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Sept 1st starting early on 大海原と大海原 (1), the ABBC starts it on the 11th but I’m hoping that if I get ahead now it will take longer before I inevitably fall behind…

I wrote out the first (prologue) chapter in a Google doc but only got through translating ~ 3 real pages.

I found the title of this manga very cute 大海原と大海原 with the reading おおうなばらとわだのはら (わだのはら being the name of a character).

I spent a bunch of time trying to wrap my head around a structure noun+しなくても大丈夫だよ, still not quite there yet. I have the intended meaning guessed from the parts and the context, but something about the grammar isn’t clicking for me yet.

fun vocab
  • とある a certain
  • プロローゲ prologue
  • 今宵[こよい] tonight
  • 城[しろ] castle