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VN talk

Thanks, will definitely check it out! By the way, from a quick skim it looks like Japanese like to buy games in physical form? At least there seem to be way more options to buy them physically than digitally :thinking: Or perhaps this has to do with the prevalence of consoles over PCs in Japan?..

Lol, just found it on one to the websites from the buying guide you linked, and it’s ¥8910 there vs $29 on Steam, so about 3x more expensive…

Hmm, sounds not so welcoming. Does the text disappear after all this movement? I think I could probably tolerate it (if it’s at all recognizable, because I imagine OCR won’t help in this case) unless it only stays on the screen for a limited time. In the latter case I don’t think anything would help, really, – not even a much better (but still not near-native) command of Japanese :joy:

Would you say that it uses a lot of difficult language in general? (Even if in English, just as an approximation of what to expect from the Japanese version.)

Summary post

February 3 update:
Read chapter 10 of よつばと! today. Yotsuba was surprisingly tame this time around, while Asagi was shown from quite an interesting angle again.