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Day LVI: この音とまれ! pg.117-123 & 滋賀県 :maple_leaf:

6 pages today! Again, not much dialogue this time, I think I may be getting used to some of the casual language though… at least, a bit.

Thought I’d read about the prefecture from yesterday’s story: Shiga Prefecture.

The prefectorial tree is モミジ(紅葉), maple, I remembered this word from one of my earlier reads, yes! Learning!
Though in saying that, the prefectorial flower is シャクナゲ (石南花), Rhododendron, and I can’t remember if I have seen this before or not.

~ New Words ~
盆地 (ぼんち) - Basin (the geography one, not a sink)
シャクナゲ (石南花) - Rhododendron
カイツブリ (鸊鷉) - Little Grebe (Bird) - I don’t think there’s much chance I’m gonna remember these kanji.
水鳥 (すいちょう) - Waterfowl / Water bird
カモ (鴨) - Duck
アビ (阿比) - Red-Throated Loon (Bird)
類縁関係 (るいえんかんけい) - Having a close relationship with. The usage here is that grebes are similar to ducks.
水かき (みずかき) - Webbing (between toes/fingers)
鰭 (ひれ) - Fin or flipper
羽毛 (うもう) - Feathers / Plumage
斑紋 (はんもん) - Speckles; Mottled Pattern

近畿地方 (きんきちほう) - Kinki Region
近江盆地 (おうみぼんち) - Omi Basin
四川省 (しせんしょう) - Sichuan (China)
チベット - Tibet


This happens to me all the time, weird how some days you just get it and others everything is alien. But yeh, I feel that I’m really lacking in the recreation department, I can usually understand the context and language patterns from reading but that’s mostly just recognising words and working out the rest from that. Putting sentences together myself is just… very messy.

Listening and reading have a lot of ways to practice, but writing and talking are really difficult, I haven’t even moved on to trying to speak it yet (well, unless you don’t count the shouting along to movies and whatnot).

It’s hard to try and balance all your learning.


Welcome back!! :wave:

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That was one wild story!

I’ve seen those towels quite a few times and always wondered what they were, so thanks! I now know that they’re 手ぬぐい.