📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary post

Day 42: February 11th

Time spent: 25 min
Today’s color: 萌黄色 (もえぎいろ) - light green; yellowish-green and 小町鼠 (こまちねず) - a very light white-gray

A double feature today, to make up for yesterday. I really like both these colors, actually, they’re very pretty. Apparently 小町鼠 was named that to be Cool for the Kidz :tm: honestly, it kind of worked lol, I like the name xD

Good words
  • 冴える (さえる) - to be clear (of a sight, sound, colour, etc.); to be bright; to be vivid; to be crisp
  • 萌え木 (もえぎ) - young tree sprouts; young tree buds
  • 萌葱 (もえぎ) - light yellowish green; color of a freshly sprouted onion
  • 鎧 (よろい) - armor
  • 直垂 (ひたたれ) - ancient ceremonial court robe​, looking like this
  • みなぎる - to rise high (of water); to overflow; to swell​; to be filled with (emotion, energy, etc.); to be bursting with; to be brimming with; to pervade (of an atmosphere, feeling, etc.); to prevail
  • 血気盛ん (けっきさかん) - passionate; hot-blooded; full of vitality
  • 生み出す (うみだす) - to create; to bring forth; to produce​; to invent; to think up and bring into being​; to give birth to; to bear
  • 若向き (わかむき) - intended for the young

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 7 min

Today’s reading was about うぐいす餅, which immediately made me think of the little bird friend I posted about a couple days ago. I google imaged them, hoping that they did indeed look like this bird, and while my search returned a disappointingly low number of bird-shaped mochi, I did find these ones, which are pretty darn adorable:

うぐいす餅 is actually mochi filled with red bean paste and topped with green soy flour​. They look yummy, would eat :+1:

Also, today’s reading contained a really neat color word: 翡翠色 (ひすいいろ) - jade green it was written in kana, but the kanji are just cool as heck

What else did I read?
Amount read: 6 pages
Time spent: 27 min

More penguins! Today I learned that penguin anatomy is weird, they’ve got like whole long leg bones inside those fat little bodies xD

Please bask in the cuteness of this penguin chillin’

And enjoy(?) these mildly cursed leg penguins xD

Some good words
  • ヒョウアザラシ - leopard seal derp
  • 丸呑み (まるのみ) - swallowing whole; swallowing without chewing
  • オットセイ - fur seal here is a smol one :pleading_face:
  • 尻込み (しりごみ) - recoil; hesitation; flinching; shrinking back what is the origin of this word xD
  • ためらう - to hesitate; to waver
  • ケープペンギン - African penguin (Spheniscus demersus); blackfooted penguin; jackass penguin; Cape penguin
  • マゼランペンギン - Magellanic penguin looks suspiciously like the African penguin
  • 飼育 (しいく) - breeding; raising; rearing
  • 特化 (とっか) - specialization; specialisation
  • よちよち歩き (よちよちあるき) - toddling; taking tottering steps (as in, the way penguins walk xD)
  • 腹ばう (はらばう) - to lie on one’s stomach; to sleep while lying on one’s stomach; to crawl on the ground; to sprawl
  • 行進 (こうしん) - march; parade
  • 転ける (こける) - to fall over; to fall down; to fall; to collapse​
  • かかと - heel

Knowing what I do about owls, this doesn’t surprise me.

What I know about owls


February 11 :snowflake: Home Post

As promised, I finished アゲイン!! today! It’s pretty interesting, it’s like a weird combo of a sports/club manga but also sci-fi? Wild :joy: I imagine I’ll continue it in the future (since I have all of them), but for now I’m messing with other things…

…so I started reading ヴァニタスの手記(カルテ)! And it’s been pretty slow going, but not so much because it’s hard as because it’s so pretty, I’m obsessed with the aesthetics immediately. Like even the cover has a fancy matte kind of texture to it, and the inner cover has shiny silver illustrations, and it’s just so pretty :sob: I know nothing about the series but I’m definitely intrigued so far, even outside of the art. The language honestly isn’t super difficult outside of some… creative uses of kanji? The mangaka is clearly very into French and so the furigana on some words is just katakana-ized French, which is just more interesting than anything.

(I also started playing the cat soup game (in Japanese obv) and it’s just so :pleading_face: hey it’s all reading practice lmao)


筋書(すじがき) - synopsis, plot
(すなわ)ち - that is, namely
復讐(ふくしゅう) - revenge
(ひい)~ - great-(grandfather, etc.)
貧血(ひんけつ) - anemia
(まさ)る - to excel, to surpass
機械仕掛(きかいじか)け - mechanism (but like the cool kind, google this if you wanna see cool steampunk things)


If you’re talking about Cats and Soup, which came up when I searched for this, you don’t know how excited and immediately disappointed you made me when I thought someone had, somehow, made a game based on the short anime film Cat Soup


Home post

Day 41:

日本語: I read some of ミステリークロック.
Read-aloud: We read two chapters of ふしぎの国のバード.


中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.


I’m really late to the party, but there’s still time and I want to start reading more, so!

01 02 03 04 05 06
07 08 09 10 11 12:milky_way: 13:milky_way:
14:milky_way: 15:milky_way: 16 17 18:milky_way: 19 20:milky_way:
21:milky_way: 22:milky_way: 23 24 25 26 27

I’m planning to start Yotsubato vol.2 since I found the first one pretty manageable.


Yeah update time: Homepost 35 (whoo cracked a whole month of reading)

Solanin: finished with the main story just a few minutes ago. Not sure I understand the hype about it all that much. I’ve heard many people praise it highly. And sure it IS good but somehow I expected something more…
I personally liked the middle part the most. Around chapter 11-19 was the high point for me. My other thoughts I put in a spoiler.

The good points for me were the characters, they are all pretty likeable. Another high point is definitely the art. Some of the panels where they perform or when characters show emotions are just unbelievable.
I liked how the characters grieved for their dead friend. Would have even liked to have more detail in that part!
The bad points didn’t like much are: Some parts feel pretty fatalistic to me. The characters wallow in their sucky daily live with seemingly low drive to actually change something. Meikos sentence in chapter 27 captures that: あたしって何をやっても中途半端なんだよなぁ。I mean sure it might be realistic but I don’t feel like it makes for a story I personally find super interesting.
The thing I disliked the most though is that she got over her grieve by learning to play the guitar in like 1 month -.- (I know symbolism uwu). Sure everyone handles grieve differently but that was just something that sucked me out of the story somehow :frowning:

I will read the 2 chapters はるよこい attachment thing that plays after the story next. But I don’t expect it or the afterword to change my opinion much.

Other then that I kept on reading Slam Dunk and some daily news on Todai. Slam Dunk is just the right kind of silly and hype for me at the moment. Really enjoy it and since I’m just in the middle of 3/20 books I still have some story to get through.

After Solanin I need a replacement for my more intensive reading. Since a few Bookclubs are kicking of rather soon I will probably latch onto them.
So for the time beeing I’m thinking of using Tobira as “reading” material. Thinking of working through each chapter in 2 days kinda setup. I probably know most of the Grammar from Tobira already but the more article style reading might be a fresh breath of air and I’m sure to encounter some basic vocabulary that slipped through my reading cracks.
Tobira is sitting on my shelf forever and it would be a shame if I would get no use out of it after buying it so long ago. (swabian mindset intensifies)

Next update next weekend. Cu then :smiley:

Woooho. And another one.


Oh lmao sorry for the emotional rollercoaster, yeah I was talking about 猫とスープ!

Watching that was the most disorienting experience :joy: man I love animation. Definitely a very different experience from 猫とスープ


Never too late to start! :slight_smile:
I’m about to start Volume 2 of Yotsuba too!


Day 34: February 12

  • 魔女の宅急便 Chapter 1

Since I finished one chapter of Kino no tabi the day before yesterday and because I’ve been interested in Kiki for some time, I decided to switch for now. So far Kiki is a nice read and I can almost understand everything. Still a few loose ends but I think that these ends will resolve when I just continue reading ^^


It’s the weekend so no short Meaning Book reads for me today. Longer article about a older gent who runs a YouTube channel on art: 海外でも人気絶大! ミャンマーの風景画が“おじいちゃん先生”柴崎春通氏の添削で劇的変化
Article was pretty fluffy with just some minor background on the man running the channel and talking about how nice it is he can reach international audiences.

This is the video they linked in the article: [Eng sub] Waterside scenery of Myanmar / What happens when a professional corrects this Artwork? - YouTube
Hard JP subs, CC have English. I can see it being good listening practice for people who like watching art channels.


Haven’t checked in the whole week (I think?) so there is my little report:

On Sunday I read this week’s assignment of 大聖堂, and it was so gripping that I could not put it down, so I read until 2 am :grin: On Monday I finished the few pages that were left of it, and I started 幸せのパン (I want to watch the movie but I want to read the book first!) and it went quite ok. I did not have much time during the week but I managed to read a few pages every day. Today was sauna day, and because this book is a paper book, I took it to the sauna and read it there instead of my usual Little Prince. I finished the first episode (out of four) today, so it still seems like I could make it to the end of the book before the film festival ends :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: This evening, I started this week’s assignment of 笑わない数学者 and I would like to finish that today.

Plans for next week:

  • Finish 笑わない数学者 today
  • Read 大聖堂 tomorrow and then however long it may take me (my Japanese friend reading partner will travel next week, so if he gets too bored during the journey, he will maybe read next week’s assignment as well, and I need to prepare for that ^^)
  • Read 幸せのパン as well (I think I should try to fit in a few pages each day regardless of my other book, and read it full-steam once the other one is done).

:tiger2: :books: Homepost - Tigerdate: 20220212 :books: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XLIII: 大アワビの大嵐 :shell:

Read today’s Hyakumonogatari, from Chiba Prefecture.

☆ Learnings ☆

New Word

それどころか「それ処か (Rare kanji usage)」ー On the contrary; Far from it; If anything

Forgotten Readings

慌てるあわてる」ー To become confused/disorganised; To panic; To Hurry


Day 43!

I read Chapter 8 of 三つ星カラーズ、and Chapter 13 of 極主夫道 today.
I was planning to read chapter 14 too, but I had less time than I expected today because my boiler broke!
I’m planning to read it tomorrow now, and then start Volume 2 of よつばと!

(Home Post)


Welcome! Never too late!

Summary post

Zoo 2: I started on this a little yesterday! And… it’s a bit tricky, heh. Every story thus far from the first Zoo and now here has been from the perspective of very different characters, and this time, it’s an older man. Trying to comprehend Japanese is gonna make me ageist! It’s full of those sound shifts and old man words that I’m only lightly familiar with. Sentences have been longer than average compared to Zoo 1 as well, because of a tendency to mix descriptions of what is occurring with rambling, ranty complaints. Story has potential nonetheless, it’s about a guy who lost the ability to feel pain.

Summer Pockets: I got my second choice for who to hang out with, and went with つむぎ, the blond girl. She’s kind of this game’s dopey eccentric, which has led to amusing conversations, and most importantly, she’s one of the simplest speakers haha. So I think I’m going to focus my efforts, if it’s as straightforward as I expect, to getting on her route. There’s only really… probably 1 character I’m actively avoiding because of low interest. Then a few that, language-wise, seem better to do a little later.

Today I read ~2700 characters across ~240 lines, which is a nice little speed up. Happy I did manage to find an easier scene, since Zoo 2 is stretching my cognitive abilities a bit.

I have to say, overall, loving the pacing of this VN. We’ll see how that works out long term, but even at my reduced reading speed, I get to go through a few separate scenes each day. I imagine it’d be quite snappy for a native. VNs often drag things out… as much as I adored Higurashi, I sure have memories of spending probably over an hour, even in English, just reading one scene of club activity shenanigans :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Favorite new word is こんがらがる (become entangled; to become complicated; to get mixed up; to screw up; to get caught up in​). It’s just fun to say!


It’s even worse with listening. I still sometimes struggle to understand what older male detectives/police officers are saying in crime dramas, especially when they’re angry. It’s practically a dialect of its own :joy:


Summary post

February 12 update:
Read chapter 19 of よつばと! today. I was planning to get started with また、同じ夢を見ていた this weekend, but I’m still exhausted from the work week, so I decided to take it slow. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, so I doubt I’ll have the energy to start it either… :weary:


Summary post :bookmark:

February 12

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (84% → 90%)

And that was the end of the epilogue :eyes: Just the short stories left :3

I swear, some of the words I come across don’t look like real words:


Summary post

Day 43: February 12th

Time spent: 10? min (forgot to time)
Today’s color: 新橋色 (しんばしいろ) - a very pretty aqua blue-type color

Named for the 新橋 district of Tokyo, because it was popular among geisha there.

Good words
  • 地名 (ちめい) - place name; toponym
  • ハイカラ - stylish; smart; fashionable (“high collar”)
  • 理性的 (りせいてき) - traditional
  • 冷静沈着 (れいせいちんちゃく) - calm, cool, and collected; level and calm​
  • 美人画 (びじんが) - portrait of a beautiful woman (esp. ukiyo-e)
  • 実業家 (じつぎょうか) - businessman; entrepreneur; captain of industry (the kanji of this word amuse me - like, sure, you have your サラリーマン, but these are the real businessmen)
  • 集う (つどう) - to meet; to assemble; to congregate
  • 社交場 (しゃこうば) - social meeting place; watering hole
  • 享楽的 (きょうらくてき) - pleasure-seeking

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 12 min

Today’s reading was about ハマグリ - the common orient clam. Apparently a symbol of harmony in marriage, because the shell only fits together with its other half (not halves from other shells).

What else did I read?
Amount read: 6 pages
Time spent: 35 min

More penguin talk - today I learned about Boulders Beach in South Africa, where you can see real live penguins in the wild :o Then I started the next chapter, which is (so far) about otters :3

Please enjoy this selection of pictures titled..."Otters Holding Hands"





This is so cute it looks fake

Some good words
  • 赤道付近 (せきどうふきん) - low latitudes; equatorial region
  • 猛者 (もさ) - tough guy; wild one; fearless fighter
  • 共和国 (きょうわこく) - republic; commonwealth
  • 海水浴 (かいすいよく) - swimming in the ocean; sea bathing; seawater bath; going for a dip in the ocean
  • ロケ地 (ロケち) - local site; location for making or filming a movie
  • 住まい (すまい) - dwelling; house; residence; address​; living; life​
  • はみ出る (はみでる) - to protrude; to stick out; to jut out; to hang out; to bulge out​
  • 未 () - prefix meaning not yet; un-
  • 後頭部 (こうとうぶ) - back of head
  • 絶壁 (ぜっぺき) - flat head
  • ラッコ - sea otter
  • カワウソ - river otter
  • イタチ - weasel
  • 毛づくろい (けづくろい) - grooming oneself (esp. animals); mutual grooming (e.g. monkeys); social grooming; personal grooming

Welcome!! :smile: :tada:


February 12 :snowflake: Home Post

My brain decided it wanted to do a bunch things for a short period of time today and I was like “yes ma’am” so that’s what happened :joy: I played 999 for a bit and my brain just wasn’t having it, so I pulled out Katamari Damacy as something I could just play without looking stuff up (which was correct, it’s not super difficult but the king speaks in like 90% katakana soooo that’s a thing lmao), then I wanted to try Earthbound since it just came out on the switch and I’ve never played it, but then I remembered Earthbound itself is the localized version so then I set up Japanese switch account and messed around with some of those games, and then my brain said “I wanna play Danganronpa” so I did :joy: (without looking anything up bc brain said no and it’s pretty doable actually! most things I didn’t know I got the gist from context)

So yeah tl;dr today was interesting lmao. I might read some ヴァニタスの手記(カルテ) but I’m busy later so I wanted to record this hot mess :joy: Every day’s an adventure!

(Since my reading was so chaotic I don’t have any words to show for it rip)

Digression about listening

Something I have been noticing lately is that my listening abilities have gotten a lot better! Considering I’ve done essentially no listening practice (whoopsies) I know it’s because of this challenge. I kind of suspected I’d have more luck trying to listen to things once I had a better foundation from reading, but it’s cool to see that’s actually the case! I’m definitely still not good at it, but listening to music I pick up on a lot more of what’s going on, and I managed to watch an episode of 鬼滅(きめつ)(やいば) without subtitles without getting lost so like… I’ll take it! :joy:

(I know this is also like the opposite of how some people work (which is super wild to me) so your mileage may vary)

Welcome!! You got this :+1:

Seconded, none of them looked like words to me either :joy: (I kinda like them though, especially 見様見(みようみ)真似(まね))

You’ve given us such a gift :pleading_face: I love them with my whole heart