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I read chapter 5 of 時をかける少女 today. (A chapter always sounds so grande, but it’s usually like 6-7 pages) Honestly it feels weird how smooth it’s been so far, considering how little Japanese I touched during the last 3 years (and actually, the 2 years before that as well). Granted, the plot so far is super easy to follow along as well.

It feels like each chapter so far had one very specific idea that could be summed up in one sentence and the whole chapter is dedicated to reinforce that idea (usually with multiple situations). E.g. chapter 3 was the chapter where shit hits the fan, with lots of awful stuff that could kill you happening. This chapter is the chapter where she basically found out she’s repeating the day before… but it takes 4 or so little situations reinforcing that idea until she finally asks a classmate for the date

I’m curious if the whole book is kind of structured like this, because the chapters so far seem mostly like this. (I was actually a bit irritated about this in chapter 1, but I’m getting used to it) But we will see :sheep: