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(without context I could be completely off so if this is irrelevant feel free to ignore) but in case it’s helpful, a lot of times when ところ is in kana like that it’s referring to more of a metaphorical place, like a point in time. So it’d be like “the time where I’d just become unable to move” or more naturally like “right after I became unable to move (got stuck, etc.).” It could totally be a literal place though, just depends on context!


Yeah I got you. Still even without casual ところ → とこ I have to squint really hard to see the meaning behind the pigpile of な, て and く.


Oh for sure, trying to parse all of that especially at like speaking speed is rough :sweat_smile: definitely feel you


Day 9 - Calendar

Today I finished chapter 12 of 夜カフェ and started with chapter 13.
Probably will finish the book tomorrow.


Read 7 pages and finished the chapter for かがみの孤城 🪞 Week 20. Progress was a bit slow today. This part contained some uneasy conversations between the characters and perhaps that meant more unfamiliar vocabulary and roundabout expressions than usual.

The kids now only have one more month in the castle after this and stuff is going to happen, I think :smiley:


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Today (and yesterday) I translated 11 pages of よつばと!I was traveling yesterday and didn’t have the energy to post anything except a bit of venting :sweat_smile: I’m visiting my parents for Easter so I don’t know what my study schedule will look like, except that I’ll continue reading よつばと! and I’ll be reading on Satori starting Wednesday probably:)

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I’m sorry if you know all of this already, but just to make sure we’re on the same page:

The stuff that comes before 人 (in this case 生えてくる) is called a “relative clause”, and it modifies 人. In English, relative clauses usually come after the noun (e.g. “the man who is walking”) but in Japanese they always come before the noun (e.g. 歩いている 人). We also have the verb 生える which means “to grow” and it is intransitive, so it means “something grows” and not “someone grows something” (that would be the transitive verb 生やす). Unfortunately, in English the transitive and the intransitive partners are often represented by the same word, so we need to be a bit careful about that in English.

So, coming back to our example sentence, we have two relative clauses:
生えてくる 人 - person for whom something grows
生えない 人 - person for whom something doesn’t grow
Now Japanese is a very context-heavy language, and thus I inferred that they must talk about the wisdom teeth.

You may wonder why it can’t be “person who grows (up)”? That would simply be another verb. 生える is only used for plants, teeth, beards, fur, horns and those things. This is pretty hard to tell from a J-E dictionary, but if you look up the word in a J-J dictionary you can learn about these nuances: 「生える」の意味や使い方 わかりやすく解説 Weblio辞書

Oh, and here is a bit of explanation about relative clauses: https://www.wasabi-jpn.com/japanese-grammar/japanese-relative-clauses/


It’s Saturday, and it was sunny today which meant some lovely chill reading in the park :sunny::sunny::sunny:

I read from page 74-104 三毛猫ホームズ🐈. Given that ホームズ kind of needed to become our protagonists cat I did have the feeling that perhaps 森崎 might not be too long for this world :person_shrugging: Continue to love ホームズ🥰

I also finished the second volume of ギヴン today. It was so emotional, those cute gay music boys and their trauma :sob::sob::sob::sob: Slightly unexpectedly, the end of volume 2 also took me to the end of what the anime season (but not movie) covered, which I wasn’t expecting so quickly. I haven’t watched the movie yet so need to decide whether to do so before picking up vol 3 (like I have the self control…)


Thank you for the detailed explanation :bowing_woman:!
Just to make sure I understand correctly: in addition to grammar reasons, the meaning (“person for whom wisdom teeth do not grow”) comes from the fact that the used verb 生える can’t be applied to people? Because I think with a different verb, for example (to move (house); to change residence), the same てくる construction 引っ越してくる人 could mean “the person who moved into nearby”?


Summary post :bookmark:

April 9th :cherry_blossom:

・薬屋のひとりごと (12% → 14%)

Finished chapter six. Another interesting one. Thoughts: So we learn that 玉葉(ぎょくよう) is frequently targeted and has lost more than half of her maids due to poison. And now it is Maomao’s turn to be the 毒見役(どくみやく). I like the characters so far, they’re clearly not dumb.

I’m sure there was something else I wanted to write, but sleepiness is rendering me unable to form coherent thoughts. Will try reading earlier in the day tomorrow.


Home post

Day 8:

日本語: I read a fair amount of ミニスカ宇宙海賊 and a fair amount of 三毛猫ホームズの推理 (finished chapter 1 part 3).

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 骑士幻想夜, and a lot of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事 (finished story #5).


Summary post

Bit of a weird day, because of the structure of this VN. So in the original version, if you didn’t get locked into a route (by just doing side events or spreading yourself thin between characters) it seems there was a “bad ending” where your character never finds much to commit himself to on the island. Well, that still exists in this version, but Umi’s route sits alongside it as an alternative, which means there aren’t really hangout events prior to the cutoff point. And so… while I could have seen if I had any more side things I hadn’t seen, I spent today mostly passing time by playing the monster battling game haha.

And that was entertaining! I reached rank 20 or so (you start at 38 IIRC). There are short conversations before and after each fight, and with that plus a few real scenes I did hit ~5500 characters, but it took a long time. And weird almost contextless battle chatter is not super fun to puzzle through! Strangely that made this one of the hardest days for reading I’ve had in a while, and the weight of the constant unfamiliar words and sentences framed in ways I don’t fully get is becoming a little much. It’ll pass like these feelings always do but… well, we’ve really all taken on a large challenge here.

I got higher than this, but there’s the ranking page, heh. 島モンファイト is a bit easier than learning Japanese :wink:

Today I encountered ばかりに (“simply because/on account of,” refers to reasons for negative outcomes), so yet another mark in the metaphorical N2 grammar checklist.

My favorite new word is ワイドショー (a TV talk show more or less) because I love 和製英語. It’s a “wide show” apparently.


April 6th-9th :cherry_blossom: :cat2: :cherry_blossom: (Days 6-9)

Home post

These past few days have been so incredibly hectic - I just couldn’t find the energy to log on and make a post daily. On top of it all, my phone got bricked and I was left without internet access most of the day. So I ended up reading random things here and there, here’s a list:

  • A story about 招き猫 (招き猫になったネコ) that prompted me to google the history and the different legends surrounding it. I always thought they were super cute perched in different storefronts - never knew they had such an interesting story behind them
  • An NHK easy article
  • The first paragraph of 小さな闇 by 吉本バナナ - the second short story in the book I had bought. I would’ve read more, but the text is so heavy on katakana and god do I suck at reading it… Gave me a proper headache.
  • Yet another kitty story: ネコの茶碗. Encountered 品物 in the wild - coincidentally failed the review earlier in the day. I think I’ll remember it now.

Oh, and just so I don’t forget - I actually encountered this bad boy at an arcade I went to (photo from wikipedia bc my phone is bricked and my pictures are gone :smiling_face_with_tear:):

So I had some fun reading the instructions and the names of the songs on screen :3


Day 9

なぜ?どうして?かがくのお話1年生: 22% → 25%

Was busy all day, so only read one story about viruses and white blood cells. I like this book so far: the grammatical complexity is almost just right, so that I have to think about it and learn new stuff, without being overwhelming.


Day 9

Today I read 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん、as a part of the IBC.

I felt really inspired by everyone in the book club for paying close attention to grammar while reading. So I took my time today, settled into a cafe and read most of chapter 2! :coffee:

:cherry_blossom::house_with_garden: My Home Post :house_with_garden::cherry_blossom:


Summary Post

April 9
Final Fantasy VII

No vocabulary list today cause late and lazy.


April 9
Haikyuu book club today! Read aloud chapter 63.

Gonna count that as well as the reading involved in translating my research plan. I got fed up with my slow progress and dumped it into deepL. I know that’s not great and I’m gonna go back and reword it. But at least I can send something “complete” to my tutor before Tuesday.

Right now though I’m gonna watch the start of season 3 Kaguya-sama and first episode of Spy x Family anime.

Probably won’t read any tadoku books but I’ll update this post if I do.

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
44 / 44 level-zeros
4 / 12 level-ones
x /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes


There was a scene in the movie that gave me pause and kinda soured me on it. This link gives content warnings without spoiling if case you want to check before viewing.

Summary Post

Day 9: April 9th
What did I read?: ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂 Vol 2
How much did I read?: 10 pages
How long did it take me?: 50 min

Finished this chapter! I’m glad things turned out well :3 And I loved the nostalgic/sentimental feel of the ending - I like thinking that Chisato grew up to be a real doctor one day, that’s so cute. I can’t believe the “villain” of the story turned out to be the town doctor, who was basically jealous that this five-year-old girl was stealing all his business because her medicines work better :joy:

Good words
  • かしげる - to tilt (esp. head); to lean; to incline; to slant
  • 景気づけ (けいきづけ) - putting life into; animating; cheering up
  • めそめそ - sobbing; weeping; whimpering
  • すりかえる - to switch (secretly); to substitute; to sidestep (an issue)
  • がぜん - suddenly; all of a sudden; abruptly - when written with different kanji (瓦全), it can mean “meaningless existence” lol
  • なにくわぬ顔 (なにくわぬかお) - innocent look; nonchalant look; look of ignorance; air of innocence
  • ぼろ負け (ぼろまけ) - decisive defeat; rout; thrashing; losing big
  • まるつぶれ - losing (something) completely (e.g. face)
  • 見っともない - shameful; disgraceful; indecent; unseemly; unbecoming; improper
  • 脱水症状 (だっすいしょうじょう) - dehydration
  • へろへろ - completely exhausted; dog-tired; dreadfully weary; terribly frustrated; limp; weak; flimsy​
  • よろよろ - tottering; staggering; faltering; reeling
  • おぼつかない - unreliable; unsteady; insecure; shaky; faltering
  • なえる - to lose strength; to become weak; to disappear (of energy, drive, etc.) - can also mean to feel demotivated; to lose interest; to become disappointed​
  • なすりつける - to lay the blame on
  • 死にものぐるい - desperation; struggle to the death
  • うたいまくる - to sing energetically; to sing with abandon​
  • 紙吹雪 (かみふぶき) - confetti; ticker tape
  • せっせと - diligently; assiduously; industriously; beavering away
  • うんともすんとも言わない - keeping silent; saying nothing at all

April 9 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

More VLR! :tada: I think I’m at the point where all of the endings are long lmao, but man that leaves so much room for wild stuff to happen :eyes: It’s been quite a time!

I did feel like reading something more book-like at some point today so I ended up finishing the first volume of ヴァニタスの手記(カルテ), that’d been a while coming huh :joy: I really liked it though! I’ll definitely have to get more of them next time I order books, whenever that’ll be :man_shrugging:

but anyway VLR

Like I said all the endings feel long now, but I think that’s mostly because I’m running into locks I already have the pre-requisites for, so I just get thrust in head-first :joy: But yeah there’s a lot going on, 天明寺(てんみょうじ) has a picture of (あかね)?? I should’ve known, pictures are always her :joy: but like?? What’s the deal?? 天明寺(てんみょうじ) what do you know??

It’s also continuing to become even clearer that time is not working the way they thought it was, like… no idea what year it actually is, but it sure isn’t 2028 anymore, way too much has happened, also maybe we’re in space?? Or Nevada, you know, the two classic choices :joy: But like when they went in the depressurization chamber the air pressure went to 0 which like… space, you know? At any rate I’m skeptical that the red thing they saw was actually the eclipse moon - actually theory I just came up with, maybe they’re on the like man-made satellite around Mars they were talking about in theory? If so yikes lmao, but who knows!

But yeah what’s currently happening is I’m talking to a hologram? He claims to be ゼロ but I don’t know who this man is, but I’m curious to see what he has to say about termites :joy: