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February 6
星の王子さま, p. 35-39.

おめでとう! :tada: :tada:


Summary post

February 6 update:
Read chapter 13 of よつばと! today. In this one Yotsuba gets to meet her archnemesis, the mighty bird repellent balloon. Of course, this ends in a hilarious showdown. The winner is Asagi, who’s still enjoying her vacation :joy:

I’m almost done with the second volume, and it’s time to decide on the next book to read, but I’m enjoying Yotsuba so much that I don’t want to stop here… Perhaps I’ll try to read a book during the day (which I may or may not have enough time to do daily), and then read a bit of Yotsuba in the evening since it’s been working so well to help me unwind after a tough day. I’m also still considering trying some VN(s), but I don’t feel like I have the energy to jump into one right now.


Day 37!
Today I read 三ツ星カラーズ Chapter 7. I was finding this book quite hard to read for the first few chapters, but I’m starting to get the hang of it now. I think most of the problems I was having were based around that fact that I kept assuming I was reading things wrong because what I was understanding something to mean seemed a bit odd. But now that I know that さっちゃん really is just talking about poop constantly, and 琴葉 really is just obsessed with death and murder, its much easier to know that I’m on the right track! :laughing:.

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woohoo! well done :slight_smile: :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Today’s article was 『人間関係』 which is from the same blog as the past few days. I’ve mentally been pretty drained lately (mostly from work and winter blues) so having these short but still engaging reads for me has been useful.
I suppose on the bright side one of the books I’m reading, ロクヨン, I’m starting to get the hang of. It’s still a very difficult read with lots of idioms, literary speech, and set phrases I infrequently encounter but I’ve gotten some of the newer vocab internalized and am finding the ‘rhythm’ of the author’s writing easier to grasp.
On the other hand 共犯マジック just introduced a bunch of characters and didn’t give furigana for their names, which made me quite irritable.

Yay! More firsts! :tada:


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Short update from me! I’m still on holiday so I’ve been neglecting posting here but I mostly kept up with the challenge. For a few days I only read a page or two and I missed one day (sadge) but have been more diligent since. I think I finished the main story of 時をかける少女 now, as what I’m currently reading seems like side stories? (Like last 10% of the book or so?) I’ll try to write some more thoughts once I’m fully back in a week :slight_smile: I should be fully finished then as well :heart: :sheep:


I never got around to posting yesterday or the day before, but I read six pages from ちゃお, and twenty-three pages from The Way of The Househusband. I’ll post later tonight for today’s readings. I learnt a ton of vocabulary, but I picked out a couple of my favourites.


プチ------small​ (from French “petit”)


Congratulations :tada:, what an awesome accomplishment!


It was really hard for me as well, in the last chapter (and a few pages before that chapter), there were a lot of new words, some of them on a whole different topic than the rest of the novel. I knew you also had trouble with this part, which gave me some hope and made it easier to not worry about it as much :blush:


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Day 30:

I read just one page of よつばと! today :four_leaf_clover: :confused:


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February 6

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (58% → 62%)

So many people here completing their first book :eyes: :sparkles: Well done! :tada:


More Persona 4 today! Today’s play time was a good bit harder. First I got a scene with two characters that talk very keigo, and then later I got a scene between two detectives discussing the case so far, and both were a noticeable step up from the scenes where it’s just the main characters (who are high school age) talking between each other. But luckily now that I’ve got Game2Text working Yomichan was there to help me out and I got to add quite a few fun words to my anki :sparkles::star2::sparkles:

I’ve also downloaded a few samples of novels onto my Kindle to try them out to decide what to read next. I’m feeling like reading some crime/murder mystery type thing, so if any one has any recommendations for things in that genre that aren’t super long or impossible for someone around the N3 level (aware that anything will probably be fairly challenging in this genre) then please send them my way haha. One of the samples I’m trying is すべてがfになる which I figure will be too hard for me but at least has a bookclub here to rely upon a bit :thinking:


I almost missed Friday, but saved it by reading two pages of Yotuba in bed. Yesterday I worked in the morning, and when I came home I sat down and read a chapter of Way of the Househusband, which I think took quite a while. :thinking: I worked this morning too, but instead of reading Househusband I read 50+ posts of this thread! :joy:

Congratulations! to all the people who finished their first novel or manga in the last couple days! There were so many! It was like a cascade. :blush:

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Thank you for this link! I love that when baby whales whisper they sound like piggies with a huge vocal range. :joy: Too cute.

I’m with you on this one for sure. I say the words in my head when I read, so not knowing the reading of something really bothers me. Dictionary addicts unite!

Thanks! Sounds cute. :slight_smile:

This is kind of like a rite of passage: buy a book you really want to read that is too advanced, buy a new book which is less advanced but still too hard, repeat this step until finally you reach a book that is not too hard. :joy: Now at least you have a lot to look forward to. :blush: (My pile is like seven books deep.)

Oops responses take up so much space

Great job, both of you! People are doing great here.

This story sounds fantastic, haha. Also makes me think of these Dark Souls enemies way too much.

I’ll be watching these suggestions closely, because I was thinking of asking about the exact same sort of genre in the future. My (overly ambitious and probably not going to be achieved, but it’s ok) goal is to try to reach a point by the end of this year where I can play Lost Judgment, and in order to do that, I’m going to need to spend some time in that genre and get some knowledge of the sort of words I’d expect to be used there.

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After most harder recent days, today was pretty relaxed! Very glad to have an easier reading day. The only thing that really messed with me was having to go do some searches to discover just what 温泉のもと (in the context of receiving it as a prize) could mean, and it seems to be onsen powder, bath salt sort of stuff.

Today I’m just going to share a screenshot for the sentence:

Like what I said once before… there’s nothing that tricky going on here, but it’s a moment where I just went “oh, I can read this!” (after looking up かざす in a dictionary). I remember months back thinking the conjugations were painful to memorize, struggling with らしい for a while when I started reading, wondering how you can ever parse what と is which when every particle seems to have so many meanings, and just generally being frustrated by a lack of word boundaries… and all of that’s semi natural now. That’s pretty neat :slight_smile:

I realized finally the texthooker page actually tracks how much I read, and it was 255 lines, 2925 characters today. If only I paid attention to the time lmao (probably close to an hour and a half, maybe slightly under?). I mean, mining adds time cause I have to clean up every card now that I have too many dictionaries, and I go on lookup detours and all so this isn’t pure reading speed… it’s rather slow, but that’s no surprise, haha.

Edit: Keep forgetting I want to add interesting words I come across. Today was 秘湯 (ひとう), a secret hot spring, like one not a lot of people know about.


Maybe Pretty Boy Detective Club? It’s aimed at teens and at ~250 pages it’s half the length of the Decagon House, which I would have recommended otherwise. I haven’t read either in Japanese. I read the Decagon House in English though and really liked it.

If anyone has recommendations for Japanese cozy mysteries, I would love to hear them. It’s hard to find any at all that are translated into English, but I feel like they must exist.


You rang? :smiley:
スマホを落としただけなのに is available on Kindle (also Honto which is where I got it). I think it’s pretty accessible, but yes, you will have a vocabulary hurdle as it uses a lot of crime vocab and tech vocab.
少年探偵団 doesn’t have murder, but it is crime focused. It’s older so less common grammar and some older words, but IMO it’s still quite approachable in a digital edition due to fast lookups. There are also read-alongs on YouTube, linked on the same page.
夜警 is murder/supernatural/mystery so less need for crime specific vocab. I actually read this back in 2020 (first year reading novels) and found it quite accessible even then. I really, really enjoyed it along with the other book by this author that I just finished おやすみ、夢なき子 but that one has much darker themes and slightly more vocabulary spread.
容疑者Xの献身 is IMO, more difficult than any of the books above but I enjoyed it a lot, learned a ton, and it also has a book club on here.


What do you mean by cozy mystery? I might have recommendations but since most of what I read is pretty dark I also might not. :sweat_smile:


It’s like, murder mysteries which are not particularly gruesome or disturbing, which are more focused on a small town community and an amateur detective. I think a classic example is The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie.


Ah, I get what you mean. The only things I’ve read that somewhat fit that bill though are older golden-era detective stuff though which isn’t super approachable unless you’re comfortable with old kanji, vocab, and grammar already. Ex, 深夜の電話 although I don’t remember if that one the detective is amateur or not.

The 少年探偵団 series mentioned above might more or less fit - the kids are an amateur detective group but I think 江戸川乱歩’s kid books all avoid murder and it’s more kidnapping and stolen treasures.

:thinking: I unfortunately am blanking on anything modern that fits that bill, though. Everything else I’ve read has too much of a police/pro detective focus. Will try to remember to let you know if I come across anything good though!


ooooh, thanks! I’ve actually come across decagon house and it’s definitely on my list to read at some point, it sounds really cool! The Pretty Boy Detective club also sounds fun - and I’m guessing probably more accessible if some of the others are too tough just now :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:I have grabbed so many kindle samples (and the whole of 少年探偵団 as it was free) and will try them out! I think in general I have a pretty high tolerance for looking up a lot of vocab so they all sound worth a try. Do you know if 容疑者Xの献身 is okay to read even without having read the first two in the series (those two don’t seem to be available on kindle)?

It sounds like maybe the Maison de Police Series メゾン・ド・ポリス or Ikagawa City Series 烏賊川市シリーズ referenced here:https://insidethatjapanesebook.com/2021/03/29/detective-series-i-am-reading/ might fit the bill?