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20221019 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 56.80% :house_with_garden:

Wagahai-cat returns home, away from the bathhouse Demon Lord and back to the safety of Master’s silly face. But now he’s back he just gets subjected to torment by Master and family. How dare.

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天麩羅 = 天ぷら「てんぷら」(Tempura)
(Finally, after all this time, I have discovered the secret of the ぷら part of 天ぷら)


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Day 18:

Priority: :houses: 青桐. I really need to re-look up everyone’s name readings.

Free choice: :test_tube: 聖女の魔力は万能です 1. And done! :hibiscus: Ended pretty abruptly but overall it was fairly fun despite the cooking and lotion-making or whatever.


Huh. I only know 羅 from 修羅場 :joy:


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・本好きの下剋上 11 (66% → 74%)

Too many cooks spoil the broth = 船頭多くして船山に登る


October 19 :heavy_check_mark: :mountain_snow:

山の霊異記 幻惑の尾根 , 15-18%

A much smaller story today, but it took me forever, because place names were named, and I fell into the rabbit hole of looking up Japanese mountain trails. The story was a lovely hike description, with a somewhat eerie ending. You know that feeling when someone has been walking ahead of you for so long, that you’ve grown accustomed to their presence, even think of them as familiar, even though you’ve only ever seen their back? Good stuff.

Today I learned that there is such a thing as the Japanese Alps. I kept seeing references to the Alps in this book, and I thought, wow, they’re so passionate about mountains they even go abroad all the time. But when the story talked about how you could see both Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps from a certain spot in a good day, I started to doubt my understanding a little. Surely no day can be that clear? :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


October 15 - October 19

:open_book: ⠀ 裏世界ピクニック ⠀10% - 32%

Quite fun. :3


Nice! Yeah, if I remember correctly I had to do a manual search too :thinking:

One thing: Once you get to the puzzle sections of the game, you may or may not get half-gibberish half-width katakana text instead of regular text during those sections :see_no_evil: I talked to @/Memoria a bit about this here.
Just as a heads up, in case that happens, you’re not the only one :joy:


That’s hilarious :rofl: Maybe if the spot was, say, aboard the ISS? :thinking:

But even then the Earth might be too curved to see them both at once?


Two days in one post again!

:fallen_leaf::maple_leaf: October 18 :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf: home post link🏡

I saw somewhere in this thread that reading subtitles counts… so I watched a couple episodes of One Piece with Japanese subtitles.

:fallen_leaf::maple_leaf: October 19 :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:

I read a page of ごんぎつね today. ごん goes into the village, thinking that maybe 秋祭り was going on, but instead he finds a funeral at 兵十’s house.

I have so many questions right now. The most pressing one is: Who’s funeral is it?


October 19th!

Today I read chapter 41 of Mitsuboshi Colors, and then I planned to read half of Volume 2 Chapter 9 of Yoru Cafe - but I ended up reading the whole chapter.
It was quite an interesting chapter which answered a question that has been dangling for the last few chapters.

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:jack_o_lantern: October 19th :jack_o_lantern: (Home Post Link)

Today is a nice milestone day for me, 30 day streak of reading at least a chapter of manga in japanese every day! I definitely feel more comfortable reading now than I did a month ago, and looking forward to growing and reading even more! Looks like I’ve done about 54 chapters of よつばと!in that time frame, plus a little bit of other random stuff here and there on the side.

Tae Kim 117 → 123 – lots of conditionals stuff, I’d already been working on these but seeing all of them laid out and compared/contrasted works nicely now that I’ve got more exposure to them.
よつばと! chapter 56

Good Words

過つ「あやまつ」ー to err
寝ぼける「ねぼける」ー to be not quite awake
厳しい「きびしい」ー strict, severe
台詞 「せりふ」ー set phrase, line
ともかく ー anyways, anyhow


I’m super happy with my experience using buyee for yahoo auctions japan stuff. No complaints, shipping was reasonable, auctions were easy to do, and everything I ordered got here super quick. しろくまカフェ is next after a few more volumes of よつばと!, and then 耳をすませば after that, I think. Which, at the rate I’m reading things currently, should be well within the duration of this challenge.

I placed another order for japanese volume 1 of ルリドラゴン (level 17) and then a cute little series called はちゅねミクの日常 that I found while looking for gifts for a friend. Not sure what the level is, but it has furigana so probably readable in the short to mid term future at worst. They also come with some mysterious CDs that I cannot find any information about! Very excited for those.


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On October the 19th I:


:books: 10月18日

  • 原神

:books: 10月19日


Not much to add! Here have a cat :cat2: .
(I forgot to mention but I love your new little furry fren :3 @MissDagger . Enjoy!)

Ahhh yeah that rings a bell, I think I’ve read it somewhere while researching the hook thing. I’m pretty sure I’ll be one of the chosen ones too :joy: . I’ve had a lot of success with ShareX’s OCR tool, hopefully that takes care of it. Thanks!




I just messed up this kanji in my reviews tonight and now I see it here in my reading practice. Hopefully, this acts as reinforcement of the meaning so I don’t forget it again.

Wow. I’ve read over a thousand chapters of Detective Conan in English but I never caught that reference.


I’m now up to the half way point of 異世界の名探偵. Now that there is a dead body I find the plot so much more interesting. Magic? Eh. Murder? :eyes:
I will say that one scene kind of rubbed me the wrong way, I know it’s largely because this book is aimed at much younger audiences and so realistic character portrayals and situations aren’t really the game we’re playing but did the doctor have to talk about how there was blood on the ceiling and walls in front of the clearly grieving father? And why did it feel like the father’s continual hopefulness that it wasn’t really his daughter who was dead was being played for laughs?
Not enough to turn me off the book, I’m determined to get through this I have a mystery to recommend people who like light novels. It’s also not bad so much as just not my style.


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October 19th:

  • Satori Reader
  • translation homework

If I knew that my homework was going to take several hours to finish, I would’ve skipped Satori Reader for today. (I also submitted it a little late…then realized I forgot to add something and tried to resubmit it… :sob:) On the bright side, it made me want to try reading 桜蘭高校ホスト部 in Japanese. I’ve watched the anime and read some of the manga in English. This is all further down the line; I still have to finish Conan and Kiki, and maybe some of the other things I already spent good money on. :sweat_smile:


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Had other stuff going on today so just counting classwork reading, onward and upward :muscle:



Seems I’m back to just reading a chapter or two of manga a day for now lol. Anyway, I read two chapters of HQ, as well as the third section of バレーボールの神様, which was about 7 pages.


19 October 2022

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  • Genki II Practice Readings


Oct 20

かがみの孤城 58% (page 209)

Missed another day, read two pages today.


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October 19

88 -

… it seems I read one page… I was really tired yesterday but I thought I’d read at least 3…