, encountered?). Can’t complain about learning words, though I did seem to pick up more odd readings or kanji not featured on WK than usual today, so Anki might be a pain in my near future.

My favorite new word is 隠し味 (かくしあじ), secret ingredient/“subtle seasoning that brings out the flavor” according to jisho. It’s hidden taste!

I feel like I’ve really been falling behind on being able to read and add Japanese definitions recently, which isn’t a huge deal, but I’m only getting a couple most days which can be a little bit of a drag. Too many words in those definitions that I don’t know.

On the subject of Japanese dictionaries, I just want to leave you all with a definition I came across for 二言 : "その場の都合で前に言ったことと別のことを言うこと。” – こと sure is a useful word. こと々々


I put it in my post under 写真 (which, in hindsight, I could have labeled a little more explicitly than that :sweat_smile:).


Oh! No you’re fine, it’s just a small enough bit of text sandwiched between some stuff that I totally missed it, sorry! I love those colors!


Day 27!
I finished Chapter 18 of レンタルおにいちゃん, another very emotional chapter!
Only two chapters left now… I’m going to be sad to finish it I think.

Also need to decide what to read next - I have the light novel of 君の名は which I’m excited about starting, but am also aware that I’m going to struggle with. So I’m thinking that I should pick something simpler to read too, so that I can switch to that if there are days that 君の名は feels like too much.
I’m thinking either よつばと! or しろくまカフェ at the moment.

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Day 20:

I read another three pages of よつばと! today. I struggled a bit, in part because I’m pretty tired (between Japanese and university I’ve spent the whole day studying pretty much).



Thank you!


Summary post

Day 27: January 27th

Time spent: 8 min
Today’s color: 消炭色 (けしずみいろ) - charcoal gray

Some good words
  • 起源 (きげん) - origin; beginning; source; rise
  • 炭火 (すみび) - charcoal fire
  • 消し炭 (けしずみ) - partly burned charcoal
  • 判明 (はんめい) - establishing; proving; ascertaining; identifying; confirming

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 13 min

Today's reading had a ton of different words describing snow, which I thought was quite fun
  • 銀世界 (ぎんせかい) - snowscape
  • 銀盤 (ぎんばん) - skating rink; ice surface
  • 細雪 (ささめゆき) - light snow fall; small snow flakes
  • 綿雪 (わたゆき) - large snowflakes
  • 牡丹雪 (ぼたんゆき) - large snowflakes (like the really big fluffy ones that are like big clumps)
  • 粉雪 (こなゆき) - powder snow; powdery snow
  • 雪化粧 (ゆきげしょう) - coating of snow; blanket of snow​
  • 綿帽子 (わたぼうし) - clumps of snow (on tree branches, stones, etc.) “cotton hat” you guys, that’s so cute

What else did I read?
お前、タヌキにならねーか? Vol 1
Amount read: 10 pages
Time spent: 36 min

Continuing to meet more of the tanuki! This one’s name is タヌキチ and he’s so in love, it’s super cute :3 He’s married to a human, and the way they met is like the sweetest thing <3 She’s living a fairytale and she doesn’t even know it lol

Good words
  • 良くある - to often be the case; to occur frequently; to be common; to be popular
  • れっきとした​ - accepted; fully-fledged; clear; respectable
  • 野犬 (やけん) - stray dog
  • 世話焼き (せわやき) - helpful person; person who likes looking after others​; overly helpful person; annoyingly helpful person
  • がっつく - to be greedy; to devour greedily​
  • おとぎ話 (おとぎばなし) - fairy tale; fairy story; nursery tale

My manga came!

The Haul

So this is the one I’ve been dying to get my hands on

why is this tiny shark so darn cute??? I keep squeaking when I look through it, it’s so cute >< I cannotttt D: It’s a little baby shark that goes on adventures, how can you not love it
The purchase even came with a free phone background. Just look at him, he drew you a picture ;_;

Anyway…yeah, I’m continuing on my tradition of cute shark manga :rofl:

Here are the other ones I bought along with it!
Hopefully they are good, I kind of semi-blind bought a lot of them based on the cover art and the google translated amazon blurbs (which always come out like 50% nonsense but I’m just lazy enough that I can’t be bothered with the Japanese blurbs xD It’s a bad habit)

…One of them is literally called “Sea creatures are too cute!” so uh…that’s a winner, obviously :rofl: they are too cute, I looked inside and I’m dying


peony snow! That’s so poetic and appropriate.

Also, ALL those books you just got look so good. I have such a craving to order new books now. :joy: