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Home post October 8th - restarted & finished graded reader 姿すがたおくさん, wrote up the remainder of chapter 3 for 王様ランキング, and worked with a friend to breakdown some sentences from them reading やがて君になる.

Not sure when is the right time to start 王様ランキング, although I still have quite a bit of vocab harvesting to do from it.
In the meantime I still have a few unread graded readers I should try read soon before they’re no longer useful to me, amd I’m party way through チーズスイートホーム (1).
I could resume reading 大海原と大海原 but I’m still quite a while ahead of the book club.

Oh awesome, didn’t want to risk blabbering if you were just making a joke =D

I hope this is interesting/useful rather than TMI, happy to answer any questions if you have them.

I’ve found it much more useful (and motivating) to make decks myself, although I have got good mileage from the core anime vocab deck, and I’ve started a Tango N5 deck for more listening practice (but I sometimes find it is like pulling teeth).

Yeah exactly, my Anki cards have a field for example sentences which I’ll add either from WK or from the manga I harvested them from.

When started out I also looked over some more conventional vocab lists (all vocab from Genki, Japanese top 1k words, etc) and combined that with a few beginner friendly manga. Between them that seems to have got decent coverage, at least for a beginner (although I didn’t include every word any from those lists).

Yeah, the amount of rare/specific vocab to learn is a tradeoff you have to consider.

In my case since I’m quite early into reading and Japanese, I’ve decided that in general it makes the most sense to focus my time on words which I’m likely to see often (and thus which will be reinforced often) - so I’m okay with rare-ish words if they also happen to be common in media I want to consume, but if its not common in media I want to consume then it’ll take a lot of time in Anki to commit that word to memory which may be better spent in other words.

Once I’m further along this tradeoff will change, sometimes even now I’ll add rarer words to Anki and just suspend them so they don;'t appear in my reviews, with the expectation that I’ll unsuspend them at a future date when I run out of more common words to learn. Even if those words don’t make it into Anki, they are still just waiting in my Google sheets vocab lists.

Only natural =D

Sorry for being so verbose,1:30am so not the best time for copy editing my words down.