📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary Post

January 10
君の名は , 8 pages.

Random words
  • うぬぼれる = to be conceited.
  • 背負う = せおう to carry on one’s back.
  • 繋げる = つなげる to connect, to tie.
  • せせらぎ = the sound of water running.
  • 捻じる = ねじる to twist, to screw.
  • 顎 = あご chin (found it with no kanji but might as well learn it).
  • 木陰 = こかげ shade of a tree.
  • 水筒 = すいとう water bottle, canteen (I didn’t know this word in English).
  • 窪地 = くぼち a pit, a depression, a terrain that is lower than its surroundings.

The SRS is starting to take off. I haven’t had a proper SRS routine since I finished WK in March of last year. Currently doing around 20 new words a day, which was also my WaniKani pace, and it’s reaching about 70 words per day right now. I expect it to go up to around 150-200 a day like WK, which normally I have no problem with. But I hope I’m ready for it when it comes D: I can always just stop adding words if I feel overwhelmed.

I’ve also started listening to podcasts again, finally c: But I’m not using SRS at all for these. I do check some words that come up to see what they mean or how they’re written, but that’s about it. I think I’ll go with a much more relaxed route with listening, and not worry as much if I don’t understand something. But so far it’s been really good and enjoyable, and I generally don’t get overwhelmed since it’s not as straining as reading is sometimes. Also I just listen for as long as I feel like, some days it’s nothing, the other day was 2h :eyes: . But this is only because I found one that is absolutely perfect for my level and I understand the majority of it. It wouldn’t be possible otherwise.