📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄


For once I’m not reading in a rush right before going to bed lol. Just read pages 168 and 169 of 銭天堂 today.


Yep, I also think this is a pretty steep learning curve! We’ve read 獣の奏者 (vol 1+2) here with a special-purpose book club, so you can find some discussions online, but I don’t think we made a vocab sheet for it, given the intermediate-level nature of the book. The book can be very dense at times (especially in the world-building parts) but I loved reading it. On the other hand I can see that it can be very overwhelming if you don’t have much reading experience. In that case, I can recommend you read 狐笛のかなた (Koteki no Kanata) Home Thread first; same author and same genre (fantasy) but easier to read (plus it’s only one standalone book, so you can get a level of achievement faster).


I’m not sure 狐笛のかなた has a furigana version though, so it could actually be harder in some ways.


Hmmm, that’s a good point. In that case, reading an ebook version (Kindle, Bookwalker etc) might be a good middle ground for the kanji lookups…


Today’s article was 日本酒×ビールってどんな味? 美肌県・島根で生まれた「おろち2021」を飲んでみたら→苦手意識が吹き飛んだ|Jタウンネット which is review of a special collab version of a local brew sake and beer.

Had a larger number of lookups for this this article compared to recently. I suppose I’ve never read about alcohol as a topic in Japanese before. 酵母 (yeast)、愛飲 (habitual drinking)、酒処 (drinking place - makes sense when you see the reading is さけどころ but I misguessed that second kanji’s reading), 発祥の地 (origin spot).


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Tanuki Scroll LV: 小男の願い :arrow_up:

Read today’s Edo tale.

About a short man who wishes to be tall. One day he thinks his wish has been granted as he’s as tall as his futon! But that’s no futon - he’s fallen to sleep on his floor cushion.

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

生まれつき「うまれつき」ー By nature; By birth; Naturally; Innate
樽「たる」ー Barrel; Cask (Feel I may have seen this before)
体中「からだじゅう」ー Whole body; From head to toe

Forgotten Meanings

神棚「かみだな」ー Household Shrine

It does look like a little Totoro! Another one to add to the cute manga list!


Another day, another article. So yesterday I read about プーチン, and seeing what happened today, I needed something cuter. So I chose baby cats! I think the article was about 3 baby cats being born in Japan from the smallest cat species in the world, the スナネコ. I learned that 赤あかちゃん means baby, which is super cute. By the way, 赤ちゃん語 is baby talk :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. THEN, I learned that 匹びき is how you count small animals. …sounds super usefull, for sure! I would like to count small cuddly animals often and actually have a need for that word. Many more people should have to do that, the world would be a better place.

Signing off!


Summary post

Well friends, after all that nonsense, I am back with a real post. I haven’t gotten a good amount of sleep in a few days now, and I’m not exactly feeling good, but I am here, and I’m reading Japanese.

In fact, I read 5000 characters and 448 lines of Summer Pockets today! New best :tada: . The game seems to have locked in what I’m up to, got some special events where instead of choices it went “alright, you are here with 紬, we’re doing this.” Then right at about that 5000 character point, I got my first indication that the game is veering into the sadness (it IS a “crying game”), which served as a double indication that it’s time to stop for the day, haha.

Here is an image that will completely conflict with what I just said:

So… I signed up for a lot of anime style nonsense when I chose this game, but I never signed up for girls wearing animal pajamas. No one warned me we would go this far.

Today’s coolest word is a word I absolutely love, and also a lie because I came across it yesterday when I couldn’t make a proper update :sweat_smile:. It’s ズッ友 (ずっとも), friends forever, a mashup of ずっと友達 . I find that really cute.

Gonna kick back and enjoy Elden Ring in a couple hours – with that, plus my general need to keep resting, I’m probably going to shrink the stuff I do on the side and very much slow down on (/suspend?) Zoo 2 and some listening for a bit. Reviews across WK and Anki plus Summer Pockets is all pretty time consuming itself. But I’m not going to stop reading at the very least :slight_smile:


Summary post

February 24 update:
Finally finished the sixth story of きまぐれロボット today :weary: The end was mildly funny, but I guess the point was to contrast it with the elaborate plan the character devised to train birds to bring him diamonds (stolen, presumably? – I didn’t get that bit), and since that was the most complex part in terms of language, I could barely follow.


Summary post :bookmark:

February 24

Progress: 74% → 77%

This book is getting weirder and weirder.


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Day 48:

I read the 未確認飛行物体発見-page in よつばと!today :four_leaf_clover::flying_saucer::four_leaf_clover:


Day 55!

Chapter 20 of Yotsuba today.
I was hoping to read chapter 21 today too to finish off volume 3, but its been a busy day and it was already 1 minute to midnight when I finished reading Chapter 20!

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I’ve finished volume 1 of Cardcaptor Sakura. That last chapter was difficult for me to understand. The pictures didn’t help because it was mostly internal monologue or soliloquy. Well, that’s my shoujo manga for this challenge. Now following pattern, it would be to choose a shounen manga next. Which should I choose? I have lots on Bookwalker but some are a bit too hard for me right now so I’ve narrowed down the choices to the following three.

  • Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 2
  • My Monster Secret 1
  • Fairy Tail 1

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(Don’t feel obligated to answer the poll. I just wanted to try doing a poll once in my life, just to see how it looks.)


Summary post

Day 55: February 24th

Time spent: 12 min
Today’s color: 草色 (くさいろ) - a bit of a duller green color

Good words
  • 調和 (ちょうわ) - harmony; accord; reconciliation; agreement
  • 打って変わる (うってかわる) - to change completely; to change suddenly
  • 抜群 (ばつぐん) - outstanding; excellent; exceptional; surpassing; extraordinary; distinguished
  • 生長 (せいちょう) - growth (of a plant)
  • 練り込む (ねりこむ) - to knead into

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 5 min

Today’s reading was about another shade of green, 萌黄色 (もえぎいろ) - a light yellow-green.

What else did I read?
Amount read: 16 pages
Time spent: 27 min

Well, today we got to see a different side of ナニカ…the inside :flushed: Some kid was bullying Renya, taking his wallet, and ナニカ literally just…engulfed the bully in the void of its being for a minute and traumatized him into giving it back :joy: I love this cat-being so much. So soft, so…subtly terrifying xD The softest void :3

After that, Renya finally gives ナニカ its name (though the other name option he came up with [虚無] also felt very appropriate, considering what happened in the previous chapter :joy:)

Then he tried to buy ナニカ a collar



This manga makes me so happy lol, it feels so relaxing somehow.

Some words
  • あっさり - easily; readily; quickly; flatly (refuse)​
  • ダニ - tick; mite (look at these kanji: 壁蝨)
  • 連行 (れんこう) - taking (a suspect to the police); dragging (someone) away
  • 虚無 (きょむ) - nihility; nothingness
  • あらすじ - outline; summary; argument
  • 多彩 (たさい) - variegated; varicoloured; varicolored; multi-coloured; multi-colored; diverse
  • すり抜ける (すりぬける) - to slip through (a crowd); to weave through (e.g. traffic); to pass through; to make one’s way through

Summary Post

Day 55: Today I read 8 pages of よつば&!and finished chapter 29!


February 24 :snowflake: Home Post

Not a whole lot today :man_shrugging: Earlier I read a couple little folk tales for a class project, and I just played a teensy bit of 999 but I’m sleepy so no more :joy:

(I also watched a fun video earlier (with subtitles so it counts-ish lmao) taking weird English and quasi-English names of Japanese bands and machine translating them into Japanese to see what they actually mean :joy: so that was a good time, plus it was just something I watched on a whim because I was interested in the content so that kinda cool in and of itself!)

Oooooh I also love that, very good wordplay :eyes:

Okay well a. that’s super cute but also b. 「えらんd…」is kinda fun, very intuitive as to what’s happening but I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before


Back. Had a bit of a slump and eventually dropped my streak.

Got back at it yesterday with chapter 49 of それでも歩は寄せてくる and chapter 8 of よつばと! As well as a ton of time on HelloTalk. Reading manga on a regular basis has made HelloTalk much easier. Makes me more confident now in offering Japanese English learners corrections and advise beyond typos and simple errors.

Today, so far, chapter 50 of それでも歩は寄せてくる and finished 三星カラーズ. Very happy to be finished with 三星カラーズ. Aside from my love of poop and fart jokes, there just wasn’t much there for me. Especially after getting into よつばと!

Off to catch up with 極主夫道2.


Haven’t read today yet, but I’m going to try and finish Chapter 3 of 銭天堂 this weekend. (I have less than ten pages to go).

Reason I’m posting now is because I’m going to log out from the forum and take a complete break from it for a few days. I was planning to do so for a week, but I don’t want to miss the end of the challenge, so I’ll check in and make a summary post on the 28th!

I’ll be tracking my own reading and Japanese progress on my Notion in the meantime. :slightly_smiling_face:


Home Post

Remember how I posted the (intentional) kanji mixups from what I was reading the other day? (klick). Yeah, I learned 倒産 (とうさん / bankruptcy) on wanikani today, and it just stuck that much easier because of the 倒産->父さん mixup and even the correct version with お父さん の 会社 が 倒産 して[…] just felt like a mnemonic in itself :joy:

I’m currently in a bit of a reading slump. I miss the 5 page chapters from 時をかける少女 quite a bit. They made for some good reading goals each day. It’s not as if the chapters in 黒魔女さんが通る!! are super long either (I honestly don’t know, but I think it’s often like 15-20 pages??) but I often feel like it’s more than I can tackle at night when I’m already somewhat tired and I’m always a bit frustrated when I feel like I need to stop midchapter. I guess I just should read when I’m less tired but old habits die hard… :no_good_woman:
HOWEVER I have been reading everyday, which is still very much an improvement. :heart: I just sometimes struggle with getting started, but I’m doing my best to at least do a little each day :slight_smile:


Today’s reading was 「画びょうVS押しピン」どっちがしっくりくる? 全国調査でわかった東西差|Jタウンネット - kind of the Japanese equivalent of those polls in America saying “oh people from these states call it pop, people from here call it soda, people from here call it cola, and people from here call it all coke”. But with push pins/thumbtacks) - 画びょう vs 押しピン. I already know which one I’m more likely to remember as a vocab word :joy:

This is the result of the poll for anyone interested:

モノによる means they call it different things depending on the material.