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There were some short back and forth responses (probably similar to what you are describing) in a casual conversation in 地球星人 (地球星人 🌏 Book Club) and those were completely skipped in the official translation of the book, so it seems that even professional translators sometimes skip those. :smile:


April 19 - April 22

Continued 死神の精度 and read the 2nd chapter of Spy x Family. Still pretty funny and adorable, especially Anya’s theatrics. Anya’s chaos level almost rivals Yotsuba’s, I think those two would be friends :laughing:

Yay!! :tada: :durtle_noice:
Out of curiosity, would you say you liked 999 or VLR more? :eyes:


Alright a little update because I have zero self control: I checked out Zero Time Dilemma! And yeah it’s a completely different experience than the first two so far :joy: It feels more like I’m watching an anime or something with subtitles than actually “reading,” so that’s a change. It does have a log though so I can stop and look things up whenever, and it lets you replay the voice acting so that’s nice! Plot-wise I’m definitely confused so far (as I’d been told I would be lmao, the nature of Zero Escape) but intrigued :eyes:

But yeah thus far it feels closer to listening practice than anything which isn’t a problem, I need that :joy: I’ll probably try to pick up one of my novels again as well though, I think I’ll miss having like… narrative haha. Balance!

Ahhhh that’s hard :joy: Hmm I liked them both a lot (obviously); there are definitely things specifically done in 999 that I really enjoyed, but VLR’s generally more of an elaboration on the overall concept if that makes sense? Like they’d done it once so they knew what they were doing you know, could really go wild with it haha. So probably VLR overall, though I definitely have a fondness for a lot of things about 999.

(Ahhh but now I’m thinking about 999 again and I’m like “do I like it more???” :joy: idk there’s just different vibes, it’s kinda hard to compare somehow, they’re both great)


April 21st :cherry_blossom: :cat2: :cherry_blossom: (Day 21)

Home post

Dammit, I almost forgot to read today. Wasn’t even that busy, just extremely tired… So here’s a tiny update: I read an NHK article just now aaand now I go to sleep, finally.


April 22nd.

Chapter 54 of Yotsuba today. It was an unusually long chapter at 51 pages long, but it was so much fun to read. Yotsuba being afraid of the Tengu was adorable
Only one more chapter left in this volume now, so perhaps I’ll finish it tomorrow, but I usually try to focus on my Boookclub reads on Saturdays so I’m not sure yet.

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I just finished すべてがfになる :star2::star::star2: kind of raced through to get to the resolution of the mystery and then the final epilogue type chapter took me a whole week (probably also something go do with having to work 10-14 hour days most of this week :skull_and_crossbones:…and my new 13 sentinels addiction)

I enjoyed it! It was a page turner and a pretty comfy read difficulty wise. I was somewhat close to guessing some elements of the mystery but also way off with others hahaha. I have downloaded the next volume in the series but will probs switch back to 三毛猫 before starting it :cat2:


I read the whole book, 14 pages, today. This one was very easy. Ryou, the policeman, biked all over town helping different children. A bunch of kids are screaming at him to help get a cat out of the tree. He climbs up, the cat jumps down, and Ryou falls out of the tree and breaks his leg, to the dismay of the officer who has to take his place while Ryou heals.

New words:

助けて Help!

達 pluralizing suffix for people and animals

早い quick, fast, rapid, swift


Also, her name sounds like リス, but instead of a squirrel, somehow she is more a cute hamster in my mind.
(edit) wait, you mean the actual princess baby. Well, never mind, then. I’m still keeping the picture though.

Thank you. My reaction too. Also, I don’t remember how I calculated that, but based on the former 皇后’s appearance, she must have gave birth to the current emperor when she was ~10. (猫猫 even commented on “good job giving birth at that age”).

That also told me how much 猫猫 is an unreliable narrator. So far, I always believed her when she said she is “plain looking”, but based on everyone’s reaction, that’s not the case.

Haha, yes. Well, mostly by making them realize she is, in fact, here.


すべてがfになる is a series?! I thought it was a standalone novel? At least, the anime made it seem that way.


This isn’t really reading, but I’m going to see how many Memrise deck terms I can “learn” in an hour

31 minutes in: Currently at 75 words, although I don’t know where I started (maybe 5 words?). Got hungry so I’m taking a break
55 minutes in: Have to stop because it’s time for dinner. 120 words total.



This morning was shaping up that today was gonna be a bad day, but today was Mod Pizza for lunch, and also my package got here this afternoon (well, that is certainly by tomorrow evening!), so it still kinda balances out. This week really seems like it’s “clumsy in the kitchen” week or whatever though. Earlier this week I burned my pointer finger on the rim of a pan, and today I cut my pinky making a sandwich at work. At least it’s almost over. Just two more days.

星だけ also came with a postcard-sized print! No idea what I’m gonna do with it lol I did not expect to get one.

I had the idea this morning to, when I read next 4 years, count how many lines I read and divide them by how many lines are on a page in the physical novels since they’re only slightly longer and get my pages read that way… but I don’t wanna count them lmao, that ain’t happening.

Today I ended up reading the last 3 chapters of GREEN! It was a good series; I’m glad I decided to give it a chance.

Huh, again with 地 being written as ぢ! It wasn’t spoken this time, though. Wako-chan developed painful hemorrhoids from heavy lifting (rather, they came back) the day before their wedding, and…

I think I’m starting to get the hang of しか, too. She’s doing fine after Makoto gets her some treatment, but the pain flares up again during the ceremony, and… 耐えるしかない!! There’s nothing for it but to endure!! (I think.)

Well, after all that (and work), I’m tired but I still wanna read so I thought I’d just read some more Holy Cow, but I was too curious and ended up picking up 星だけが知ってる today anyway. The art is sooo pretty. I wouldn’t call it particularly text-heavy, but like, after all of today seeing all that kinda made my brain wanna shut down (which is why I was just gonna read in English!! but noooo), although once I actually started reading, it wasn’t that bad. I read the first chapter, and it was pretty great. Oh, this poor MC. He worked part-time at an izakaya that had to close today because the store owner was arrested, plus his girlfriend since high school (he’s a college student now) broke up with him, and now he’s lost in a park because he was thinking while walking and not paying attention where he’s going, he stumbles upon a stranger watching the meteor shower, unloads all of this onto the stranger when he asks why he came here if it wasn’t to watch the shower, gets kissed by the stranger, and runs off again without paying attention where he’s going and somehow finds himself back where he needs to be, and he’s like, “Nope, can’t deal with this, I have surpassed my limit for today.” And then he discovers he’s lost his wallet. And then later when he stops at a café after completing an interview for a new part-time job, who does he find works there but the stranger who kissed him whom he’d thought he’d never see again!! This guy can’t catch a friggin’ break lmao. I wanna read more but I’m too sleepy.

Y’know, I’ve never felt, starting a new series, like I’ve had to kinda “relearn how to read” or whatever like a lot of people talk about? Sure I’ve gotta make some minor adjustments at first as I get used to the author’s style, but that’s it, no different than adjusting to a new author’s style in English.

Anyway, I hadn’t really thought about it before, but like, I can totally buy doujinshi now. I mean, I already have a few BSD ones that I bought in college but couldn’t read (3 kunikidazai and 1 odazai; I’ll have to find some time to try reading them now), but I can buy more! I particularly wanna try and get some of Gusari’s KNB and HQ!! ones. 群青の写真 especially stuck with me. I don’t even particularly like Oikawa all that much, but just, idk, I love it. I love the feeling of her stories.

Some vocab of note:

一筋 (ひとすじ) [suffix] earnest; resolute; intent; devoted; single-minded. (Wait, did I do this one already?)
流星群 (りゅうせいぐん) [noun] meteor shower. I already knew this one, I just like it (I love space lol)
未明 (みめい) [adverbial noun] early dawn; grey of morning
天文 (てんもん) [noun] astronomy


Summary Post

Day 22: April 22nd
What did I read?: クマとたぬき
How much did I read?: 19 pages
How long did it take me?: 21 min

Ugh, where did the time go today :sweat_smile: At least I got a little more reading in than yesterday lol

Open for tanuki and bear cuteness!

Good words
  • ほたるぶくろ - bellflower
  • 背負う (せおう) - to carry on one’s back
  • つつぬけ - being overheard; being leaked (e.g. secrets)​ (can also mean going in one ear and out the other)
  • くっつき虫 (くっつきむし) - bur (prickly seeds or seedheads that stick to fur and clothes)
  • 負ぶう (おぶう) - to carry (a child) on one’s back

This is legitimately one of my favorite phrases :joy: So vivid


April 22th (Calendar Post)

Bookclub Friday yey~

からかい上手の高木さん => 16 pages (12 min)
それでも歩は寄せてくる => 20 pages (21 min)
シメジ シミュレーション => 12 pages (40 min)
Flying Witch => 28 pages

Some fun panels from today:




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㋃22 – Day 22

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険

back to regular JoJo and the right date, I read 105-111 of vol 3. I was really about to fall asleep while reading. It’s been a long day/week and I finally got in the proper amount of sleep last night.

I’d really like to read the rest of the 80 pages left in vol 3 today, but we’ll see how it goes. I’d like to start vol 4 a bit early.


Can relate :blush: Actually I‘d be super surprised if anybody could guess that mystery haha, such a convoluted story :exploding_head:
Are you planning to read further in the series? And maybe even catch up to the book club? :star_struck: It’s still doable, we‘ll start vol. 4 in two months!

Yes, it’s a series of 10 books. The stories are independent, but the main characters Saikawa and Moe are the same throughout, and we also see some of the other persons occasionally (e.g. Saikawa‘s secretary). But they are really meant to be readable on their own, e.g. Saikawa‘s and Moe‘s background stories are briefly explained in each book. Of course there is some character development for them but so far it has been super slow. Therefore it’s no problem to skip one or more of the books. We even have a book club for the series: Saikawa & Moe (S&M) Series Reading Club


Not an update. Just something to come back to later.
Unfortunately I have to leave the idea of maintaining the streak. I was not able to read anything neither yesterday nor today, and I’m sure it will stay the same for the next few days. Its literally the worst timing to have a choke in a life, for sure.

Oh and as additional annoyance, I’m away from my notebook, I just had an absolutely atrocious review session with mobile app but I’m hellbent on maintaining at least the reviews for now.

I’ll see you guys later :two_hearts:


I hope your birthday doesn’t count as „annoyance“ or „bad timing“ :sweat_smile: Happy Birthday anyways, and happy for you to join Team April! :tada::birthday::sparkles::rainbow:


:shamrock: :blossom: :seedling: Link to Home Thread :seedling: :sheep: :shamrock:

Weeeell, and here I thought Manga weren’t really my preferred reading material:

I feel like I could read a volume a day, but want to pace myself on purpose (I have a tendency to binge and then suffer from not getting other stuff done, oopsie :sheep: ). We just talked about it in another thread, but ハピネス isn’t really text heavy and does a lot of story telling through the visuals, so I’m a bit unsure how much Japanese practice it really is. But then again, who cares. I’m having fun and I’m still reading a lot more Japanese text than I usually would :blossom:


Yeah, I’m thinking that I’ll try and catch up for volume 4 :muscle: Should be doable I think, even with my tendency to get distracted :sweat_smile:

& happy birthday @daikirai :tada::partying_face::tada::partying_face: hope you have a lovely day!