Reaching level 60: an 8 days cycle

Hi folks,

Today is a great day for me! I reached level 60 on WaniKani 8 days ago!
As you can see on this progress chart, the 8 days period is a characteristic of my WK journey.

I am so glad I found WaniKani more than a year ago. I was just starting to learn Japanese and the huge task of learning kanji was really daunting.
But then WK came to the rescue and gave me a solid routine to follow. Thanks to the community, and particularly to the useful guide made by @jprspereira, I could understand the functioning of the SRS system and set up a consistent routine.
I wanted to be as consistent as possible, and it was the case with the routine I progressively adopted. WK became part of my life and I did at least one review session in the morning and one in the evening.
The level up routine looked like that:

Day 1 (morning): Radicals and kanji batch 1 (Lesson)
Day 1 (evening): Radicals and kanji batch 1 (Apprentice 2)
Day 2 (morning): Radicals and kanji batch 1 (Apprentice 3)
Day 3 (morning): Radicals and kanji batch 1 (Apprentice 4)
Day 5 (morning): Radicals and kanji batch 1 (Guru 1) + Kanji batch 2 (Lesson)
Day 5 (evening): Kanji batch 2 (Apprentice 2)
Day 6 (morning): Kanji batch 2 (Apprentice 3)
Day 7 (morning): Kanji batch 2 (Apprentice 4)
Day 9 (morning): Kanji batch 2 (Guru 1) > Level up

During all the other review sessions I obviously had a lot of other items to review.
This created an 8 days cycle with which I was happy.
Actually, during the fast levels, I used the reorder script to slow down my progress and intentionally did all lessons except a few kanji which were acting as a batch 2. I would do them on the morning of day 5. This allowed me to keep the workload manageable for me.
Otherwise, I used rather classic methods, doing between 15 and 20 lessons a day, and keeping the Apprentice count around 100.
As a result, I reached level 60 in 466 days, which was a very satisfying progress for me.

Now that this goal is reached, it sure feels good and I look forwards to my next goals!
Until now, WK has been a large part of my Japanese learning routine, and I did not get as much reading practice as I would have wanted.
My grammar level surely lags behind my kanji level. I finished Genki 1 and 2, as well as N5 and N4 on Bunpro. I would say I have a weak N3 in grammar.
Most of my reading practice came from graded readers, web articles, a few video games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, and also some WK book clubs. I would have wanted to participate in more book clubs but I only got involved in the Shirokuma Cafe and Chii’s sweet home book clubs, but I definitely plan to get involved in more of them in the future!

I also have further objectives, like trying to delve into the two Great Ace Attorney games I’ve always wanted to play.
I also have to improve my oral comprehension, as I don’t watch or listen much Japanese content. I’ve been trying to watch Shirokuma Cafe without subtitles and this is rather challenging so far.
Finally, I would also like to practice speaking more and more, so I’ve been using italki to reach this goal.
WK really helped me to grow confident and showed me how I could learn seemingly unreachable things. As a result, I’ve recently started to learn the piano, as I’ve always wanted to do. This is leaving me with less time for Japanese, but it’s another great learning journey!

To conclude, I would like to warmly thank the WK staff for creating and maintaining this wonderful tool which is helping us to reach some of our dreams.
I started learning Japanese mainly out of curiosity. I wanted to know if I could be able to understand a few video games and movies through their original language, and I gradually got interested in the japanese culture and history. I definitely plan to visit Japan someday. It won’t be before a few years, but then I have time to improve in order to enjoy the trip even more!
And last but not least, I would like to thank the WK community for creating this stimulating environment on the forums! Reading about your trips to Japan, the learning resources you use, the anime you watch, or just following your crazy conversations has been a great source of delight and motivation for me! Thanks for being part of the journey!

I wouldn’t be able to leave such a wonderful community now. I still have to burn all those turtles, and I would obviously miss the great atmosphere of the forums!
I definitely plan to stay around and participate in a few activites, like book clubs as I said earlier, so see you soon, and let’s all keep enjoying learning Japanese!


What beautiful and reasonable consistency. It’s what you like to see. Also, おめでとう!


Congratulations and welcome to the cake club! That level-up graph is so sexy :heart_eyes: :drooling_face:


Beautiful, did you also finished vocab every level or only focused on kanji?


I envy you. I would have loved to play them as well. I wonder if Japanese in gyakuten saiban games is hard because English is not that simple there (I am not native though).

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Well, I quit my WK subscription probably three years ago and I’m still here…

Congratulations, by the way! :cake:



I think you would be a perfect match for the Tobira study group, if you want to study more grammar in a textbook format.

Looking forward to seeing you in the bookclubs!

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Actually, WK has a bunch of legal vocab, so you’ll know a surprising amount of those “difficult” words!

Watch a let’s play or something and see for yourself, you might be positively surprised.


Thank you everyone for your nice messages! :heart:

Yes, I also did all vocab since it is such an important part of WK.

I haven’t played any gyakuten saiban in Japanese yet but I’ve seen a few WK members mentioning them and they were doable according to them. As crihak said, we are already learning a fair amount of legal vocab on WK. As for the two daigyakuten saiban games, they might be harder since they probably include some older vocab and concepts from the Meiji era, but I don’t know so I guess I will have to find out myself!
I also did an Ace Attorney game when I was learning english, and it was a gret challenge, so I understand what you mean.
I’m sure you will be able to play them in Japanese as well if you really want to!

Oh, this looks great! I’ve heard about Tobira and I’m actually still thinking about it, but I don’t really know if I want to start another textbook. Maybe it would be funnier with a group.
And yes, see you in the bookclubs!


I did a quick check and , on level 30 you’ve for instance already seen words like 裁判, 訴訟, 訴える, 被害者 and 容疑者.


Congratulations! That is very nice consistency.

But, and hear me out here for a minute, what if you learned piano in Japanese? I actually have a discordID from a Japanese piano teacher, who offers her services online. I don’t actuqlly know her, but she joined my Japanese school’s server.

Make sure to practice speaking a lot before then! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just talk a lot, so you’ll be comfortable putting yourself out there.


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Shit! How you remebered the vocab, I’m really struggling with it 700 reviews + 800 lessons on vocab, I really need to shuffle it up.

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Vocab are easier if you do them right after (within a couple days of) guru’ing the kanji. I always get to 0/0 at least once a level, right before level up, and also before guru’ing the radicals, most levels. Of course, I am on my second round through the early levels…

I would say, get reviews to 0 and apprentice low over the next week or two, then start in on vocab reviews (maybe in level order?) Maybe set a target of doing one level of vocab a week?

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:joy: I must say I’ve been thinking about it for a minute. That would be a nice challenge indeed. For the moment, i’ll stick with English since I found very nice online resources, but then who knows?

That’s right, I’ve realised that my active vocab is much worse than my passive vocab, so I have to work a lot on this.

As Saida said, it might be a good idea to do your vocab lessons closer in time to the associated kanji lessons. Now that you have a huge pile, you should indeed slow down and take the time to tackle all this vocab! This is very important as it will help you to reinforce kanji, and also learn new kanji readings.

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When I was living in Japan and studying Japanese I took up a French class in Japanese at the university, and that has since become one of my most fun memories.

The faces on the other students alone were worth the time.


Congrats! :smiley:

That’s amazingly consistent. I follow roughly the same schedule but I’m averaging around 10 days per level because I took an unscheduled break and had to claw my way back. Being able to keep up that schedule long term is a great accomplishment.

You may need to unshuffle them if you let it get that high. :wink:


It’s litte bit hard because my goal was also to lvl up every week basically, I guess I need to spend to whole day pre-pactise with my openscript to decrease failures while taking the real vocab reviews.

But that goal can change right? I mean it seems like you’re mostly reaching that goal on paper anyway, not really in practice?

Language study is a very long-term project anyway, you need to find a pace that’s maintainable to you.


No problem, takled down 500 reviews now, just need to push the vocab a little bit forward.

Congratulations!! :confetti_ball: :tada: :partying_face: :tada:

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