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What are the odds, I learned that one a couple weeks ago!

Probably not a big deal for most people, but I can’t remember the last time someone posted about a recently learned word of mine so this is pretty hype for me.


Hello, checking in from my convalescence bed. Covid has been wild, do not recommend. I’m finally testing negative now and on the tail end of the ever-last merry-go-round of symptoms.

I have however managed to finish ぼくは王さま and it’s been a great friend during this time. Maybe I’m just very simple (it’s meant for young children) but I found it extremely funny and I really liked the narrator. Not least because he often recaps the story at the end and beginning of a chapter, so perfect for learners.

The first Japanese book I read was こぐまのケーキ屋さん which is 4 panel comics, so you can just read one page and stop. It has furigana and is also exceptionally cute.


:tulip: Day 9 :tulip: :house:
Had a bunch of homework this day so I only read a bit.
Read: ジャックジャンヌー夏劇ー
Finished: 1 page

New Vocabulary

見落とす to overlook; to fail to notice; to miss (seeing)
洗い直す to reconsider

:tulip: Day 10 :tulip:
Read: 終遠のヴィルシュ -Error:salvation-
Time: about 2 hours 30 minutes
Right before the ending of the next route. This is so much harder to read after the 三幕. I can see no way for this situation to turn out even a little all right so I’m really curious how this ending is going to go.

New Vocabulary

Lots today
ままよ whatever; never mind; I don’t care; the hell with it​
軽率 (けいそつ)rash; thoughtless; careless; hasty; imprudent
教祖 (きょうそ)founder of a religious sect
生存者 (せいぞんしゃ)survivor
良心 (りょうしん)conscience
凄惨 (せいさん)ghastly; gruesome; appalling; lurid
拍子抜け (ひょうしぬけ)anticlimax; let-down; disappointment; loss of interest
退く (どく)to step aside; to move (i.e. out of the way); to make way​
速やか (すみやか)quick; speedy; prompt; rapid; swift
痙攣 (けいれん)convulsion; cramp; spasm; tic; twitch; fit (that second kanj…)
看取り (みとり)deathwatch; attendance at a deathbed
朦朧 (もうろう)dim; hazy; vague; indistinct; faint; fuzzy; cloudy; obscure
なけなし what little … one has; tiny amount of; paltry​
注射器 (ちゅうしゃき)syringe; hypodermic needle; injector
似ても似つかない (にてもにつかない)quite unlike; not bearing the slightest resemblance
自己顕示欲 (じこけんじよく)craving for the limelight
そこかしこ here and there; everywhere
十中八九 (じっちゅうはっく)in 8 or 9 cases out of ten; in all probability​
茫然自失 (ぼうぜんじしつ)stupor; stupefaction; trance; (being) dumbfounded
殺戮 (さつりく)slaughter; massacre

:eyes: Was it this one?


Main Post

Small update today, I didn’t get to read Yoru Cafe last night because I was super tired after seeing family. I did get to read some Yuru Camp, so all is well with my reading streak. I’ll continue reading them and probably finish both of them this week. Nearly done with generating every card in koohi cafe. Can actually use Yuru Camp as my next source.

Have not yet decided what to read after Yuru Camp vol 2, maybe I’ll get volume 3 as well. Oh well stay tuned for next update to find out :eyes:


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220411 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XI: 動かない亡骸(なきがら) :japanese_castle:

Read today’s Hyakumonogatari, from Kyoto Prefecture!

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

野辺送り「のべおくり」ー Funeral procession, carrying the dead to the place of burial or cremation
埋葬地「まそうち」ー Burial place

Here’s some additional random words that I came across earlier
電波探知機「でんぱたんちき」- Radar, abbreviated to: 電探「でんたん」or just: レーダー
燕尾服「えんびふく」ー Tailcoat, like top hat and tails
寄生「きせい」ー Parasitism


April 11th

Read: pg 5-8 (3 pages)

was confused about

The meaning of 常駐している集団 in the sentence “店の隅にあるイートインスペースに常駐している集団いるのだという” Context is that the mc wonders how there are rumors spreading about her when she hasn’t even talked to anyone and has only gone to the sole local shop. Does it mean like a group of people who are usually occupying the eat in space?

new stuff

恩 おん, favor
逞しい たくましい
辛抱 しんぼう, patience
縁もゆかりもない to have no relations with
津津 しんしん
憶測 おくそく, speculation
*repeat 修繕 しゅうぜん, repairs

Also bits of more relaxed book reading I did last night:
ダンタリアン 12-14 (2 pages)
ヒゲとナプキン 110-114 (4 pages)

Read: 14-18


過去には、ほんのわずかに傷んだ食材を使ったというだけで、その日のうちに旦那様が解雇 (かいこ, fired) した料理長もいらしたとか

彼が考案した独創 (どくそう, novel) 的な調理法はたびたび新聞で紹介されています

富豪 (ふごう, rich people) からも、屋敷の料理長を引き抜きたいという誘いが絶 (た) えないとか

雄一の生き甲斐 (いきがい, reason for living)

グレイアム氏のお屋敷は、そんなに待遇 (たいぐう, working conditions) がいいのですか?

再び揚げパンを齧 (かじ) りついた

孤児院 (こじいん, orphanage) に持ち込んだお土産の残りだった

この土地の領主 (りょうしゅ) の居城 (きょじょう, castle of a lord)だったという建物


Ohhhh interesting, I don’t think I’d ever actually seen 看護婦(かんごふ) before! I’ve definitely heard about the 子供(こども) thing before; the linguistics nerd in me loves this kind of stuff :joy:

Omg… neither had I :sweat_smile: I guess I just like assumed I knew it and went on with things; you learn something everyday huh

I have it on steam! I’ve been using game2text with it which is also super helpful; it can’t always figure out what characters are but it definitely makes looking stuff up a lot easier :grin: best of luck!!


I’m pretty sure this is a side effect of me having a reading history that tilts old. I should look at the publication dates of my reading material and find the average sometime :joy: although I think I maybe learned it initially from Dear Friends which came out in the early 2000s.


Yeah for what it’s worth, not everyone has left it behind. I actually just learned that word a few days ago from Summer Pockets, which came out in 2018 (and in the narration which is meant to be from the perspective of a kid, so it’s not like it was used in elderly speech or something).

It’s an interesting experience at times in language learning, having to go out of my way to learn words so I can understand them while also remembering not to use those ones, heh.


Day 10 and 11 :sparkles:

Yesterday I finished chapter 2 of 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん、as a part of the IBC.

And today I reviewed part 2.1 of 透明カメレオン, because I didn’t look up any words or grammar the first time I read it.

Very very very sleeeepy! Which makes me even more proud that I’m still reading everyday.

:cherry_blossom::house_with_garden: My Home Post :house_with_garden::cherry_blossom:


It was!! Thank you for digging it up. I will consider these carefully :eyes:

Ooh, that sounds like a great setup. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks, and best of luck to you too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Who knows, maybe I’ll be joining the Zero Escape club soon as well!


I read chapter 8 of 夜カフェ today! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to, since it was 16 pages, making it the longest chapter in the book (I think). The hardest part was trying to read a very detailed description of ハナビ stenciling, cutting out letters, coloring with pencil, heating and cooling plastic sheets, etc while sitting in a waiting room where pop music was being played loudly. (The one in the waiting room was me, not ハナビ.) In fairness, having never scrapbooked, it’s possible I might not have fully understood the process in English either. (And now I also know that my eyesight has not changed and my eyes look healthy. :+1:)


\huge\color{ #B2FFAA}\mathrm{🍀Day 11🍀}

\small \color{ #FFC4FB}\mathrm{★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★}

Today I translated 6 pages of よつばと!I’ve been neglecting uni for a few days in favor of Japanese, so I should cut back some (more than I’d like):smiling_face_with_tear:

\small \color{ #FFC4FB}\mathrm{★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★}


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Today I wanted to read something fun, so I read a chapter of ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 🛵 Volume 5.

Nice words:
素茶 - just a simple cup of tea
ウケねらい - playing to the crowd


Lol, same. Just caught up to end of 2.4 to not be too incredibly far behind the spoiler talk. On that note -

Mini spoiler talk

I also currently suspect the person that you all seemed to suspect at this point. Though if we are playing by normal murder mystery rules then anyone you suspect at the half way point definitely isn’t the murderer, so maybe it’s not him :thinking:
It is also probably not 大中 but I want him to get some comeuppance for being terrible so it would be nice if it was him (I do find it a bit odd that he hasn’t got on more trouble. Like there was some comment from 森崎 that he couldnt do anything about him because the head university guy likes him but still, he got caught by a police officer trying to break into the student dorms to get to a student he has some crush on and has had no repurcussions at all apparently??? Also how on earth does watchman guy that is always asleep drunk when people are breaking into the dormitories still have his job now there has been an actual murder on his watch?? This university is not a good university)

I also am rowing back a little from my “片山 is too competent” complaint because he was pretty incompetent at quite a few points in my reading today and yesterday, especially when questioning 大中. It’s still a lot less pronounced than I thought it would be based on the start though, and everyone else is incompetent too, except from Holmes :cat2:

In my reading today the idiom/saying 犬も食わない came up and I hadn’t heard of it before, so I also read this short kotobank article on it: 犬も食わぬ(いぬもくわぬ)とは? 意味や使い方 - コトバンク


Some of those children’s stories are really funny! My Level 0 Graded Readers are on a kid’s level, but the stories are very entertaining. Maybe because I am a retired 1st-2nd grade teacher, and my brain is on their level?!


やった! Despite my day being pretty packed with uni and sports, I still managed to do my Wanikani, Bunpro Reviews and to read chapter 9 of よつばと!
I think I understood even less in this chapter than in the ones before, maybe because the vocabulary is (probably) usually used in action movies etc.
Ive also noticed how useful kanji can be to read a sentence correctly. it said はなから and i just could get it. When i looked at the translation it said “out of your nose” and it made perfect sense, but it would’ve been easier to understand if it said 鼻から ^^

Looking forward to chapter 10 for tomorrow :))

Mini spoiler talk

This “university” is a joke, definitely. Morisaki did speak of corruption, though, and while I had initially dismissed the 学長 as a suspect because he was too obvious, we haven’t heard of him since, which is suspicious. And he was in favour of everything Morisaki opposed, 大中 and construction company included.
As for Katayama, ha, I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s competent, but he’s at least functional around dead bodies and women, and I expected him not to be. :grin:


April 11th!

I read chapter 48 of Yotsuba today, which was the final chapter of Volume 7.
It was an especially cute chapter since it had lots of animals.

The panel on page 197 where everybody was applauding the cow really made me laugh. And the whole of page 191 where she’s befriending the cow was super sweet.

I also read 3 chapters of Shirokuma Cafe. I’m enjoying the sound-alike puns even though they are almost always vocab I don’t know yet.

(Home Post)

Ooh, this looks adorable! I’ve added it to my to-read list!

more 三毛猫 chat

Yeah! I’m actually a bit unsure how much were meant to be like “oh wow this place is terribly run” and how much of it is just part of the general kind of farcical humour/tone of this book where everyone is a bit of a blundering cartoon character (which I am enjoying :smile:)

ooooh yeah, I’d done pretty much the same thing and then forgotten him when new shiny suspects turned up, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t come much more into play in later chapters (I’m not sure I suspect him of the student murders but he has to be on the suspect list for morisaki for sure)