📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: :first_quarter_moon: :: TANUKIDATE 20211013 :: :first_quarter_moon: :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XLIII: この音とまれ! pg. 45-51 & 空き寺の大入道 :sweet_potato:

6 pages today!

And read today’s 百物語, about a monk and an Onyudo.

Today is also サツマイモの日 ! Sweet potato day!
I sure hope I have some sweet potatoes in for dinner. :sweet_potato: :sweet_potato:

There’s also a story here about sweet potatoes but I don’t have enough reading energy left for today.

~ New Words! ~
ほこり (埃) - Dust
鉄鍋 (てつなべ) - Iron pan / Iron pot
大入道 (おおにゅうどう) - Onyudo, giant yokai. Large bald monster (this specific one has three eyes and two teeth). Heard of this yokai before (thanks Nioh, you’ve taught me so much about Japanese monsters, folklore and history) but didn’t know the kanji behind it.
お経 (おきょう) - Sutra, Buddhist chant