📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Happy birthday! :confetti_ball: That sounds like a wonderful gift!


A bit of a busy day today, but I did manage to read five and a half pages for Week 2: 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん 👵🏼. The first confrontation with the grandmother’s accent! :smile:


Day 13 :heavy_check_mark: :cat2:

三毛猫ホームズの推理 ~50% to 56%, halfway through 3.1

So far I haven’t found this section as tedious as others have said, although the unknown vocabulary did increase noticeably! The お見合い was interesting to me from a cultural viewpoint if nothing else. It was mildly funny too, and I still hold out hope that it may somehow turn out to be significant (and not just as the trigger that gets Yukiko and Katayama together. I wouldn’t welcome such a development, I need my detectives awkward and miserable, not happily in love.)

Fun katakana words again in this section! It took me a a second or two to decipher ドラキュラ. :rofl:

Fun vocab

十中八九 - in 8 or 9 cases out of 10, in all probability
手を回す - to use one’s influence, to pull strings
宇宙遊泳 - spacewalk
妙な話だが - strangely enough
似ても似つかない - not bearing the slightest resemblance, quite unlike
目に触れる - to catch the eye, to attract attention
歯の浮くような - something that sets your teeth on edge
足を棒にして - to walk/stand/etc until one’s legs stiffen
(が)服を着る - to wear clothes of course, but also to be the personification of
気が乗る - to come around to do, to take an interest
羽目を外す - to cut loose, to act without restraint
ラフ - rough, but also casual clothing


Happy birthday! Such a cool gift! :birthday: :tada:


april 13 :cherry_blossom: home post

I finally finished コナの大冒険 on Satori Reader!! And I started on ジャム屋さん even though I told myself I wouldn’t start any Satori stories that wouldn’t be completely published by the time my sub’s up

(sorry I didn’t respond until now) A reading ruler is a good idea! I don’t have one but I assume a piece of paper would work fine, I’ll have to try it next time I read 夜カフェ


I just finished the last book in the Level 0 Graded Readers, Set 1. It’s about a policeman who helps an old lady carry her packages from store to store, and then to her home. They go up, down, left, and right. When he helps her home and gets ready to go back to the station, he realizes he is totally lost!

Tomorrow I start Set 2. I’m excited about that.


Day 12-13 / Calendar
Another simultaneous update because of the lack of time.

On day 12 I had a solid 3 hours of free time between classes. I’ve started reading, got about a page in… then I promptly fell asleep on top of the desk I was reading on. Sleep at night kids or this will happen to you too.

On day 13 however I got quite a few pages of 夜カフェ read. It didn’t feel like a slob for once, as the vocabulary itself was quite simple, even if a bit slangish.


Nice! Definitely check them out when you get the chance!

And yeh :rofl: I struggle enough trying to keep up with lyrics even when it’s super clean singing.

@Beyond_Sleepy, happy birthday!! Sounds like you’ve had a great day! :birthday:


Summary post :bookmark:

April 13th :cherry_blossom:

・薬屋のひとりごと (22% → 23%)

Whoops, that must have been my tiniest read so far this challenge. Chapter ten was longer than expected and now I must prioritize sleep. Note to self: read the book club threads.


April 13th

Chapter 50 of Yotsuba today! As always, it was very cute and funny. I loved the way she was sounding things out while reading the menu.

My daughter was sat near me while I was reading today, and when I laughed at something she said “It’s really cool that you can read well enough to actually enjoy it now.”
And I had a little realisation of the fact that that IS really cool! Yotsuba definitely feels a lot more like reading for fun than studying now, and thats a really cool thing.

(Home Post)

お誕生日おめでとうございます! :birthday:
I hope you’ve had a lovely day :slight_smile:


Day 12 and 13✨

These are the days where if we weren’t in a challenge I probably wouldn’t have read at all… BUT I DID!

It’s only 5 pages of 透明カメレオン total between two days. But it’s been full of a lot of difficult words and grammar for me to understand :sweat_smile:

:cherry_blossom::house_with_garden: My Home Post :house_with_garden::cherry_blossom:

@Beyond_Sleepy Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy Satori Reader and your day :partying_face::sparkles:


Yo somehow I missed this post despite being the most recent one before making mine, but happy birthday! And that’s awesome that you have Satori Reader; I think it’ll help a bunch, like it did for me.

I was going to skip mentioning the exact day of mine, but now that I see this coincidence… hey, same birthday :open_mouth:


Happy birthday Daisoujou :birthday::tada::grin:


Happy Birthday! :tada: I also used Satori for a while and agree that it’s really useful :slight_smile:

and happy birthday to you too! :partying_face:


And post if you feel like it :high_touch:

I was also hoping that someone would post in this week’s thread before it’s too late, so that I would be motivated to (re)read that part, but I guess you won’t make it in time :sweat_smile:


Happy birthday @Beyond_Sleepy and @Daisoujou !

Also @Daisoujou I’m glad you can fix the noise issue in Audacity, although 60 times is…oof. FWIW I asked my partner last night to listen to a clip and he looked at me like I was nuts when I said I could barely hear it. I guess it’s at a frequency that’s difficult for me to pick up? I have to really listen for it.

Also, midday today I had a brain wave for whodunnit in 三毛猫ホームズ but it’s a spoiler if you haven’t finished chapter 3 yet:

三田村!He wasn’t saying「犯人は見た」he was saying 「犯人は三田村」!


Today was another special day

Read the preview for 失われた過去と未来の犯罪 for the same reason as last time
Was certainly extremely interesting


Ooh happy birthday! Exciting!


Summary Post

April 13
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Did another mission today, not a lot of new vocabulary.

Also happy birthday you two! @Beyond_Sleepy & @Daisoujou :tada:


Summary Post

Day 13: April 13th
What did I read?: ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂 Vol 2
How much did I read?: 5 pages
How long did it take me?: 22 min

A small read today not quite a tiny read, just small lol
Today’s chapter is music-themed, so it took me half a page to realize that the kid’s name is Hibiki am I dumb

This kid is basically young me with piano lessons though lol, he wants to be good at piano but also doesn’t want to go to his lessons. できれば、レッスンぬきでじょうずになりたいんだよなあ - I feel that xD

I learned a great word today: 粗大ごみ (そだいごみ) - in this case, I think it was meant to mean large-size refuse (e.g. furniture, electrical goods); oversized garbage; bulky rubbish, but it can also mean useless man about the house; husband who is retired and considered a nuisance​ (pfft)

Some musical words~
  • 鍵盤 (けんばん) - keyboard (piano, computer, etc.)
  • 聞き手 (ききて) - hearer; listener; audience​
  • 心のこり (こころのこり​) - regret
  • すごうで - virtuoso
  • 五線譜 (ごせんふ) - staff notation​

Happy birthday @Daisoujou and @Beyond_Sleepy! :tada::birthday::partying_face: