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Been tired these past few days. Yesterday I just read one chapter of 金持ち君と貧乏君 and like one page of おばちゃんたちのいるところ. Today I read another chapter of 金持ち君と貧乏君 and SPY×FAMILY mission 17. Dunno when I’ll be getting to the rest of the T&B movie, but I’ve been too tired to put on a cooking show or something for background noise, much less actually watch anything. And I’m pretty sure this tiredness isn’t all my ill-advised near- and actual all-nighter watching T&B S1 catching up to me. Bleh


November 19 :maple_leaf: Home Post

Today was a bit weird and chaotic, I ended up running around a lot, but amidst all that I chilled out with some Miitopia for funsies! It’s very silly and doesn’t require many lookups at all at this point, so it was a nice time. I spent a good portion of it on character creation though :eyes:


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  • からかい上手の高木さん chapter 34, 35, おまけ, finished volume 4!
Good Words

ついに ー finally, at last
やり取り「やりとり」ー conversational exchange (here, over text)
お相子「おあいこ」ー even, quits, square (of a trade; that is entirely too many vowels in a row)
取引「とりひき」ー transactions, dealings


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Day 49:

Priority: :houses: 青桐.

Free choice: … I was so focused on making sure to get my priority read in that I forgot the one I hadn’t missed yet.

Extra: :scissors: 魔王城でおやすみ 11.


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Day 10 Progress:
お隣の天使様 二冊 - 65.91% → 73.44%
スローループ - Chapter 2

The biggest frustration recently is that I was making very rapid progress on my reading speed for a while but I’ve plateaued considerably and I’m not really seeing any apparent improvement. For what must feel like weeks now I’ve been reading around the same pace, just 5% of the novel can easily take me between 2-3 hours depending on how stuck I get. I know I’m still lacking an incredible amount of knowledge and practice but seeing my pace not increasing at all still makes me feel a little agitated. Unless I plan on reading something for over a year straight, those long visual novels I want to read are still a pipe dream…

Word of the Day: 媚びる - to flatter or to flirt. This one is just funny to me, the visualization of a woman doing some crazy stuff with her eyebrows as a flirtatious gesture…


November 20th
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Aria: the masterpiece volume 1 – progress report
Yesterday: read up to page 284
Today: :sparkler: finished volume 1 :sparkler:

I’m done with the first volume!
While I’m usually not the type to celebrate anything I do or accomplish, I will allow myself an imaginary pat on the back this time around because this is the first actual piece of Japanese media I’ve ever read. :+1:
Admittedly, it feels weird and unpleasant but I need to work on improving my self-hatred and that’s one step towards being more kind to myself.

I didn’t understand more than 70-75% of the whole book because there were still plenty of grammar constructions I’m not familiar with. I am willing to overlook that for the time being because right now I’m priotitising simply being able to read consistently and understanding the basic gist of things as I don’t want to make my early reading attempts too complicated and off-putting.
Once I have revised a good chunk of beginner’s level grammar, I’ll start looking more into the grammar points I’ve encountered* and will encounter in future reading material.
*(I wrote some things down from Aria volume 1 to check out at a later point).

So much for that.

And that brings me to another point which is that I messed up: I miscalculated the time it would take for my book order and for me to read through volume 1, because the next batch won’t arrive until next week. Meaning, I don’t have the second and third volume yet, whoops. :no_mouth:

My mistake won’t be a problem, though, because I wanted to adjust my reading schedule and material anyway. I noticed that I really can’t make proper progress on Aria during the week as it’s still demanding enough that I can’t comfortably read it in a very short timeframe per day,

This is why I’ll do the following:

  • If I can set aside at least 20 minutes for reading during the week, I will read Aria.

  • If I don’t have more than 20 minutes to read, I’ll read Card Captor Sakura instead.

  • The weekends, on the other hand, will still be dedicated to Aria because I have enough time to make satisfactory progress per reading session.

As to Card Captor Sakura: I wanted to revisit some manga from my younger years in Japanese instead of my primary language which is why I bought the latter some time ago. From the bit I’ve seen, it looks to be easier to read because there are less Kanji per sentence.

To save some time per post, I also won’t add my words of note anymore – from now on it will be ‘the word of the day’ and one ‘honourable mention’ instead.

Word or expression of the day:
体験 - (たいけん) - personal experience, physical experience, one’s own experience

Honourable mention:
平たく言えば - (ひらたくいえば) - in plain words, in plain terms, put simply


I’ve been making some more progress in reading Colorful this week, wanted to be further along but I’m quite pleased with the results so far. Haven’t read today’s share yet tho. Part of it is because the story is moving along and getting more familiar with the writing and characters. Another part is that the chapters are now a bit shorter, that makes the pull to continue reading easier. Looking a bit ahead I think it’s gonna take a bit longer than expected, but it should be feasible to finish it by the end of the month.

This is not the only thing I have been reading lately. Played a bit of Persona 4 Golden again and made some good progress with Dragon Quest X Offline. I’ve put those on pause for a bit as I started Pokemon Scarlet on friday. Still early on, but I like it. There seems a lot to do and see. While there is an intended/natural path in certain directions, you have the freedom of choice what you’re gonna do. So I’m on my way to the first gym and trying to catch pokemon on the way. It’s very easy to swap pokemon in and out of boxes again. There are a few petpeeves I have. For one, they lack options to turn off the mini map. Another is that yeah they have a single script in Japanese with furigana, there is no way to turn it off like in DQX. Then something that I just find a very weird and that’s that signs apparently now show their own textbox over the sign, instead of where it usually is. That said, I’m enjoying myself and these are things I’ll just have to get used to. It’s also nice that the reception seems pretty positive.


Nov 20, Sun of Week 8 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • かがみの孤城 (上) 75% => 77% (Ch.6 October)

Surprising is not the successful result, but the default one (i.e. why assume?). Be glad for the warning.

  • うたわれるもの (Steam) 1 hour

Found a guy (warrior).

To-be-remembered vocabularies and phrases
  • 毅然として (きぜん~) This one just appeared without Furigana, and Kanji not in Wanikani.
    • Ki (気) is of the heart. Even as a pig, a standing (立) pig (豚) with a weapon (殳) would fight.
  • 補う [おぎなう] has Furigana. I think this one has a mnemonic in Wanikani, but I would just rote (brute force) memorize. Kanji is from 補充.
    • Eat an 荻 right now (なう), to revitalize
  • うろ覚え recalling (覚える) starting to go うろうろ.
  • 感服 The Kanji 服 means more than clothes, but also the body covered by them.
  • 拍子抜け the reason you don’t want the beats / rhythm (拍子) to be removed
  • ちぐはぐ disliking / not wanting (ぐぅ…) ち nor は
  • 蒸し返す steam goes mush mush. Also think 蒸れる, for the Kanji.
  • 喧噪 / 喧騒 I see both versions in the same resource, but without Furigana, but the first one first. The second one is self-explanatory by Kanji.
  • 人だかり where number of people got high (高い). Can also be written 人集り.
    • 集る (たかる) is just as expected. 集り (たかり) appears to have a different meaning.
    • Other than 集まり, I think I also have see 集い (つどい).
  • 道程 [みちのり] has Furigana. Probably 道の里 in meaning.
  • æ¼¢ appears to be おとこ (男). Probably old fashioned, like 汝 (なんじ).
  • 盃 (さかずき) touching (付き) Sake (酒) glasses, perhaps. I have seen before in Yakuza context.
  • 野暮 (やぼ) living a boorish (ぼ) life, in the wild (野生)
  • 無難 (ぶなん) Boo!! Safe. You can’t harm me. Escaping from troubles (困難).
  • 麗しい (うるわしい) beautiful like うるし (from When will Ayumu…)
  • むせる choking sounds of むっ むっ
  • 辺鄙 (へんぴ) the second Kanji reads ぴ (pi).
  • 呷る (あおる) gulping down a crab shell (甲), and your face turns blue / pallid (青, 真っ青)
  • 粗野 (そや) greeting sound of そやぁ seems blunt. Kanji are also pretty it.
  • 狼狽える (うろたえる) Probably remember as うろうろ, and has to bear it (耐える).
    • Noun and no Okurigana form is 狼狽 (ろうばい). Think of each Kanji, and phonetic component (the second one, actually; the first one has 人狼, 餓狼).
  • 汎用 (はんよう) it can be used everywhere; however, it is only half (半) useful. Of course, the Kanji is also read はん.
  • 健啖 (けんたん) healthy (健康) and burn (炎) everything away. Second Kanji also used in 啖呵.
  • 無理強い (むりじい) the latter part is like 強いる (しいる).
  • 生い茂る (おいしげる) first process of getting old (老い) is growing (生). The second part is 茂る (しげる), a verb in Wanikani.

Forgotten ones

  • I mixed up 割引 (わりびき) and 取引 (とりひき) regarding Rendaku, but since it got mentioned, I noticed it now.
  • にべもない Too blunt. Cannot face (~へ) the second time (二度).
  • 口を噤む The verb is つぐむ. Mouth must not (禁止) speak. Also think of that book, TUGUMI (and some contents?).
  • しっくり fitting in a chestnut (栗)
  • 及第 being included (及ぶ) into a step (第)
  • 理 (ことわり) parts (割り) of things (こと).


  • にべもない
  • 口を噤む
  • 大輪の花 (たい.りん~)
  • 一心不乱 (いっ.しん.ふ.らん) self explanatory by Kanji’s.


Been hanging onto this challenge by the skin of my teeth :smiling_face_with_tear:

Work was like "how would you like to be out of office for 4 weeks in a row? :smiley: " and I’m tired.

Mostly been reading satori since it’s so convenient but not the 5 per day I’d planned on. But I’m on vacation this week so I plan to catch up a bit. I’d like to finish the first manga volume of 本好き this week, in addition to hitting level 45 where I’m stopping lessons until spring, which should free up quite a bit of time.


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Autumn Onsen :hotsprings: :raccoon:

20221120 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 78.35% :sweet_potato:

Today Wagahai-cat watched the children eat and learnt the joys of having children and trying to feed them.

:fallen_leaf: Japanese found under the leaves :fallen_leaf:


分捕る「ぶんどる」ー To capture; to seize; to plunder
敏腕家「びんわんか」ー Capable person

洩らす = 漏らす「もらす」(To let out; to leak; to let slip)
掠奪 = 略奪「りゃくだつ」(Pillage; plunder; looting)


:fallen_leaf: Day 50, 19th of November :maple_leaf:

:open_book: Back to my Home Post

Only had time to re-read some Kiki, this time without the help of my translation notes. It helps with forcing me to really look at the Kanji up close.


:maple_leaf: :jack_o_lantern: :snowflake: :christmas_tree: November 20 :christmas_tree: :snowflake: :jack_o_lantern: :maple_leaf:
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神さまがまちガえる :shinto_shrine:

I keep going into the bbc picks not knowing much about them. If the art looks pretty and the summery interesting, I’ve jumped in so far. 耳をすませば turned out excellent. But this week’s part of kamisama have me unsure if this manga is the genre I thought it was. I thought it was a mystery (not crime) kinda story, but it might be a slice of life in weird setting.

While I like slice of life, it isn’t what I thought I signed up for this time, so I’m a bit. :confused:

Well the future will tell. :blush:


November 20th!

Today I read Chapter 17 of Orange, which is the final chapter of Volume 4. The next volume is the final volume of the original story, so I’m really looking forward to reading it and seeing how everything works out.

I also read chapter 4 of Haruiro Astronaut, which is quite fun, but I dont enjoy as much as Orange. That may be in part because of how I’m reading the chapters a long time apart since there is one at end of each volume of Orange which means I read them about a month or so apart!

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November 19-20 :heavy_check_mark: :rose:

ユージニア, 17-25%

Very little reading time this weekend, especially yesterday, but I did manage to finish this week’s Eugenia after all! It continues to be very intriguing. Not only is it full of unreliable narrators, it’s often not even clear who the narrator is in the first place. It certainly keeps me on my toes.


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11月19日火曜日(かようび) Late post


I didn’t get much reading done because my kids were over and going to sleep. Also struggled on a few bits that my brain didn’t want to read properly.

pp.7上 - pp.7下 新しい単語(たんご)

単語 英語
適当(てきとう) suitable, proper, irresponsible
脅(おど)かして to scare, to menace (-te form)
追(お)い払(はら)って to drive away (-te form)
このとき this time ??
性懲(しょうこ)りもなく doggedly, in spite of one’s negative experiences
頭(あたま) head (really should have known that one)
過(す)ぎった to pass through (misspelled?)
なら if, in case, if possible, as for
れる indicates passive voice
かも expresses uncertainty



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・本好きの下剋上 13 (36% → 37%)

Just another tiny read (why do I feel like my weekend has gone to waste ORZ )

:wave: :durtle_hello:

As well as how the medicine didn’t heal her up probably, felt very unfortunate about the whole thing. Was absolutely taken aback by the sudden two-year time skip too! Like, “author, you can’t possibly have let her sleep for a whooping two year time period! That’s crazy!”

I was in disbelief and thought that things would change later, that the two of them would talk things out afterwards, reconsider and not let it go due to a miscommunication kind of misunderstanding. Little did I know I was wrong :upside_down_face:

Ah, that’s hilarious :joy:


Was that furiganaed with す in the original source? If not then my guess is that it’s more likely 過ぎる == よぎる, which is godan (unlike 過ぎる == すぎる which is ichidan) and so its past tense comes out differently.


Just a quick comment about this word, even though it does carry the meaning ‘suitable’, I believe it’s most commonly used to describe something that’s being done in a half-assed or shoddy manner.


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This week’s reading was dominated by Autumn Prison where I read the second story and started the third one. Eugenia is also going strong and very exciting to read as everything is very unclear and the reader is slowly being filled in by bits and pieces of information but I have no idea what belongs where and what is the truth.
Today’s sauna visit had me read The Little Prince, and this week I also started an English book, Nadine Gordimer’s “The Lying Days”. This is part of my “read every Literature Nobel prize winner (except the poets :sweat_smile:) and in the original language if possible” quest. And then I decided that I want to read another Flesh&Blood volume this year, and while I was thinking about that and where to fit it best, I started reading it :grin:

Next week I want to finish Autumn Prison, and I want to continue the other three books (I don’t think I have time for the sauna so The Little Prince needs to wait some more :pensive:)


Back on that Book Boom baby, WOOO. Read 3 more chapters of Shield Hero and some of Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? I just couldn’t stop reading yesterday. I am hoping to finish Shield Hero volume 1 either tomorrow or the next day. Haven’t decided if I will go back to 青ブタ 9 afterwards. I really like the chapter structure of Shield Hero, especially on Audiobook since its easier to pick up where I left off. 青ブタ has like chapters and sub chapters, but the audiobook is divided by the chapters, so I have to either be at the start of a chapter or lucky T-T.

Anyways, I am happy I am back on the book train.