📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2023 🌸🌷🌼

Summary post

Day 6: April 6th
Missed :upside_down_face:

Day 7: April 7th
Missed :upside_down_face:

Day 8: April 8th
What did I read?: ペンギン・ハイウェイ :penguin:
How much did I read?: 12 pages
How long did it take me?: 56 min

I can’t believe I had to miss two more days already :sob: :sob: When will work stop actively trying to kill me (answer is probably never)

But yeah I somehow ended up working 12 hour days on Thursday and Friday, which I did not intend on doing. I finished working at 9pm both nights, so I had a whole hour of decompression time before bed, which I mainly spent trying to recalibrate by curling up in my blanket poncho and staring at the TV. (I love my blanket poncho, hands down my favorite thing I’ve ever bought)

Today was better xD I am almost officially halfway through this book :muscle: I like it but it is a bit slow imo. I’m not sure if it’s more my reading speed that’s making it feel slow, or the book itself that’s slow lol. BUT another penguin did make an appearance, along with a tiny blue whale? :whale2: cuteee D: Things are slowly starting to become more connected but it still feels like we’re a while from fully unraveling everything.