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Yeah so the thing is, one screen was used for third person narration and puzzle solving while the other was first person and dialogue, and the idea was that the entirety of the narration and puzzle work was always Akane. Here someone explains it a bit more. But yeah, neat stuff. All the same, the original didn’t have voice acting or the convenient flow chart thing (you had to outright replay the game which was kinda tedious) so you get a lot of improvements despite how the twist can’t quite work as elegantly.


what OCR have you been using for it? I might have just given in and bought it hahaha. You should be getting some kind of advertising cut :smile:


isnt it spring now? is there a new thread?


It will come on April 1st. These usually go for two months starting from the first day until the last day of the second month, and then we rest for a month until the new thread even if the season already changed. Currently some people are continuing the Winter challenge while the rest of us are resting until the Spring one :slightly_smiling_face: .

Edit: Actually, giving it a bit more thought, I guess it would be positive to have the thread going a few days earlier like we did with this one so it gains exposure. Something like next Monday seems fine to me, to give potential participants a bit more time to prepare ^^ . @windupbird don’t feel forced to make it yourself, you’ve been doing it for a while and we are super grateful for it :heart: but at the same time I think I speak for everyone if I say that you don’t have to feel forced to make them yourself. It’s still perfectly fine if you do, but also perfectly fine if you don’t feel like doing the next one <3 . You’ve more than earned a rest should you need it! :slightly_smiling_face:


ok! thanks. i think i’m going to start in the spring one.


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Have read some :raccoon: over the weekend, it’s still so cute and wholesome. Actually reading multiple chapters per day, because some are just so short and I need more. I think the first chapter alone already has so many great panels, but I have only made a few photos this time. Still I like to share something.

volume 3

It’s not just cute. I also learn stuff from it. Like they mention the kanji for duck (鴨) in the first story. 手品 for a magic trick. Some more flower related stuff like 椿 for a certain type of camilla. I’ll make another post when I’m finished with this volume, stay tuned. :eyes:


Ahhh yay!! I’m glad I could have such an impact lmao, spike chunsoft sponsor me?? :joy:

I’ve just been using game2text, it generally worked pretty well as long you like scroll back into the history so the background darkens. Between that and the voice acting it’s been relatively rare for me to have to search for kanji elsewere, but sometimes they throw some real weird ones in there :joy:

But that’s super exciting, I hope you have as much fun with it as I have! I know I also ended up here super impulsively so maybe that’s just the 999 experience here haha


Day 80 !

I started volume 6 of Yotsuba today, and read Chapter 35.
I also re-read Chapter 12 of Mitsuboshi Colors (which I read yesterday) for the purpose of populating the vocab sheet for the bookclub.

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Funnily enough, I was just thinking about how it’s almost time for the new thread :rofl: March went fast!
I’m happy to make the new thread, but if anyone else wants a turn I’m also happy to pass the torch :slight_smile: If anyone does want a chance, feel free to speak up ^^ If not, I’ll probably make it this weekend!

(Also looking forward to having you join us @maiki ^^)


March 21 :snowflake: Home Post

Well, I’ve officially done it - I just finished up the last ending of 999 and wow, that’s a wild thought :joy: This is really the first long-form content I’ve actually finished so I’m kinda stunned honestly, what a journey it’s been! I’m sitting at 102.2 hours which is a non-negligible amount of time for sure, but like not as long as I might’ve thought it’d take me beforehand? I have no idea how long it would’ve taken me in English, but judging from like Danganronpa I’d guess 102 hours is about 2 or 3 times as long? Which is… really pretty good, all things considered. I’ll take it :joy: It’ll be interesting to see how the second game compares time-wise, how prepared am I :eyes:

I can definitely tell I’ve grown a lot over the course of the game! My reading speed has absolutely improved; toward the end I started having moments where I read lines faster than the voice acting could happen, which is also wild?? Growth :muscle:

Oh man 999

The only ending I had left was the submarine ending, and it might be both the most depressing and baffling one of them all! Truly I feel like I understand less than I did before, like who killed them?? Hello?? Alice? :eyes: Like yeah I still don’t really know who stabbed me in the first ending, but at least people were still… alive? This is really perplexing, and that really tracks Zero Escape, good work

Oh and an interesting thing from the main ending for people who know it, I’m curious: how does the door in the incinerator work in English? Bc in Japanese the whole payoff is like “the door you can escape through has キュウ on it” which of course is assumed to be 9 the whole time, but it’s actually the letter q. So like… how did they make that work in English? Very curious :eyes:

It’s really crazy to think I’m actually done, I’m gonna miss them :’) I’m so tempted to just immediately start the second game, I have no restraint lmao. Ahhh maybe a little, just to see? Just a little peek :joy: Anyway thank you all for the encouragement you’ve given me, I’m glad I could share this ride with you! And knowing me it’s far from over, I’ll be neck-deep in the sequel before I know it :blush:


They equated lowercase q with 9, which I guess was a pretty clever solution, haha. That makes a lot of sense now that you mention how the Japanese worked… Apparently they introduced a written note in the English version to make that work, whereas it was spoken in Japanese.


Ah that makes sense, the written versions would still overlap! I lost my mind when that reveal happened, in that moment I felt how separated my Japanese brain was from my English brain :joy: never would’ve thought to hear it as a letter, absolutely wild.


Just wanted to say I’m looking forward to the spring thread :smiley:
With Wanikani reviews out of the way for me at the end of the month, I’m looking forward to devoting the extra time to more reading, so the timing is perfect for me. I’ve been keeping an eye on these read-every-day threads and they’ve always struck me as so positive and fun! Time to join properly.


I think it took me around 20 hours on the DS in English. Virtue’s Last Reward took me around 40 hours on Vita, it pretty big game. Zero Time Dilemma I have no idea actually, it was over before I knew it…


Welcome aboard, delighted to have you join us!


How about we pretend that the game doesn’t exist.

I’m reading every day it’s just that I’m too lazy to post. Just wanted to say the No Game No Life novel is ridiculous hard to read.


Hiii! :DD With exams and stuff coming up for me soon, I suspect I’ll have to go that route too - we can do TINY CHALLENGE together :durtle_noice: I’m looking forward to it! :cherry_blossom: :seedling:


Return of tiny :eyes:


A tiny return :eyes:


A retiny :eyes: