📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

That’s actually a necessity :rofl: so it comes pretty natural ime.


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Day XXXII: 花菖蒲 :purple_circle:

Decided to read the Iris link from yesterday’s story and turns out there’s a flower for every day of the year too… this site is a maze of infinite links.

Pretty interesting to find out the symbolism of the iris and what it’s been used for in history. Plus it’s real pretty.

~ New Words (mostly plant related) ~
菖蒲 (しょうぶ) - Japanese Iris - I put this down yesterday too but I’ve already forgotten how it’s read.
多年草 (たねんそう) - Perennial plant
茎頂 (けいちょう) - Tip of a stem / stem apex
腐植 (ふしょく) - Humus soil
開花期 (かいかき) - Flowering season (anthesis)
儚い (はかない) - Fleeting, short-lived
内気 (うちき) - Shy, reserved
神経痛 (しんけいつう) - Nerve pain (neuralgia)
蒲 (がま) - Common Cattail

so jealous Hokkaido looks really beautiful, and there’s lots of interesting history too!

Seriously?? No way !! What are the chances of that? :laughing:

Thanks for explaining! I’ve been slowly discovering new words to use with ある as a prefix.


I am currently reading 13階段 right now and I want this to reflect my progress here !! 1 page a day is the minimum to pass. I want to make it a habit!

Oct 21 月 火 水 木 金 土 日
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
NOV 21 月 火 水 木 金 土 日
Week 6
Week 7
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Week 9
Week 10
Dec 21 月 火 水 木 金 土 日
Week 11
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Week 15

Welcome! :durtle_hello: I saw you edit the second post in the previous thread, so I’d like to encourage you to check out the second post in this thread as well :grin: I’ve un-wiki-fied the post in the summer thread.

Good luck with reading! :books::books: Ganbatte! :sparkles:


Home post

Day 31:

日本語: I read a lot of はめふら 11.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of ふしぎの国のバード.


中国語: I read 我要报复. I added 报复, 失去, and 客户.


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 2 Thought I had more time to read, but it went elsewhere. Another tiny read
・Honzuki 6. (30% → 32%)


:house_with_garden: home post
:heavy_check_mark: Day 24(10月 2日) :sparkles:

What did I read:
暁のヨナ , ch. 38, bookclub read-aloud. took us around 35min but we got so loud and crazy we actually stayed with that chapter for almost 2 hours. Honestly, ch.38 was one of the most dense and rare-vocabulary-packed chapter so far… One of the characters is an old lady, so you got old ppl fancy speech, but she’s also a pirate… and lots of minor characters, and several 方言 instances to rack our brains over…
暁のヨナ , ch. 39, prepared it for next Wednesday, it was rather short and easy, 38min.
歴史366、2 stories, 8min.


暁雲 ぎょううん =dawn clouds
見向きもしない みむきもしない =taking no notice; ignoring; not even looking at
拝む おがむ =to see (something or someone of high status)
かけらもない =there is not a trace [an ounce、a bit], knew this one already actually. can be translated into colloquial phrases such as: a glimmer of truth; a grain of sense etc etc
いっぺん (一偏)=方言variarion of 一回
毒舌 どくぜつ =wicked tongue; abusive language​
分際 ぶんざい =social standing
唆る そそる =to excite; to incite; to stimulate;
口説き文句 くどきもんく =pick-up line; (loving) words
前方不注意 ぜんぽうふちゅうい =not keeping one’s eyes on the road
目の届く所に めのとどくところに =within view, within sight
極まりない きわまりない =extremely; knows no bounds (e.g. rudeness); unparalleled


Summary Post

October 2nd
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 51.

Random words
  • 議題 = ぎだい subject or topic of discussion.
  • 聞き取る = ききとる to catch someone’s words or to comprehend what someone is saying. Also to ask about a situation or circumstances, to inquire.
  • 卵 = たまご I added this one not because of the “egg” meaning, but because it’s also used for someone who is training for a particular field.


Summary post

Day 32: October 2
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 5 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 31 min

Nagisa getting serious about getting into this relay with them today :o They’re doing timed trials today, and Nagisa’s like, hey, if I get first in this breaststroke timed trial, let me be in the relay with you guys. And Rin’s like…uh, yeah, sure, whatever (thinking there’s no way he’s actually gonna win). But I love how part of him is like, “well…maybe :thinking:” too, haha, like he’s not totally discounting Nagisa anymore. He definitely sees something in Nagisa that he hasn’t seen before, and part of him wants to see if Nagisa really does have what it takes to compete on their team. He’s also low-key hoping that if he gives Nagisa the ok to join the relay, it might get Haru to join too - Nagisa mainly wants to join the relay team because it’ll give him the chance to swim with Haru (he obviously looks up to Haru a lot), so how could Haru ever say no to the relay, in the face of Nagisa’s puppy-dog-like excitement for it? Like, you’re gonna crush that little puppy dog’s dreams? I don’t think so xD Seems like everybody’s noticing that Haru’s got a tiny soft spot for Nagisa now :3 And Nagisa pulls out the win! :muscle: Leaving Rin with his mouth hanging open :joy: So cute (and I love how Makoto cheers for Nagisa, too, that was adorable)

Good words
  • 喘ぐ (あえぐ) - to gasp; to pant; to breathe hard (can also mean to suffer; to struggle)
  • 声にならない (こえにならない) soundless; mute
  • 自信家 (じしんか) - person who has great confidence (faith) in himself
  • 生意気 (なまいき) - impertinent; saucy; cheeky; impudent; audacious; cocky; pert; brash
  • 囁く (ささやく) - to whisper; to murmur (I’m obsessed with this kanji, it’s so many ears :joy: 'cause you need more ears to hear something quiet like a whisper, I guess)
  • 一着 (いっちゃく) - first arrival; first in race
  • 疎んじる (うとんじる) - to shun; to avoid; to ostracize; to neglect; to distance oneself from; to give the hard shoulder
  • 掻き (かき) - stroke (swimming); arm stroke (excuse me but how am I just now getting to this word…)
  • 蹴り (けり) - kick (I like the way this pairs with stroke, like they sound like they go together)
  • 放心状態 (ほうしんじょうたい) - being in abstraction; being dazed; being absentminded; stargazing

Summary post

Day 32: I read two pages of よつば&!And I also decided to add another series that has a few more kanji, so I read the first 4 pages of ツバサ Reservoir Chronicle.


There is literally so many words I encounter then add to my own anki deck it’s at 626 word, I don’t even have half a year of it -.-


Yours at 626 words only. Mine is 17 407 words. Which is even better? I accumulated these from 2020 May onwards. I love it nevertheless.



October 2
:maple_leaf: 32
total: 99/108

  • カラフル (73 → 81% text)

Okay, so I have 9 days left.

My plan is:
days 100-104 → catch up with 授乳 book club
days 105-108 → finish カラフル
(around 5%/day for both things)

It will be so weird to stop reading everyday (I still intend to read a few days a week, but nevertheless), but I really want to work on some other areas of Japanese :sweat_smile:


Home post October 3rd reading graded reader どうしてエビの体からだは曲まがった?どうしてねこ年どしがない?. Now for sleep.


Damnnn same, I do love my own deck. I can put refrences few or only I could understand but stillll it likely be 1000 by the end of the year


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 3 I thought I’d have more time to read in the weekends, but turns out I was busier than I thought.
・Honzuki 6. (32% → 34%)


Home post

Day 32:

日本語: I read a lot of はめふら 11.


中国語: I read 我的妈妈, 太晚了, and 我的生日. I added 严重 and 身边.

And another successful week completed!

日 月 火 水 木 金 土 :books:
日 月 火 水 木 金 土 :books:

I still feel sick and tired but this time my post will be super educational you will even learn what a キス is :rofl:

First thing first, I read the last 60 pages of the second volume of まがつき. This mange is super funny and it uses a wider variety of grammar points than the manga I read before.

御利益 ごりやく divine favour; blessing; miracle
鱚 きす sillago
サボる to play hooky; to skip school; to cut class N1
手汗 てあせ sweaty hands
登校 とうこう going to school N1
接着剤的 せっちゃくざいてき like glue
くっ付く くっつく to stick to; to cling to
ライバル rival
登場 とうじょうentry (on stage); appearance (on screen) N2
権力 けんりょく (political) power; authority; influence N1
グラタン gratin


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Day XXXIII: 馬尾の滝 (須賀川市) :potable_water: (a water droplet tap is the closet emoji I could find)

Generally feeling like today is one of those days that brain can’t remember how to read English let alone Japanese. So only reading a bit of a random wiki article today, about a waterfalllll

Place! - 須賀川市 (すかがわし) - Sukagawa City

Word! - 支流 (しりゅう) - Tributary / Branch


Skipped yesterday :frowning: but today I sat outside in the dappled autumn sunlight and read for an hour! I read five pages and came across some fun words/phrases.

平らげる たいらげる to eat up (completely). Feels like… flattening your plate!
しぶとい tenacious, dogged, headstrong
上の空 うわのそら absent-mindedness
食感 - しょっかん mouthfeel
くわんくわん having food stuck around the mouth or all over the face
戸惑い とまどい losing one’s bearings; confusion; wonderment. archaic: forgetting which house or room to enter