📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

April 2 - April 5

New book time :eyes: :books:
I started 死神の精度 - a book made up of a bunch of connected short stories and really short chapters, seemed like a decent idea as a 2nd book on the side. I kind of forgot to check the difficulty level before buying it so was glad to see that it seems to be okay for my level.
I keep running into word play things these days - in this one scene 死神しにがみ dude is talking to this woman who doesn’t think much of herself and this conversation happens:
:woman::「わたし、醜いんです」 とぽつりと言った。
:skull::「みにくい?」 私は本当に、聞き間違えた。目を細め、顔を遠ざけて、「いや、見やすい」 と答えた。

I also played some 999!
First of all (@natarin), everything in this post about that section with Santa and the bookmark was just 100% also my reaction?? :laughing: Relatable. :joy: That whole thing was really funny. Santa really is something else huh

More 999

Can you quote things from other topics?? Really not sure, I suppose I’m about to find out

I did the exact same :joy: I honestly saw an elephant in that picture but that wasn’t an option :woman_shrugging:

I don’t think anyone would be with that outfit!! :laughing: Poor guy, at least 紫 has, like, clothes

Current adventures: Finding my way out of a kitchen and almost freezing to death.

The actual puzzles in this section were really easy, the hard part was trying to follow 紫 on her strange pseudo scientific tangent about the crystallization of glycerin?? Was honestly a little lost sometimes, but I think I got the gist. Who doesn’t wanna learn words like sublimation, graphite and melting point in Japanese? (昇華, 黒鉛 and 融点 if anyone was wondering :laughing:)

I also came across a decent amount of N2 vocab in that kitchen. Actually very useful, thank you 999

I settled on something else for now but it’s likely I’ll still read かがみの孤城 at some point. I’m sure the book club threads will still be there waiting to be read :eyes: