📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

I bought a book recently and got excited and wanted to share it here I also miss this place :raccoon:

The book is in Japanese, but there’s English translations that run alongside (in rather literal English). It’s also mostly just full-page pictures too… but it’s still reading Japanese!

It’s all about Ukiyo-e, but focusing on yokai and ghosts and all that fun stuff.

Picture (it’s kinda hard taking photos of open books)

so pretty

Also, I’ve been keeping up reading stories on Hukumusume almost daily, I’ve not been reading weekends and sometimes miss a busy day in the week, but thanks to these threads I’ve been keeping up the habit!


I’ve forgotten - when are we going to do the next challenge? :eyes: Dec 1st or Jan 1st :snowman_with_snow: :sled:


I think we were planning to start a new thread/challenge on January 1st!
Meanwhile, there’s me, I still haven’t written the summary post I meant to write for the Fall challenge :joy::sob:
I didn’t forget, I’ve just been trying to claw my way out of a stress hole for the entire month of November


Emerging back from the depths!!!

I haven’t had the chance to write for a while, I just came back from two busy weeks and a few last hectic days, but I’m back to normalcy again :partying_face: . I’ve been keeping up with NieR: Automata though! What a game, seriously, I’m loving it. I’ve played 27h so far, all in Japanese, and although I’ve most definitely missed nuance here and there, I’m surprisingly able to follow everything just fine. Now, the magic of these games is fully grasping the philosophical questions they raise; I would love to understand everything completely and not miss a thing, but time to time :relaxed: , I’ll get there some day hopefully!

But I’ve missed this thread a lot. I will try to keep posting semi frequently until January. But on a side note, I think I’ve kind of settled for an SRS app, finally, and the winner is Houhou. I just want to stop jumping from one to the other, and I like that Houhou is basically just custom WaniKani. So hopefully I will just put everything in there and that’s it to build my own collection, not changing again every couple of months. My only issue is that it doesn’t allow combinations like “zya” for じゃ :frowning_face: , it’s my preferred way over “ja” but it’s a small inconvenience.

But anyways it’s nice to read you guys again :smiley: I hope everyone’s been doing well!


I continued with the challenge. I even found a way to change the calendar to include a November checklist. Now I have finally finished 天使な小生意気 Vol. 1. Most of the words I didn’t understand but I know the story because I have watched the entire anime and read the entire manga. I also have the English translation of Vol. 1. So I figured it would be no problem to go through the manga. Well, I was right. Now that I’ve finished Vol. 1, I have remembered why I only read this manga once. This was written back in the time when persistent harassment equaled love. Anyway, I have finally finished. I skipped a few days coming down to the end. I got caught up in an English series, The Expanse. However, I remembered that I only had a few pages to read so I decided to finish it today.

I went searching on Bookwalker and there is another sale on. I got over 20 volumes of manga free. Now I am spoiled for choice. What should I read next, a shoujo or shonen? Well, I can decide that tomorrow. Or maybe I should take a few days break and start again in December? It only took me a month or so to read 天使な小生意気 if I exclude the breaks and the times that I only read one page. Well, I will see how I feel tomorrow.


Main Post

Read through volume 2 of Spy x Family. It was much easier to read compared to volume 1, so something is going well. Despite that it is still wrecking me here and there lol. Anya is still really cute and the star of the manga. This volume ending on quite a cliffhanger, so I gotta continue reading :eyes:

After finishing this volume I’ll take a break from reading (every day). Oh and I reached 30 volumes read on bookmeter. :books:


Finished volume 8 of 無職転生 earlier this week, and started 9. It’s been much more lighthearted compared to 7. Never thought I would be reading about someone’s quest to cure his boner., but here we are :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m kinda confused about シルフィ and フィッツ now though, because I could swear that they were talking to each other as separate characters in a short segment of Volume 8, but most of the time it looks as if it’s really just 1 character. The way that other characters are referred to during her short segments kinda gives it away that the writer is trying to pull one on the reader. I just hope it’s not some kind of split personality / body or any other overly convoluted explanation or asspull, which I’ve come to really dislike in a lot of fantasy storytelling.


Yes, I am still reading but I think the book I have now Is boring so I think I’ll start reading more things I want to.

I do love times at work like today where everyone is being lazy and I get to read about horse races in Japanese hehe.


Isnt the whole point of immersion getting comprehensible input?

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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オトメン is giving me trouble. The dialogue uses longer sentence structures which I have trouble parsing because it involves monologues and soliloquies so the pictures don’t really give a sense of plot. So I am finding myself lost on the plot. I did read a translation of オトメン years ago but I don’t really remember all the plot points. Also, shoujo manga seems to use quite a lot of fancy fonts and decorations which distorts the words a bit so I can’t understand the writing sometimes. For example, the highlighted panel in the picture below. I can’t figure out what is written there.

So next month, I will switch to another manga. I wanted to do a shoujo because 天使な小生意気 was a shounen manga.


I believe that says あっ りょーちゃーん. Is there a character named りょー?

There’s a userscript called Jitai that lets you do your WK reviews in a variety of fonts (with the ability to see the plain font by mousing over). I’ve found it super helpful for learning to read unusual fonts!


Thanks for that. Yes, there is a character called Ryou.