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Day XLV: この音とまれ! pg. 61-65 & :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:日本特用林産振興会 :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree:

Welcome to…

Shroomy :mushroom: Actual Mushroom Day :mushroom: Shroomy

There was a link on yesterday’s-today’s anniversary page to the 日に本ほん特とく用よう林りん産さん振しん興こう会かい.
Something like “The Japanese Forest-Produce Promotional Association”.

Which looks like it has a load of information about the mushrooms and plants of Japan for foraging and the like, so you can be safe (and nourished!) in the woods and countryside.

And there’s also this: きのこの専せん門もん家か - which is such a cool job title…

「 あぁ!!! あなたはだれ?!!?」

「<< 俺はきのこの専門家 >>」

[Epic sounds of thundering mushrooms]

To become one you have to be selected by the supreme mushroom leaders (there’s a mushroom president), and there’s also this sentence: これまでに200名余のアドバイザーが誕生し - I know the meaning here isn’t literally “so far over 200 (mushroom) advisors have been born” but it’s too amusing to imagine there’s a secret mushroom society in the Japanese forests birthing mushroom people to teach the general public about the glory of mushrooms (and convert them into mushroom brethren).

It tells you here how you can apply and train your way up the mushroom ladder.

Also noticed something here that is pretty useful, when things (like these application forms) have a list of things you need and list them as (A), (B), (C), (D). etc., here the Japanese uses (ア), (イ), (ウ), (エ).

Wait, I’ve spent all this time getting excited about how to become a mushroom expert I’ve not even gotten onto the actual main part of the site, you know, the foraging and info part that I was interested in learning and now it’s time to make dinner… I don’t know how this happened.

Oh yeah, also read 4 pages of この音 today

~ New Words ~
普及 (ふきゅう) - diffusion / popularization … this is on WK.
積極的 (せっきょくてき) - Proactive / Assertive
啓蒙活動 (けいもうかっどう) - Information Campaign / Awareness Program
健康食品 (けんこうしょくひん) - Health Foods
紅葉狩り (もみじがり) - Autumn Leaf Viewing/Hunting: can be written as 紅葉狩 too and still pronounced the same.
専門家 (せんもんか) - Specialist / Expert

:rofl: :rofl:

I suppose “an ear growing in the grass” does make a bit of sense :laughing:

That second picture of キュルガ is too cute that little pudding face