📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Home post - Sorry for the long wordy post!

September 24th - Another weird day.
Since my copy of レイトン教授と不思議な町 arrived I’ve been itching to start looking at it, but I so far haven’t been able to find a good Japanese script for it.

So I went through the dialogue for the opening of the game up until and including the first puzzle, taking a photo of each dialogue line with my cellphone, and then put them all into a Google doc to type out. I’ve since been able to find snippets of the dialogue online, although often in slightly modified formats.

There are lots of unfamiliar Kanji, but I’ve also had some amazing moments where I was able to guess the reading of completely new compound kanji based on the radicals which felt really great in terms of a “huh, I have made progress!” moment.

My plan is to try distill the core / common vocab & grammar into Anki cards where appropriate like I’ve been doing for 逆転裁判.

Today I typed up 29 screens worth and still have another 12 to do before I’ve finished this section, Oops I didn’t stop and accidentally finished all 41 screens, and I’ve only just scratched the surface in terms of breakdowns which will start after this typing is done next.

As mentioned I’m going in for surgery Monday and I’ll lose the use of my left arm for a while afterwards, so trying to get a bunch of typing out of the way ahead of time.

EDIT: oops, I didn’t stop after writing this and just did “one more” repeatedly until I’d finished, there are still a few very unfamiliar kanji for me to attack by drawing squiggled on my electronic jisho, but that can be a task for tomorrow as its past midnight.